PokerStars $2.5 Million GTD Summer Stacks Festivals

With the summer fast approaching, PokerStars is offering an exciting series of Summer Stacks Festivals that will take place from June 12-28. 100+ tournaments will operate within these 17 days, and the buy-ins will be $5 to $100 across each series – this promotion is aimed at casual bettors and seasoned veterans alike. Overall, the series of Summer Stacks Festivals guarantees over $2.5 million in total payouts.

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PokerStars Background

PokerStars is the biggest online poker site in the world owned by The Stars Group. Since opening its first legal online US poker site in New Jersey in 2016, PokerStars has steadily grown in the United States. Now, it is available in Pennsylvania and Michigan, as well. PokerStars offers a variety of tournaments and cash games. PokerStars also offers a number of methods for banking including Visa and Mastercard, Paypal, bank transfers, Stars transfers, and a Play+ card, among others. Depositing and withdrawing money from PokerStars is seamless and fast.

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PokerStars Summer Stacks Festival

PokerStars has run three separate series in each of its United States markets in the past, but the Summer Stacks Festival is the first of its kind as it is a simultaneous tournament run in all three markets. In April and May, PokerStars hosted the SCOOP tournaments that were quite successful, but are more geared for experienced players. The Summer Stacks Festivals are designed to meet the demands of casual players as no single tournament costs more than $100 and an average buy-in across the three states of around $40.

PokerStars Summer Stacks Festivals by State

PokerStars Pennsylvania: $1,045,000 in guarantees, $100,000 guaranteed Main Event

PokerStars Michigan: $1,000,000 in guarantees, $100,000 guaranteed Main Event

PokerStars New Jersey: $528,000 in guarantees, $50,000 guaranteed Main Event

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Depositor Freerolls

As part of the Summer Stacks Festivals, PokerStars will be offering daily Depositor Freerolls where players can win $10,000 worth of Main Event tickets. All you have to do is use the promo code “SUMMER21” and deposit $30 or more to receive a free entry into a Depositor Freeroll!

Second Chance Freerolls

Players who are eliminated in any event before the final prizes are awarded are invited to participate in Second Chance Freerolls. These freerolls will award a total of $10,000 worth of Summer Stacks tournament tickets for future events. Each of these freerolls will award up to $650 in tickets per user.

Texas Hold ‘Em Strategy for Beginners

One of the most popular poker games is Texas hold ’em, and we expect the Summer Stacks Festivals to feature much of this game type. If you’re a beginner at hold’em, it can seem overwhelming at first, but there are some simple ways to give yourself an advantage.

  1. Memorize the rankings of poker hands – this allows you to easily assess situations and make better decisions, keep in mind what hands could develop
  2. Never limp – if you’re late in the blinds and have a good hand, be aggressive and try to get other players to fold before seeing the cards
  3. Play position – if you’re early in the rotation, you will have less information but more control over the action; if you’re late in the rotation, you have more information by the time the bet gets to you
  4. Fold a lot – don’t bet if you don’t feel confident in your cards, the money you save by folding is just as valuable as the money you’d win from the pot
  5. Don’t bluff and don’t call bluffs – bluffing occasionally is okay, but as a beginner trying to bluff a large table of people has too low of a success rate; it’s also not your job to call other people if you think they’re bluffing
  6. Manage your bankroll – don’t blow your wad too early in a tournament, as there’s plenty of time to recover from a slow start and your luck will come and go over time
  7. Hop around tables – if you’re having a tough time at one table, don’t hesitate to pivot and try your luck at a different table

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For as long as I've been watching sports, I've been gambling on them too. I used to place $1 bets on several NBA games throughout the week with a buddy in high school with the winner rarely getting more than a few dollars for their trouble. It didn't matter - the rush of landing a winning bet and the ensuing bragging rights were enough. Now I've graduated to full-blown degenerate status, placing copious futures bets for every sport and designing elaborate parlays for maximum payoff. I've experienced my fair share of blown chances but there's no better feeling than using my sports research and knowledge to pull off a win.

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