Philadelphia Eagles Vs. New York Giants Player Props (11/28/21

This Sunday, November 26th, the Philadelphia Eagles challenge the New York Giants in Jersey for their first meeting of the 2021 season. The Eagles reside in second place in the NFC East division with a 5-6 record and hope to hit the .500 mark after this week. The Giants are recovering from a tough 30-10 loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and are seeking to prevent another extended losing streak. Both teams are hungry for a win, and this matchup will require great precision and accuracy for each team to pull off a win.

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Jalen Hurts Over 48.5 Rushing Yards

In his second NFL season, Jalen Hurts has proven to be a substantial member of the Eagles’ offense. His skill isn’t reliant on passing yards but his own rushing yards. Hurts demonstrate his game knowledge by maneuvering efficiently through defenses for large gains and several first downs per game. Hurts can be comparable to Lamar Jackson solely based on his rush ability. Throughout the season, Jalen has an average of 56.2 rushing yards per game. The Giants defense struggled significantly last week, protecting the line against the rush and could leave Hurts ample opportunity to take advantage. Last week, Jalen had three individual rushing touchdowns giving fantasy owners 30 points for his performance. I firmly believe Jalen Hurts is a force to be reckoned with, and he is just warming up. There is a lot of potential in this young quarterback, and he will continue to grow throughout the season.

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Devonta Smith Over 54.5 Receiving Yards

The rookie Heisman Winner of 2021 has been making a name for himself in his first season. Devonta Smith was the 10th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and was picked up by the eagles with their first pick. The Eagles have been relatively happy with Smith, even though he can have his dry spells of receiving yards. This season, he is averaging around 60 receiving yards a game. However, some weeks he can peak above 115 yards easily. Other weeks he is scraping by to reach 30. Within the past three weeks, Smith is averaging 81 receiving yards and is averaging 18.3 yards per reception. Devonta is gaining confidence and experience, which is allowing for more aggressive play and creating more yardage. Hurts and Smith are beginning to have a strong trust and connection that leads to airtight plays and a combination with great power. Against a defeated New York Giants, Devonta will have ample opportunity to stretch his skills and put up significant yardage.

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Saquon Barkley Under 54.5 Rushing Yards

Saquon Barkley has been a powerhouse running back that holds the New York Giants offense together. However, this season has been bearing injuries and lacking performances from Barkley. He has only played in six games this season and has only played in one winning match. Due to his absences, Barkley does not have the stats everyone was expecting. Saquon is averaging only 36.7 rushing yards per game and hasn’t peaked above 54 yards since Week 2 against the Washington Football Team. I wish Saquon Barkley all the best, and I hope he can return to his health as soon as possible, but I don’t see him being able to show a complete recovery game this week against the Eagles. Hopefully, after a few more weeks of rehab, Barkley will return to his peak performance and create the impressive stats he used to.

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