PlayUp Sees Sports Betting Access in New States

PlayUp App icon 150x146PlayUp, an Australian-based iGaming provider, has announced that it has gained market access into three new states. This access comes from an agreement with Caesars Entertainment and will allow the company to enter Indiana, Iowa, and will also launch iGaming in New Jersey.

It’s unclear when PlayUp will be able to go live in each of the states, but it has already submitted the proper applications. The goal is to launch in all three states by the end of 2021, but that will largely be up to the regulatory bodies in each market.

Colorado and New Jersey were the first two targets for PlayUp, but things haven’t always gone smoothly for the company. PlayUp has not yet been approved to launch sports betting in New Jersey, and it could ultimately launch all forms of iGaming at the same time.

Currently, the PlayUp app is available only in the state of Colorado, one of the most competitive markets in the United States. The sports betting app launched in the Centennial State on March 8, just days before the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament tipped off.

Aligning itself with Caesars Entertainment will give this company room to grow in the future if it so chooses. PlayUp is not a big name in the sports betting industry at this time, but it is looking to change that.

Growth Coming in US

New Jersey is the biggest iGaming market in the United States, and the revenue gained in that market should allow the company to explore other opportunities.

Laila Mintas, CEO of PlayUp USA, stated, “Getting to add iGaming in New Jersey will usher in a new product offering for us that will help us guide and drive our continued success.”

PlayUP USA has developed a model for growth in the United States, and gaining market access in these three states is the next step. Mintas added that PlayUp is looking to launch in at least six states by the end of 2021.

New States As Options

Arizona 12021 has been another big year for the sports betting industry, and that will create new opportunities for PlayUp, and other sports betting operators in the United States. Several new states have legalized sports betting, and many states are looking to launch prior to the start of the 2021 NFL season.

Arizona will likely become one of the most competitive new markets in the US, and there are 20 licenses available in that state. Since PlayUp is already available in that part of the company, this could be another target area for the company.

About PlayUp

Aside from being based in Australia, PlayUp already offers online betting services in the US, India, and New Zealand. This company offers both sports betting and daily fantasy sports games but also has its hand in the technology and entertainment industry.

This company has developed its own risk and trading team, and all of the odds are set in-house. Unlike PointsBet, another Australian-based sports betting operator, PlayUp tends to focus on a more traditional approach to sports betting.


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