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College Basketball Tournament Picks
  • 4-1 March Madness 2019 (80% accuracy)
  • Game Picks Between 3/19/19- 4/8/19
  • 30+ College Basketball Betting Picks
  • Analysis + Units for All Picks
  • Exclusive Slack Chat
  • Serious Bettors $100-$150/unit
Moneyback Guarantee
If Picks Don't Finish Positive +1 Unit

Your Money Back
JJ Apricena
CBB Betting Picks Lead
JJ Apricena
JJ Apricena is a sports bettor and handicapper with 10 years of experience. JJ is historically a $1,000 per game bettor with a disciplined approach designed to net 6-8 units per month. One of his specialties is the College Basketball Tournament. His approach is based on calculating his own fair odds, playing the numbers and leaving emotions on the sideline.
Mackenzie Rivers
Written Analysis + Live Chat
Mackenzie Rivers
Mackenzie lives in Las Vegas and is transitioning into a full time sports bettor. Mackenzie is a graduate of Yale University and believes in a well-documented thought process and foundation built on meaningful statistics.
Package Details

Games Picks Between 3/19/19-4/8/19: JJ will be posting picks for games throughout the tournament based on favorable lines and matchups. The number of picks will vary based on the matchup and odds. We guarantee at least 30 picks and they will be posted on the site for your access 24/7 throughout the tournament.

30+ College Basketball Betting Picks: Picks will primarily be Spread picks on the game and we guarantee at least 30 Picks throughout the tournament. JJ likes to be on the early round games heavier as he has an edge following the smaller market teams.

Analysis and Units with Every Picks: This isn’t a traditional picks package. JJ is going to provide written analysis and logic behind each pick. Our goal is to educate and engage to help you make smarter bets. Each bet will include the number of Units being bet. Units being bet are historically 1 unit.

Exclusive Daily Slack Chat: Each day, Mackenzie will join a subscriber only Slack chat for 30 minutes to discuss any questions on the betting picks. This is your chance to ask questions and learn. Our goal is to interact with premium subscribers and provide logic and support.

For Serious Bettors $100/unit: We recommend this package for bettors making a minimum of $100 unit bets.

Money Back Guarantee: Each of the picks made by JJ will be logged on the site and on 4/9/19, we will calculate the total units won or lost. If the 30+ picks posted in this subscription and posted to the subscriber only section of does not have a net positive of +1 unit, we will refund your entire purchase. Regardless of when you subscribe, the guarantee is based on the total units won or lost for all picks posted. This is as close to a performance guarantee as you will ever get.

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