PointsBet Virginia Sportsbook: Guide to VA App

Sports betting is now legal in Virginia, and residents should be able to start placing legal sports bets in early 2021. With sports betting expected to launch as soon as January 15th, 2021, PointsBet is expected to be one of the first sportsbooks to launch in Virginia

What is PointsBet?

pointsbet appPointsBet is a sportsbook that brings a whole new aspect of sports betting that you can’t find anywhere else. Aside from traditional sports betting offerings, they also offer a new type of betting called “PointsBetting. Originally founded in Australia, PointsBet is now making a huge splash in the US sports betting market.

PointsBet first made its way to the United States in January of 2019. Now, PointsBet is one of the fastest-growing sportsbooks in the legal US sports betting market. Upon their launch into Virginia in early 2021, PointsBet will now be offered in at least five states, with more to come.

PointsBet is a cutting-edge bookmaker that prides itself on having the quickest and most user-friendly app (iOS and Android) while also providing the best content and experience for sports bettors. PointsBet has also introduced a number of bettor-first initiatives, such as Good Karma Payouts and Early Payouts. PointsBet offers the most markets on all four major U.S. sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) and PointsBetting in the world, including up to 1,000 markets per NBA game.

PointsBet Virginia Promo Code

Once PointsBet launches in Virginia, residents are going to want to take advantage of one of the best promotions offered by any sportsbook. How do you do that? You use the promo code “LINEUPS.” Use the promo code “LINEUPS” when registering a new account, and your account will be credited with the maximum bonus. Currently, the highest bonus available is $2,000 in free bets. The “LINEUPS” promo code awards new users with a $500 Fixed Odds bet and a $1,500 Pointsbetting bet.

PointsBet Projected Promo Code Virginia

VA Promo Code Details

Virginia Projected Promo CodeSimply enter "LINEUPS" for the max bonus
Promo Projected Value$2,000 worth of risk-free bets
Promo Breakdown1. $1,500 of Risk-Free PointsBetting wagers
2. $500 of Risk-Free fixed odds wagers
Promo TermsCreate a new PointsBet Virginia account and enter code "LINEUPS". Must be 21+ years of age and physically in Virginia
Verified DateOctober 2021

PointsBet Large Promo Launching Soon Virginia

How Does PointsBetting Work?

So now that you know that PointsBet offers a unique version of sports betting called “PointsBetting,” what exactly is PointsBetting?

PointsBetting is a unique and innovative way for people to bet on sports. PointsBetting is a high-risk, high-reward form of betting that, as the name suggests, is currently unique to PointsBet. While using the PointsBetting platform, clients are either rewarded or docked by how right or wrong their wager was. Unlike fixed odds, each point of difference from the spread or total becomes a multiplier of the original stake, allowing a bettor to win or lose more and more based upon the outcome of their wager. This means every yard, every point, every run, every goal, and every play matters!

An example of this would be an NBA game between the Sacramento Kings and the Washington Wizards. Say the total on the game is 200 points. Suppose you bet the OVER at a stake of $10. You would win $10 for every point the game goes over. However, you would also lose $10 for every point the game goes under. So if the final score totals 230 points, you would win $300. If the final score ends with a total of 187, you will lose $130.

All bet types have a max win and max loss levels displayed in the betslip at the time of bet placement, so you will always know what your potential winnings will be, as well as what your losses could equate to if your bet goes well against you.

PointsBet vs. Competition

While every sportsbook claims they are unique compared to other sportsbooks, in PointsBet’s case, that is actually true. They offer everything that a traditional sportsbook offers, and they also offer their own unique features. If you want to bet traditionally, then PointsBet can certainly accommodate you, and if you want to try out something new and exciting like the PointsBetting feature, then you can only find that at PointsBet.

On top of their unique PointsBetting offering, PointsBet also offers other unique betting markets. They offer a range of bet types based on time in minutes or seconds. PointsBet specializes in NBA betting, offering up to 500 bet types per game, including over 100 bet types that are not offered anywhere globally. It’s not just NBA where our bet types differ. They have new and exciting bet offerings for all of the major sporting events.

PointsBet Launching Soon Banner $2000

PointsBet App Review

PointsBet prides itself on offering the fastest and most user-friendly app for sports bettors, and they do exactly that. The PointsBet app is the fastest loading and easiest to navigate sports betting app in the market right now. Both speed and ease of use are very important for sports bettors as every second matter when trying to place a bet.

Once you quickly access the app’s homepage, you will notice all of their promotions in a scrolling banner with all of the popular bets also available right below the banner. From the second you click to open the app, you could be placing a wager on an event in just one click.

From the homepage, you are just one click away from placing a wager, checking live events, seeing a list of sporting events offered, quick parlay, your betslip, and the entire menu offered on PointsBet. The PointsBet app is one of the few apps where it is actually easier to use and navigate than the actual webpage.
pointsbet mobile app il

PointsBet Sports & Wagers Offered

PointsBet has a wide variety of sports and wagering options. This includes the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and many more North American leagues. However, PointsBet also offers worldwide events such as pointsbet navigationsoccer, golf, tennis, Formula 1, and more!

PointsBet even offers collegiate wagers on its sportsbook.

The full list of PointsBet sports offered are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Entertainment
  • E-sports
  • Table Tennis
  • Aussie Rules Football

PointsBet offers a full slate of fixed-odds wagers on top of the fantastic PointsBetting system. This means that you can bet on traditional moneylines, spreads, and total points. You can also bet on futures, prop-bets, and even make your own parlays with the sportsbook!

Live and in-play betting is allowed on PointsBet and is offered on almost every single sporting event that PointsBet has on its sportsbook.

Collegiate Betting on PointsBet Virginia

virginia tech hokiesUnfortunately, Virginia has decided to ban betting on in-state teams. This means that the biggest sporting teams in Virginia, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Liberty, Old Dominion, etc., are all prohibited from being wagered on. You will have to travel to another state to place wagers on these collegiate programs. However, you can place bets on every collegiate event that does not include any school that is from Virginia.

This is something that will hopefully change as Virginia does not have any professional programs making college betting on in-state teams one of the primary attractions for Virginia bettors. The fact that this is not allowed will be a massive hindrance to the sports revenue capabilities of Virginia.

PointsBet does allow for betting on both NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football. Therefore you will have a full slate of wagers for college betting when PointsBet launches. However, you will only find events that do not include Virginia teams, as, again, these are prohibited under Virginia law.

PointsBet Banking Options

One of the most important factors in making a good sportsbook is the banking options that the sportsbook offers. Customers want a sportsbook that is fast in both depositing and withdrawing. Not only that, they want easy to use methods of banking such as PayPal or e-check. Based on the banking options available in New Jersey, Indiana, and Iowa, we should expect to see plenty of the best banking options available for the state of Virginia as well.

PointsBet Deposting Options – PayPal
– Pay Near Me
– ACH/e-Check
– Online Banking
– Credit/Debit Card
– PointsBet Mastercard
PointsBet Launching Soon Banner $2000

PointsBet Virginia FAQ

What is Points Betting?

PointsBetting is a high-risk, high-reward form of betting that is currently unique to PointsBet. Clients are either rewarded or docked by how right or wrong their wager was. Unlike fixed odds, each point of difference from the spread or total becomes a multiplier of the original stake, allowing a bettor to win or lose more based upon the outcome of their wager.

Can I Bet Traditionally at PointsBet?

Yes. On top of their unique PointsBetting offering, PointsBet also offers users the opportunity to bet traditionally with their sportsbook. This gives users a chance to experience the PointsBetting format, and if it is not for them, they can still bet traditionally on PointsBet.

Can I Win More Money at PointsBet?

Yes. That is the beauty of the PointsBetting method. The sky is the limit on how much you can possibly win on a particular bet. The more right you are, the more money you will win. However, you can also lose more money, so be sure to bet smart and keep that in mind.

What Kind of Deposit Options Does PointsBet Offer?

PointsBet offers customers all of the popular and fastest ways to deposit your money. Deposit methods that you can find offered by PointsBet include Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, PayPal, Pay Near Me, ACH/e-Check, and PointsBet Mastercard. There are plenty of ways for you to fund your account.

What Kind of Withdrawal Options Does PointsBet Offer?

Just like their deposit options, PointsBet offers up plenty of the best withdrawal methods so that you can get your money quickly and easily. Various methods of withdrawal include Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, PayPal, Pay Near Me, ACH/e-Check, and PointsBet Mastercard.

Is PointsBet Virginia Legit?

Yes. PointsBet is an Australian-based sportsbook that is completely safe and legal. While they may not be as well known as other sportsbooks in the United States, they are just as safe and legit as any other legal US sportsbook.

Is PointsBet Legal in Virginia?

Yes. Sports betting is now legal in Virginia and will officially launch in the early part of 2021. With sportsbooks expected to launch in Virginia as early as January 2021, PointsBet is expected to be one of the first legal and regulated sportsbooks in Virginia.

What Kind of Deposit Bonus Does PointsBet Offer?

Right now, PointsBet is offering up to $2,000 in Free Bets to new PointsBet users. To claim the maximum bonus possible, make sure you use the promo code “LINEUPS” when you register your account. After making a qualifying deposit, you will get your first fixed-odds (up to $500), and PointsBet (up to $1,500) wagers risk-free.

Is There a High Play-Through Requirement for PointsBet Bonuses?

No! That is one of the best benefits of PointsBet, and they don’t have high, unachievable play-through requirements like you find at most other sportsbooks. Instead of having to risk your-free bets up to 25x in order to cash out your winnings, you only have to risk your free bet just one time!

Is There a PointsBet Mobile App?

Yes. The PointsBet app is one of the best sportsbook apps available. It is the quickest and easiest to use sportsbook app in the US sports betting market. Once you access the PointsBet app, everything you need is just a click away and can be easily done by the app.

PointsBet Large Promo Launching Soon Virginia

PointsBet Virginia App Review

Name: PointsBet Virginia App Review

Description: PointsBet is an Australian-based sportsbook that has backings from NBC Sports. It now offers one of the best sportsbooks in the United States with its unique PointsBetting system as well as a myriad of fixed-odds options. PointsBet plans to enter Virginia when the betting goes live.

Operating System: Windows, OSX, iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Calvin McAlee

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PointsBet brings one of the best sportsbooks to the market. It has a unique betting system that can only be found on its platform and has every sport and wager you could want. The support is solid, and the promotions plentiful. The app is very well designed and is easy to navigate.

Well Done

  • Tons of betting options in terms of wager types
  • PointsBetting is a new way to play
  • Amazing live-chat support
  • Tons of sports

Needs Help

  • Rewards program could be more fleshed out
  • More details on PointsBetting would be appreciate in-app for new users.
Calvin is a sports betting enthusiast that has been in the business for over 10 years. He has created successful betting formulas for seven different sports. way too serious Packers, Mets, and Avalanche fan that hates everything Pittsburgh, despite living there.