PointsBet Sportsbook New Jersey: Sports Betting Guide & App Review

A Unique Way to Bet on Sports in NJ

pointsbet appThe number of sportsbook operators ready for New Jersey’s launch of online sports betting was extensive. Most had an established connection with the U.S. market, either through daily fantasy sports or other media outlets.

One sportsbook option; however, entered the market with a unique betting format, but limited market exposure in the U.S. Nevertheless, the Australia-based sportsbook PointsBet has become increasingly more popular with sports bettors. PointsBet was founded in Australia. The initial launch of their unique betting lines was local, but by February 2017, PointsBet was available across most of Australia. Their first venture into fixed odds was with the offer of fixed odds racing lines in September 2017.

In March 2018, PointsBet added fixed odds on most traditional sports to its platform. The single most glaring difference between PointsBet and other sportsbook platforms are the fluctuating odds. The amount of your winnings and losses are not fixed. You can win more money on any individual bet depending on how accurate you bet. It brings a new sense of excitement to sports betting. PointsBet rewards those who stand behind their strongest hunches.

Confidence in an outcome, when you bet using the PointsBet sportsbook app, is handsomely rewarded. PointsBet began their experience in the United States by forming a partnership with the Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey. It was the first place PointsBet opened up to U.S. sports bettors. PointsBet has established affiliations with additional states pending online sports betting approval since its first launch in New Jersey. By launching in the U.S. sports market, PointsBet is realizing the company’s original goal when it first opened in Australia.

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How to Bet on PointsBet in New Jersey

Getting started with the PointsBet sportsbook app is easy. We’ll get you started with where you can get information explaining the PointsBet registration process. Then, we’ll cover the two steps you follow to earn your welcome bonus, complete a PointsBet registration. Finally, we’ll tell you how to make a deposit and then place your first PointsBet wager.

1. Research Sportsbook Apps for New Jersey

Begin your PointsBet experience by reading everything you need to know on the Lineups.com website. Lineups.com breaks down the individual New Jersey sportsbook apps so you can select the best apps for your sports betting needs.

2. Download the PointsBet Sportsbook App and Register

The second step is to download the PointsBet app and set up your free PointsBet account. It’s an easy process. Apple device users can quickly down the iOS app by browsing for sportsbook apps at the App Store. Link to PointsBet and click download.

Android users need to open up the PointsBet website and follow the simple instructions to download for an android mobile device. Once the download is complete you fill out the registration.

3. Use the Promo Code to Get Your Welcome Bonus

Once your account is approved, you’ll open up the banking page and make your first deposit. Make sure to find and complete the information requested to secure your welcome bonuses. Remember, PointsBet will match your first deposit in one of three tiers up to $250.

4. Make Your First Bet on PointsBet

Now you’re ready to make your first bet using the PointsBet sportsbook app. Review the platform to familiarize yourself with the layout. Make sure you navigate to the Darrelle Revis Betting Academy to learn how to become a master at pointsbetting.

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PointsBet Mobile App Review

PointsBet has come out swinging with their mobile app. Despite being a new sportsbook name on the streets, they offer a fantastic new idea and a great app to try that idea on.

mobile app pointsbe t10-20


One of the first things users will notice about the PointsBet mobile app is the interface. Developers applied an intuitive layout that is critical, considering the unique type of bets available on the PointsBet platform.

The visuals create a fluid navigational experience across the individual PointsBet special bets and the traditional lines. PointsBet uses its own developers to design and maintain the mobile app. This means corrections and adjustments happen in real-time.

pointsbet website design

Live betting is one of PointsBet’s most important features. The live betting options are situated across a bottom-middle menu. This menu positioning is critical for bettors who are ready to take advantage of live betting opportunities that can change in an instant.

Traditional betting lines are just as easy to find. PointsBet offers knowledge and insight into sports betting as well. Darrelle Revis has signed on as the PointsBet spokesperson. Bettors can learn about traditional betting strategy.

In addition, there’s content covering how pointsbetting works through a wealth of information on the Darrelle Revis Betting Academy. PointsBet has a clean interface with responsive pages. It’s orderly and transitions equally well between PC and mobile.

pointsbet navigation

Sports Offered

Despite being newer to the scene, PointsBet has odds on just about every sport you could hope for. These include:

  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • e-Sports
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Many of these sports have multiple professional leagues that you can bet on. Get yourself a bet on La Liga, Serie A, and The English Premier League. On top of all these professional leagues, you can also bet on collegiate games. Some of the most popular are college basketball and college football. The only caveat here is that New Jersey does not allow you to bet on games that involve colleges from New Jersey.

Forms of Betting

PointsBet has a ton of ways to play. First, they have their classic fixed odds where you could bet moneylines, spreads, and total points. Not to mention they also have tons of prop-bets and team futures if that is up your alley. Use these fixed odds in as single bets or create a parlay or teaser in your betslip.

However, what many come to PointsBet for is PointsBetting. This unique way to play could see you 30x to 150x your money on a single bet. PointsBetting will see you multiply your payout or debt depending on how right or wrong you were about the result. A classic example is a -10 point spread. If your bet happens to win the game by 20, then you just 10x your stake i.e. $10 bet won $100. This is such a great and interesting new idea for sports betting, and it can be found right on the mobile app.


PointsBet does the best job in the industry when it comes to offering weekly promotions. The promotions tab is always up-to-date. There are tons of boosted odds available for you to play with. This tab is great due to the variety of promotions that PointsBet offers. You can try out new sports that you would never think to bet on at boosted odds, or maybe you can earn a second chance free bet in a sport you are an expert at. Either way, this section of the mobile app is always filled with new chances to win big and has everything you could need. Below is an example of a weekly NFL Promotion you can find that is essentially free money.

pointsbet every touchdown

Sportsbook Market Competition in New Jersey

FanDuel Sportsbook App LogoWhen the Australia-based PointsBet ventured into the New Jersey market, they were relatively unknown. The original long-term goal for the company was to hit the U.S. markets, even when they were only operating in their home country. A handful of sportsbook apps brought a strong customer base with them from other sports-related operations such as daily fantasy sports. However, PointsBet used a targeted marketing strategy to promote their unique type of betting.

The competition for market share in New Jersey has been tough, but PointsBet is making strong inroads, especially with experienced sports bettors. Being able to raise the stakes on what these bettors feel are high-probability outcomes has helped PointsBet grow in popularity. PointsBet entered the online New Jersey sports betting market as one of the online affiliations with the Meadowlands Racetrack. The lack of a brick-and-mortar connection should not prove a problem for PointsBet to remain competitive in New Jersey.

Current sports betting revenue numbers show how online sports bets have outpaced brick-and-mortar numbers by over 10 times. Revenue reports show the same colossal difference between the preferences for betting online compared to in-person betting. Despite an ongoing health issue in the country, revenue for brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in New Jersey was down only a few hundred thousand dollars from a year ago. However, revenue for online sports betting has nearly doubled.

What this says for any sportsbook app aspiring to open in New Jersey is that any piece of the sports betting pie could potentially be a big slice. Reports indicate nearly $600 million in revenue from online sports betting already. There is both a strong international and U.S. presence in the New Jersey sports betting market. However, PointsBet is pressing the competition through solid marketing and the excitement of having something far different from the standard bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PointsBet sportsbook app legal in New Jersey?

Through a land-based affiliation with the Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey, the PointsBet sportsbook app became legal in the state. The January 2019 New Jersey launch was PointsBet’s first in the U.S. PointsBet offers a unique high-risk, high-reward format called pointsbetting.

Is PointsBet legit?

Yes, PointsBet is legit. PointsBet began offering both traditional odds and their unique pointsbetting format over 3 years ago in Australia. The sportsbook operator has ventured into the U.S. market and continues to grow in popularity. Pending launch dates are projected for additional states soon.

Is there a PointsBet sportsbook mobile app?

Yes. PointsBet has a sportsbook mobile app that can be used by android or iOS device users. The app is available for Apple devices through the App Store, and android users can open a browser to download the app to their device.

Is PointsBet available for download on the Apple devices or at the Google Play Store?

Apple device users can download the PointsBet sportsbook app directly from the App Store. While the app is available to android users, it is not available for download at the Google Play Store. However, android users can download the app onto a mobile device by opening using a browser.

What is spread betting on the PointsBet sportsbook app?

Spread betting ignites the level of excitement right up to the final buzzer. Possible winnings or losses change as the game unfolds. Fixed odds remain the same from the start of the game to the end. However, PointsBet pointsbetting odds can change with each point or run scored.

How are winnings and losses determined using PointBet’s pointsbetting odds.

Pointsbetting rewards bettors for their degree of accuracy, or lack thereof. Odds in pointsbetting are multiplied by the amount the bet is correct or incorrect. A winning over/under bet betting the over that produced 20 points over the line would be multiplied by 20 times.

Can deposits and withdrawals be made from a PointsBet sportsbook account outside of New Jersey?

PointsBet’s terms of service establish a firm policy against betting outside of any state where legal online sports betting has been approved, including New Jersey. However, you can register for a New Jersey PointsBet account, plus make deposits and withdrawals from anywhere.

PointsBet Promo Code

PointsBet Sportsbook New Jersey App
pointsbet app

Name: PointsBet Sportsbook New Jersey App

Description: If you're a sports bettor looking for unique features in a sportsbook app, PointsBet is worth a look. They offer an exciting twist to the traditional betting lines. Pointsbetting is a way to raise the stakes on any standard bet. PointsBet rewards bettors for not only be right, but for how right you actually are. The platform is extremely user-friendly, and transitions smoothly between PC and mobile device. You can register for a new account, plus make banking transactions, even when you're not in New Jersey.

Operating System: iOS, Android, OSX, Windows

Application Category: Game

Author: PointsBet

  • User-Interface/Design
  • Responsiveness and Functionality
  • Ways to bet
  • Support
  • Promotions

PointsBet New Jersey App Summary

The initial black background can cause some to hesitate. However, once we began to navigate our way through the list of sports, games, and especially the pointsbetting options, the blend of colors proved impressive. PointsBet set upcoming games on a right-hand sidebar instead of the standard left-side. Another key feature PointsBet uses is a clearly visible timer to indicate how long you have to place a bet. This is critical for in-game pointsbetting.

Once you link to a specific game, PointsBet included a written overview for the contest. This removes a need to navigate back-and-forth between websites or tabs to locate real-time game information.

Many sportsbook apps provide access to various types of game information. However, PointsBet’s Betting Academy is another unique feature. They provide their customers with explanations on different types of betting strategies, including pointsbetting.

The most impressive part of PointsBet is this unique way to raise the stakes. When we feel strongly about a certain bet, most sportsbook platforms limit us to being accurate. PointsBet pays at another level, depending on how accurate we are.

Well Done

  • Very competitive traditional odds for most American-based sporting events
    Unique pointsbetting format to allow bettors to win big, especially when betting against traditional odds
  • A wealth of bettor tips and information through the Darrelle Revis Betting Academy
  • Withdrawal of winnings can post instantly to a linked PayPal account
  • PointsBet offers BetSync that allows for tracking bets without entering any information

Needs Help

  • Extremely dark background can make it virtually impossible to see with any excess light reflection
  • PointsBet is currently legal in only New Jersey and Indiana
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