PointsBet Michigan Sportsbook: $2,000 Bonus & Sports Betting App Betting Guide

PointsBet is Live in Michigan!

PointsBet is now live and ready to roll in Michigan. It has received its licensing and has officially launched its online sportsbook application. This means that you can bet online right now! You can also get access to the fantastic Lineups.com welcome bonus with PointsBet that is worth up to $2,000 in free bets.

PointsBet Michigan

pointsbet appPointsBet is an up-and-coming sportsbook in the United States. PointsBet is run out of Australia, and it was first introduced in New Jersey at the beginning of 2019. Since then, other states’ licensure has been approved, and PointsBet has expanded its presence in America.

PointsBet combines the classic ways of sports betting along with Pointsbetting for a sportsbook experience like no other. At the current time, PointsBet is available in New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. Michigan is in the process of seeking licensure for legalized online sports betting in the state.

If you’re a Michigan resident and would like to try PointsBet, all you need to do is go to the border state of Indiana to place a bet. You’re still allowed to view the sportsbook in Michigan, but you can’t place a wager.

PointsBet Promo Code

PointsBet is known for giving away great promos to bettors, so the fun never stops. Its current bonus is one of the best that sportsbooks are offering this month for new players. When you create a new account on PointsBet, enter the promo code “LINEUPS”. This will give you $2,000 of second chance free bets in a few different categories.

Many sportsbooks will match your deposit up to a certain amount, but your first deposit has no bearing on you receiving your $2,000 in free bets. The $2,000 will be divided into two categories: A fixed odds bet and a Pointsbet. The “LINEUPS” promo code will give you $500 for a fixed-odds bet and $1,500 for a Pointsbet. Both allowances need to be used in a single wager, but you will have limited liability when you sign up with the PointsBet promo code using the promo code LINEUPS.

PointsBet Michigan Promo Code

Michigan Promo Code Details

Michigan New-User Promo Code"LINEUPS"
LINEUPS Promo Code ValueUp to $2,000 in second chance free bets
Michigan Bonus Details$1,500 PointsBetting Second Chance Free Bet
$500 Fixed Odds Second Chance Free Bet
Michigan EligibilityMust be 21 years of age and located in the state of Michigan when creating your new account.
Promo VerifiedFebruary 2023

PointsBet Promo Code


Pointsbetting is what makes the PointsBet platform so exciting and different from competing sportsbooks. Pointsbetting is a completely unique way to bet that differs from traditional fixed-odds wagering. This style requires a little more knowledge to place a bet, but it can result in some big payouts.

pointsbettingTo place a Pointsbet, you’ll select the traditional fixed odds amount, but when you place your wager, you’ll bet per point. The amount you’ll win or lose is determined by the success of your bet.

If you bet $1 per point on a five-point spread, you’ll make a dollar for each point above five. You’ll also lose a dollar for points four and under.

You can place a Pointsbet on all types of odds, but the spread makes it easy to demonstrate how the system works. You can also place a limit on your losses, so you won’t lose more than your original wager.

PointsBet Promotions

3 in 1 Parlay Fail Refund

If you place a four-team parlay and only one leg loses, you’re eligible for a refund of up to $100 in betting bonuses.

Lunchtime Booster Odds

On weekdays from noon until 3 pm, there will be a lunchtime bonus on different odds in the book.

Reward Points

Every eligible bet that you make will give you reward points. You’ll get one point added to your account for every $5 fixed bet and $1 parlay plus an additional reward point for every dollar won or lost on the platform.

In-Game Cash Out

Game outcomes can change fast, and PointsBet has a system in place to protect bettors. You’ll have the option to cash out in the middle of games or end the bet to limit your losses.
This is very helpful when placing a Pointsbet because you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money when the game doesn’t go your way.

How To Bet on PointsBet



Register Your Account and Make a Deposit

To place a bet, you’ll need an account. To create an account, you’ll need to be 21 years of age and be in a legal state where the sportsbook is offered.

After that, you’ll be able to start playing. Remember to enter promo code LINEUPS for free bets, but you’ll also want to make a deposit. You can use a credit or debit card as well as online banking apps to enter funds into your account.

PointsBet Sign Up


Look at the Odds

There will be a menu on the left side of your screen where you can choose an event. When you click on the event, you’ll see all the odds, and you can choose what you’d like to bet.

To look at more bets than just the moneyline, spread, or over/under, click on the contest, and all the props will become available.

pointsbet website design


Fill Out a Betting Slip

To fill out a betting slip, click on an odd that you like, and it will move into your slips tab. To view your selections, go to this tab, and you’ll see everything that you’ve chosen.

On each individual bet, it will give you a wager option, and when you enter your wager, you’ll see your potential winnings. If you’re interested in a parlay or teaser between multiple bets, you’ll have this option in the betting slip tab. To lock in the bet, you just have to press the enter button.

PointsBet Bet slip


Stay Informed on your Bet

After you lock in a bet, your work isn’t done. You’ll want to pay close attention to the game because of the exciting promos that PointsBet has on its platform. In some cases, you’ll be able to cash out in-game to secure winnings or limit your losses.

In your slips tab, you’ll be able to see your active bets. If your bet is successful, the money will be deposited into your account immediately after the contest.

points bet apple store

PointsBet Promo Code

Mobile App Review

PointsBet does have a mobile app available for iOS and Android users. This makes betting easier than trying to log in through a browser on a phone. The app layout is very similar to the desktop view, so you’ll be able to learn the format very quickly.

The app is very stable, meaning that it doesn’t crash often, which is necessary for a successful betting experience. Logging in is seamless as well, which can’t always be said about other betting apps on the market.

The menu on the left shows all the leagues and contests available for betting. This is where you’ll also want to go for live betting and to see your account settings. Switching between fixed and Pointsbetting odds is clear as well, so you’ll know exactly what odds you’re betting.

You’re able to cash out from the app without issues, so you won’t need your desktop version if you enjoy playing on your mobile device. Overall, this app is ranked with the other high-quality sportsbook apps that are currently offered. It’s very solid and will provide a great betting experience for players.
pointsbet mobile app il

Top Four Reasons to Sign Up for PointsBet

1. Free Bonuses and Promos

PointsBet is one of the best sportsbooks on the market for bonuses. Each month, it is bringing in new promos to give bettors free play. Sportsbooks give bonuses, but PointsBet is a step ahead of its competition with what it is consistently offering its players.

2. Safe and Secure

If you’re able to play on PointsBet, you should take advantage of the opportunity for safety reasons. Offshore betting sites can be very loose on security so having a legalized sportsbook to play on with great customer service is a no-brainer in my mind.

3. Mobile App

Statistics have shown that most bets are placed on phones. Not every legalized sportsbook has a mobile app, so PointsBet is a great option for bettors who want to take the difficulty out of betting.

4. Pointsbetting

PointsBet has solidified itself as the best app for Pointsbetting. If you want to use this style, PointsBet is by far the best site because that’s how it has grown its brand. With Pointsbetting, it has a lot of measures in place to create a seamless user experience.

Why PointsBet instead of Bovada, MyBookie, and Other Offshore Books?

PointsBet is legal in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. If you’re in one of these states or can easily access it, you should drop offshore betting immediately. PointsBet is safe and secure, unlike offshore books.

For this reason, it’s much easier to deposit and withdraw funds. It can take up to a month to receive winnings from offshore books, which is the opposite of PointsBet.

If you ever have an issue, PointsBet offers great customer service. You’ll be able to get to a real person quickly, which can’t be said about many offshore sites. It also has a chat feature on its platform.

There is no reason to use offshore books if you’re able to use PointsBet. It’s legal, safe, and provides a great experience, which isn’t the case for offshore books.
PointsBet Promo Code

PointsBet Michigan FAQ

Where is PointsBet legal?

PointsBet is currently legal in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois, with plenty of other states, including Michigan, trying to get licensure. If you’re interested in receiving updates about when it will be available in your state, visit their website.

Does PointsBet have a mobile app?

Yes, PointsBet has a fantastic mobile app that is available to both IOS and Android users. It’s a solid app that makes betting from a mobile device very easy. This gives bettors the opportunity to make their bets wherever they want.

Is PointsBet safe?

PointsBet prides itself on a safe experience for users. It’s very hard to receive licensure, so states make sure they are only letting their citizens use the safest platforms on the betting market. In addition to safety, PointsBet has great customer service to handle any issues that may arise.

What if I’m not in a state with licensure?

Unfortunately, if you’re located in a state without licensure, you can’t bet on PointsBet. However, during the NFL season, PointsBet has a way for people all over the country to play one of its promo games for free to win real cash.

Does PointsBet have an online casino feature?

Currently, PointsBet is strictly a sportsbook, so there is no opportunity for casino betting. But, this has made it create a great user experience when betting on sports. PointsBet also has a wide variety of contests outside of mainstream sports to bet on.

When am I eligible to receive money back on a 3 and 1 Parlay promotion?

You are eligible for the 3 and 1 Parlay promo once per day. If you have multiple four-team parlays where one leg loses in a day, the first one that occurs will be the bet that you receive cash bonuses back on.

Do I have to use Pointsbetting for my wagers?

No, you don’t. Pointsbetting is one of many options for bettors to utilize but you can also not utilize it. PointsBet is also a fully functioning traditional sportsbook, so Pointsbetting is just an extra option that many other books don’t offer.

How can I download the Michigan PointsBet Android app?

PointsBet’s Android app will be found on PointsBet’s browser site. There, you will be able to download the software and get the application for your phone. The app is unfortunately not available on the Google Play Store since it is an adult application made for users 21+ years of age.

Can I bet on college sports with PointsBet in Michigan?

Yes! PointsBet has both collegiate men’s basketball and NCAA Football available on its sportsbook. In Michigan, college betting is fully legal, including in-state schools. This means that you will find both the major programs in the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans on PointsBet Michigan.

Can I place a bet on a live game with PointsBet?

Yes, PointsBet has an in-play filter that allows you to filter by live games. There, you can place all sorts of wagers as the game is going on. These wagers will automatically update the odds both in front of you and in your bet slip if the bet slip has not yet been placed. The in-game betting feature works extremely well on PointsBet.

PointsBet Promo Code

PointsBet Michigan Sportsbook App
pointsbet mobile app large

Name: PointsBet Michigan Sportsbook App

Description: I really enjoyed using PointsBet. It's able to do everything that offshore betting sites do but much better. It also has a ton of unique features and bonuses that make it stand out from other legal books that are used in the United States. Even though it doesn't have a casino feature, the amount of sports that you can make a bet on PointsBet is mind-blowing. It covers non-mainstream sports just as well as mainstream sports for odds and lines. I do wish the live betting capability was a little better, but it's definitely useable. Hopefully, it improves this feature as the sportsbook continues to grow in the United States.

Operating System: Windows, Apple, iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: PointsBet

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  • Pointsbetting
  • Mobile App Design
  • Company Reputation
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PointsBet Michigan Sportsbook Recap

PointsBet entered the US market in January of 2019, and since then, it has continued to expand. PointsBet is a safe and reliable sportsbook that provides bettors with an overall great experience.

PointsBet is a top-tier sportsbook on the market that can be compared with William Hill, Caesars Online Sportsbook, and FOX Bet. PointsBet features a full sportsbook with traditional odds as well as Pointsbetting, which adds a whole new excitement to the world of sports betting.

Well Done

Great Mobile App
Safe and Secure Deposits and Withdrawals
Superior Pointsbetting Features
Tons of Promos and Bonuses Every Month

Needs Help

It’s not the best sportsbook for extensive live betting
It doesn’t feature an online casino

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