PointsBet Ontario: Launch Status, Promo Code, & Guide (October, 2021)

PointsBet Ontario

On August 27, Canada’s Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act went into effect to pave the way for the legalization of sports betting on a province-by-province basis. pointsbetappleicon-115x115With Canada legalizing single-game sports betting, provinces in the country will now have the ability to offer more expansive sports wagering, including online sportsbooks. Ontario has been referenced by many experts in the industry as likely the first province to legalize online single-game sports betting, which will open the door for online sportsbooks.

PointsBet is an Australian-based sportsbook that has taken the United States market by storm. It offers one of the best and most unique sports betting experiences in North America. Recently, PointsBet announced that it will be entering the Canadian market when it becomes available. Keep an eye out for PointsBet to be one of the first providers of single-game wagering in Ontario when it launches.

PointsBet Ontario Promo Code (Not Live)

In the United States, PointsBet has consistently offered one of the largest new user bonuses in the sports betting scene. Currently, that bonus is up to $2,000 worth of risk-free bets. The promo code “LINEUPS” gets you a $500 risk-free bet for a fixed-odds wager and a $1,500 risk-free bet for PointsBetting in Michigan, New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, and Colorado. We project that this promo, or something similar, will be extended to PointsBet Ontario.

Expected PointsBet Ontario Promo CodePoints Bet Ontario Promo Details
Projected Promo CodeLINEUPS For Highest Offer
PointsBet Promo Code Bonus$2,000 in risk-free bets in states with PointsBet Sportsbook
Break down of the Bonuses1. $500 risk-free fixed odds bet
2. $1,500 risk-free PointsBetting bet.
EligibilityMust be in Ontario 18+ years of age, and a new user to PointsBet
PointsBet Ontario LaunchTBD

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PointsBet Mobile App Overview

PointsBet is a great platform, and its mobile app is one of the best-built mobile sportsbooks on the market. There are tons of reasons to choose PointsBet, but number one is simply the fact that it works. You rarely ever run into crashes, issues, or slowdowns using PointsBet, and the app is as smooth as can be. Finding and placing wagers is a breeze for both the new and experienced sports bettor.

PointsBet also makes it easy to find all the things you need, such as support, deposits, account management, and wager management. The navigation is clean, and at the end of the day, PointsBet has not only built a great sportsbook but a great mobile application. PointsBet has to be in the conversation with DraftKings and FanDuel for the best mobile experience in the North American market.

PointsBet Mobile App Preview 2

Top 3 Features We Love on PointsBet Ontario

PointsBet has a ton of unique and awesome features. This makes coming up with a top 3 list difficult as there are several ones that could make it on here. However, these are our three favorite features and top reasons to try out PointsBet Sportsbook for yourself.



The first feature to talk about is PointsBet’s unique wagering system, PointsBetting. While PointsBet offers all your favorite traditional wagers, you can also bet using PointsBetting. This is a high-risk, high-reward kind of betting that is akin to option trading in the stock market. To simplify, the more wrong/right you are about a bet, the more money you lose/win. Your bet multiplies by how in or out of the money you are on a wager. This is something fresh in the sports betting world and is a reason on its own to try out PointsBet.


Boosted Odds

PointsBet has one of the most generous platforms in North America. Every day there are boost options that simply add more value to your bets. These boosts range from simple moneylines to boosting your parlay to enjoy more profit if it were to hit. The best part is that these boosts are consistent and free. It gives you a reason to log in to the app every single day, as you can check out what kinds of boosts PointsBet is offering at that time.
PointsBet Super Bowl Odds Boost


Live-Game Betting

In-play or live-game betting has become a staple of online sports wagering; however, not many do it better than PointsBet. When it comes to live-game wagers, PointsBet has set up a convenient section where you can find all events currently going on that are live on the sportsbook. There, you can easily sort by the kind of event and wager you are looking for and keep up to date on the action as you place your bets. Due to PointsBet’s great software, there is never an issue getting your live-bet in, in a timely fashion, whether that be on mobile or your computer.
PointsBet In-play wager

Top PointsBet Ontario Future

blue jays

Toronto Blue Jays to Win AL Pennant +1,400 (June)

Out of all the future bets in baseball right now, the Toronto Blue Jays may have one of the best values. Yes, the AL East is a tough division, but the Blue Jays have loads of star talent on the roster, much of which is young. I think the Red Sox’s hot start actually presents a value opportunity to bettors. If you believe that the Red Sox are fakers and the Blue Jays can climb the division and get into the playoffs, then the odds you are getting for the team to win the AL Pennant is pretty nice.

The team is going to live and die by the offense, but this offense is so explosive that I have no issue betting on it. The Blue Jays are currently my favorite Ontario-based squad to wager on, and the team has a legitimate shot at a surprisingly deep post-season run.

Ontario Legal History

Ontario has yet to get started on regulating and setting up single-game online sports betting. However, the biggest step has already happened. That was Canada’s federal government legalizing single-game wagering throughout the country. Now, provinces like Ontario can choose to allow single-game wagering and sportsbooks within their borders.

Ontario already has parlay sports betting legalized, so the move to online and single-game wagering will not take too long. Some experts believe that sports betting will launch online, and platforms like PointsBet will begin operations as soon as October of 2021.

PointsBet Launching Soon Banner $2000

PointsBet Ontario FAQ

Is PointsBet Ontario legal?

No, at this moment, PointsBet Ontario has not been licensed, and you cannot bet on PointsBet inside of Canada, no matter what province you are in. The Ontario government still needs to set up the guidelines, licensing, and taxes for online single-game sports betting.

Is PointsBet an offshore sportsbook?

No, PointsBet is not an offshore sportsbook. While PointsBet is Australian, it does not ever operate in countries or states in which it is not licensed and legal in. This means that you will only be able to bet with PointsBet, where it is regulated and safe to do so.

Can I lose more than my stake with PointsBetting?

Yes, this is a key thing to note when betting with PointsBetting. The amount you are putting up at stake is the amount that will be multiplied in or out of the money. There is a limit to how many times the stake can be multiplied.

What devices can I use PointsBet on?

PointsBet has several ways to play. You can wager on your mobile device as there are apps for Android and iOS. You can also wager on your computer with almost all browsers. The website works just as well as the mobile app and is easy to use.

What are the PointsBet Ontario support options?

PointsBet has several forms of support. The first is an FAQ page that answers generic questions and is great for new users. However, there are also live chat and email services that you can use for specific and unique issues.

Does PointsBet have online casino games?

PointsBet recently rolled out its online casino in Michigan. However, it is unclear if online casino games will be allowed in Ontario. For now, we project the sportsbook to launch first when the province approves online sports betting.

What is the legal betting age with PointsBet Ontario?

In the United States, you have to be 21 years of age or older to play on PointsBet. However, in Canada, the legal betting age is 18, so it is very likely that you will only need to be 18 years of age or older to use PointsBet Ontario.

Can I wager on college events with PointsBet Ontario?

This is something that regulators in Ontario will have to decide. There is no clear picture as of yet on whether or not collegiate bets will be available. However, if collegiate bets are allowed in Ontario, PointsBet will supply them.

Can I have more than one PointsBet account?

No, you are limited to one PointsBet Sportsbook account per person. Making multiple accounts is against the rules. You will have to verify your identity with PointsBet to make an account, so attempting to make multiple accounts will not work.

Why does PointsBet Ontario need my location?

PointsBet needs to know your location to make sure that you are in a place with a legal and licensed PointsBet Sportsbook. If you are not in a place with a licensed PointsBet Sportsbook, then PointsBet cannot accept wagers from you.

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PointsBet Ontario Mobile App Review

Name: PointsBet Ontario

Description: PointsBet is an Australian-based sportsbook that is continuing to surprise the North American market. Whether it is the unique PointsBetting system or the top-of-the-line mobile app, many are blown away by how great of a platform PointsBet keeps proving to be. While it does not have the same brand power as DraftKings or FanDuel, PointsBet is backed by NBC, which continues to be a huge plus for the sportsbook.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • App Design
  • Betting Options
  • Promos
  • Support
  • Odds Pricing


PointsBet is quite simply a fantastic mobile sportsbook. The app is a great piece of technology that is a pleasure to use. Then, the actual sportsbook has one of the widest varieties of wagers in the North American market. PointsBetting is also a huge plus as it offers you a way to wager that is entirely unique to PointsBet Sportsbook.

Well Done

  • PointsBetting is a new way to bet
  • Tons of great traditional odds offered
  • One of the best built mobile applications
  • Very good support and support options
  • Plenty of promotions

Needs Help

  • The odds pricing could be better
  • Future odds are sometimes limited
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