PointsBet Launches “NFL Lightning Bets” To Enhance Live-Betting Features

First Week Shows Strong Numbers

pointsbet appPointsBet has enabled a new feature on their homepage dubbed “NFL Lightning Bets” which has enhanced its industry-leading live betting market and reportedly led to a 108% increase in the PointsBet live in-game wagering handle on NFL Week 5 games. According to PointsBet, the integration of these lightning bets also produced a 184% increase in unique customers using the product week over week.

“Live, in-game betting is not only the future of the American sports market, but it’s what the sports bettor wants right now. We recognize that, and we’ve upped our investment in our product. Lightning bets are a continued development in our strategy to own the future of sports betting,” said Johnny Aitken, PointsBet CEO.

Lightning bets allow customers to bet on every play or drive, bringing them closer to the action and offering more ways to win money. During NFL Week 5 of Sunday Night Football, PointsBet’s lightning bets were the most popular live markets and third highest in terms of handle.

“Just this week at the 2022 World Congress of Sport, NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum predicted that live betting will soon rise to over 70% of all bets placed,” said Aitken.

These bets are currently available for NFL, NBA, and college basketball matchups, with the addition of MLB and professional soccer in the pipeline. Over the course of this year’s NBA Playoffs, lightning bets were the second most popular market for customers to bet on.

PointsBet will produce video-on-demand clips that give news, insight, and analysis, to help users comprehend their betting options. These videos are specific to sporting events and certain markets, including spread wagers, same game parlays, and player props and will be updated daily. PointsBet’s Straight Line with Ryan Leaf is one of the several shows that will be clipped to provide content.

“Getting insights directly from sports figures like Ryan Leaf will be a gamechanger for bettors and help shape both how users wager on and consume sports.” said SVP of Content at PointsBet, Liam Roecklein. “We aim to delight our customers by providing them with industry-leading live betting options like Lightning Bets along with the statistics and analysis necessary to make the best possible decisions.”

In Other PointsBet News

The rollout of its NFL Lightning Bets feature comes right on the heels of PointsBet’s unveiling of a “first of its kind content functionality” on their app. As an additive to their live betting features, the app will now include clips specific to betting events, a customized feed, and PointsBet+, a new content hub.

In large part, this development was made possible through the operator’s acquisition of Banach Technology in 2021 and its partnership with Nellie Analytics. Banach is a software company specializing in sports betting platforms who, according to PointsBet has been “critical in enhancing PointsBet’s live betting offerings.” Meanwhile Nellie Analytics has contributed to quantitative modeling research at the company.

“PointsBet continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the sports betting world by introducing a more analytical and perceptive way for sports fans to bet on games across all sports,” said PointsBet host Ryan Leaf.

Mia Fowler is a graduate of Chapman University where she studied business marketing and journalism and played on the women’s soccer team. Following her 16-year journey with soccer, she started writing for Lineups.com. She specifically enjoys analysis of the NFL.

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