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Draftkings SportsbookNew Jersey residents can legally bet on sports! After years of legal battles, the Supreme Court sided with New Jersey to legalize sports betting. Prior to the landmark decision to declare the federal law unconstitutional, Nevada was the only state with any form of legal sportsbetting. Delaware has since started taking bets on sporting events, but New Jersey became the second state to offer sports betting thru an app. DraftKings jumped at the opportunity and created DraftKings Sportsbook, a groundbreaking mobile app and website for New Jersey residents.

The best sign up offer DraftKings offers is a $200 Match Bet bonus for new sign ups. DK will match your first bet only up to a maximum of $200. Don’t waste this limited time offer as it expires on 10/31/18.

DraftKings Gives You a $200 Free Bet!

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Promotional Offer Specifications

DraftKings Sportsbook Promo CodeClick Through for Best Offer
Promo Code ValueInstant Bet up to $200. 100% of your initial deposit is matched up to $200.
Promo RequirementsYou must deposit a minimum of $10 and you must be a first time depositor.
Expiration DateCurrent expiration date is December 31, 2018.
Credited Free Bet ExpirationYou must use your free bet within 30 days of issuance.
Land-based Casino PartnerResorts Casino in Atlantic City

Getting started with a deposit

The deposit page allows quick deposits in the amount of $25, $100, $250, $600 and other. Simply click your option or if other was selected enter the amount you would like added to your account. DraftKings currently accepts Debit/Credit Cards, Paypal, Play+ prepaid, or a Bank Transfer for which you you must provide your checking routing and account number.

A problem with the depositing process at the time of this review is not every bank is recognizing the app and allowing the deposit to go through. I personally know a few people who have been unable to add funds because their bank won’t allow it; banks are looking at this attempted deposit as fraudulent activity. So, you may want to skip the potential headache and go the safe route with Debit/Credit Cards. Will look for additional deposit options to be added in the future such as Cryptocurrency.

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Using the Mobile App

The mobile app is now up and running for everyone located in the state of NJ. It had initially been rolled out to select users as a beta phase but now is available for everyone’s use. You must be within state lines in order to bet, the geofence on the app is accurate and knows when you are in the state of NJ. When you are not in the state, it wont even let you get to the betting home page. Proxies won’t work on the desktop product as you’ll need to verify identity through documentation upload.

Every time you log into the app you must type in your password a number of times, which can be frustrating. When you log into your account you will also receive an email notification that you have logged into the DK sportsbook. This extra of layer of security is nice and no one will be able to log into your account without your knowledge.

Finding the sporting event, you would like to bet on is not hard as they have a section for sports A-Z, includes rugby, cricket and cycling. I have been using the app since it went live and even just a few weeks they have allowed for it to be more user friendly. Live bets are also shown on the app startup screen allowing for the user to place a bet while the game or match is ongoing.

Withdrawing your winnings

Mobile App: WithdrawalYou won some money and want to withdraw it from your DraftKings account; the app offers two options: by check or cage. If you choose to withdraw by check it is a $15 minimum to withdraw the funds from your account. A check will be cut and mailed to your address of choice. If you should choose to withdraw by cage you must be in Atlantic City but this has a $0 minimum. The cage is located in Resorts Atlantic City where you can pick up your money on site with a photo ID. You will receive your cash instantly. Getting to Atlantic City to pick up winnings may not be convenient for everyone as it can be a trip for people from the northern part of the state.

Types of Bets Available

The app offers you the ability to place bets on many sporting events, MMA included. Depending on what sporting event you are looking for the bets that can be placed will differ, but I will take a look at what the options are in regards to betting on NFL football.You can read our entire DraftKings Review for all the details.

All games for week are currently set up on the app and you can start betting on these games immediately. The app currently offers you game lines, game parlays, game props and futures bets.

Game Lines– offer to you bet vs the spread, the over/under on points or the money line; all are available for you to bet on.

Game parlays – are set up for each matchup where you can bet on the spread of the game and total points; each game offers 4 options home team/away team and the over/under on points.

Prop Bet – the only option you have to bet on with a bet like this is in regards to week 1 games heading into overtime; 50/50 odds here. You can see our full NFL Prop Bet Glossary here.

Future Bets – since the launch of the sportsbook app, the futures bets have added more options. You can bet on Super Bowl winner, offensive and defensive player of the year, regular season wins. They do offer special bets in the event you think we will have another Cleveland Browns situation to have a team not win 1 game all year or if you think a team will complete a perfect season you can bet on that too. Passing and rushing leaders are also listed as future bets.

How is the Mobile App layout and user friendliness?

App design makes it very easy to find a sport on which you are looking to bet. They offer an A-Z menu that allows you to see all the different sports that you can place bets on. Just a simple tap on the sport you are looking to place a bet on brings up a menu allowing you to choose how much you would like to bet and what you can bet on. It will show you the current odds and what the payout will be if you should win.

The problem with the app, is if you are new to sports betting they do not explain what you are betting on. You may not understand what the money line means and chances are you are not going to bet on something you do not understand. I would suggest adding a few pages you can swipe thru to show the basics on sports betting. I went to a sportsbook located in NJ where they provided a small booklet explaining the bets for each sport allowing anyone to have a general understanding of what the bets mean and what to bet on to increase the odds they may win. Having the knowledge of what I am betting on increases the chances I will continue to bet on sports.

The rolling screen option makes it easy to change your futures bet to whatever you want it to be.

Mobile App: Home Page

Mobile App: Live Games

Mobile App: Search

Mobile App: Scrolling Futures

Games Available

NFL – Moneyline, Spread, Parlays, Props, Futures, Totals
MLB – Moneyline, Spread, Parlays, Props, Totals
NBA – Moneyline, Spread, Parlays, Props, Totals
Soccer – English Premier League, La Liga- Spain, MLS
College Football
Men’s Tennis
Women’s Tennis

3 Easy Steps to Receive Your Free Bet: New Depositors Receive an Instant $200 Bet

1. Sign up        2. Deposit       3. Bet        4. DK matches your bet up to $200!

As a way to entice you to place a bet DraftKings sports book will match your first bet up to $200. Once you place your first bet DraftKings will be credited a free bet in the same amount in which you placed your initial bet for (up to $200). Your credited bet will only be available for 30 days so you want to make sure you place a bet within the time frame to make sure you can take advantage of what they are offering you.

Common Questions Users Ask about DraftKings Sportsbook

What States is DraftKings Sportsbook available?
Only New Jersey at this point.

Is it Legal?
If you’re located in New Jersey, yes it’s legal.

Is there a Mobile App?
Yes and it’s easy to use.

Can I drive to New Jersey and place a bet once I cross the border?
Yes, just note, the geotargeting force is strong with DraftKings. They base location off of nearby hotspots, so if you are very close to the border, you may be asked to verify your identity or just drive a bit further. If you are a NJ resident and go out of state, you won’t be able to use the App. However, if you drive back into NJ, you will once again be able to place a bet online or on the mobile APP. You will need to enable location services on your phone.

Is there Live Support?
Yes, there is chat support 24/7. You can also email support.

What is the DraftKings Telephone Support Number?
There is no telephone number, but you can chat online anytime and email support@draftkings.com with any concerns.

Can I increase my deposit limit?
Yes, but you will need to send in a photocopy of a state issued identification as well as a utility bill in last 60 days.

What are the odds?
Like any other Sportsbook, odds change all the time. Check frequently for updated odds. We will eventually include DraftKings into our Vegas Odds pages.

Why do I need to enable WIFI?
DK determines your location by locating wifi hotspots to determine you’re in NJ.

Why do I need to install the Geocomply plugin?
This plugin blocks the use of VPN and proxy software. DK takes all the steps they can to ensure you’re playing legally from within the state intended.

How do I request a Payout?
Payouts or withdrawals can be requested via Check or Cage (physically in the NJ sportsbook).

Does DraftKings create their own odds?
Yes, DraftKings has hired some well known Vegas sharps and create their own odds. You can see free live DK odds in this post.

DraftKings Sportsbook Commercials with Charles Barkley

New Jersey has started to see the power of the DraftKings promotional machine, including Billboards, Radio announcements, online marketing and maybe the most visible – TV Commercials. DK has teamed up with Charles Barkley to deliver some of the more memorable commercials we’ve ever seen from DK. Charles Barkley is the perfect personality match and this is one of the reasons DK is ahead of the pack. Their marketing team understands their audience and these commercials are fun. You can watch them below.

sports betting national championship

DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship

One moniker that always holds true with DraftKings is that they never sit still. They are pushing the envelope with the first ever Sports Betting Championship to be held in Jersey City, New Jersey on January 11-13. It’s unique concept and one we love. There is some concern that the contest draws the ire of unwanted attention in the legal realm. We’ll see how it plays out with the fans, but can’t imagine it’ll be anything but a hit. DK is only able to offer the Sportsbook app in NJ currently, so how do they engage their nationwide audience? The answer is via their Daily Fantasy product. Daily Fantasy players can qualify for the Live event by winning satellite and qualifier tournaments. 1st place will win $1,000,000!, while the final 16th-25th places win $15,000 each. There will be 531 or fewer total entrants in the competition. The qualifiers are daily fantasy contests. If you don’t already have a DraftKings.com and want to also receve the DFS promotions, Daily Fantasy Cafe has the top daily fantasy promotions available. Their Draftkings promo code is top of class and they have the full promo code details if needed.

DraftKings Sportsbetting National ChampionshipDetails
Where is it?The live contest will take place in Jersey City, New Jersey. The event will last for 3 days between 1/11/19-1/13/19.
How to Qualify?Players can qualify via daily fantasy contests on DraftKings.com. Players can win qualifier or satellite contests.
How much to Enter?Players can buy directly into the contest for $10,000.
Contest StructureContestants will receive $5,000 in their accounts to bet during the contest. Players must bet at least $1,000 on 1/11/19 & 1/12/19 & at least $2,000 on 1/13/19.
How to Win?Contestants that meet the rules of the contest structure with the most money won will be ranked in a leaderboard.
Prize StructureTop Prize: $1,000,000, 2nd Place: $350,000, 3rd Place: 250,000, 4th: $175,000, 5th: $100,000, 6th-7th: $75,000, 8th-10th: $50,000, 11th-15th: $25,000, 16th-25th: $15,000

DraftKings Sportsbook Pools

draftkings sportsbook poolsDraftKings has launched a new product called Sportsbook Pools which officially went live November 8, 2018. Pools allows player to be on games similar to those played in office pools. You can pick the winner of each game as well as other simple predictions along with the opportunity for Jackpot-Style prizes. Players are provided a series of questions related to an individual game or a group of games. The initial contests will require a $20 entry and have prices as high as $200,000. The jackpot prize will go as high as $100,000 that would be shared among the players whom have predicted all the Sunday and Monday NFL games correctly. Here is how the prize breakdown works for those New Jersey players entering the first contest:

10 correct picks = 20 Percent of prize pool
11 correct picks = 30 Percent of the prize pool
12 correct picks = 50 Percent of the prize pool

How New Jersey Led the Charge in the Legalization of Sports Betting

Thanks to New Jersey putting up the fight sports betting is slowing becoming more and more common around the country. Previously, Las Vegas was the only place allowed to take bets but since Delaware, New Jersey and other states are following with their own laws on sports betting. New Jersey led the charge fighting over 7 years that sports betting should be legal and the Supreme Court ruling in May that NJ can now start taking bets on sports.

New Jersey put some laws on sports betting when it was signed into legislation by the governor where online betting was not allowed for 30 days. DraftKings has become the first to open an app but the app recently became available to the general public some two months after the ruling that NJ can now take bets. What took so long? The revenue shows that people are willing to bet on sports and states can take advantage of the additional revenue. If you look at what NJ has collected in the time that sports betting has been legal it makes you wonder why it took so long. States are constantly looking for ways to generate revenue. In the first month alone, New Jersey collected $325,000 in tax revenue. In one month, with that amount of money with only a few casinos offering sports betting that number should increase as more and more places offer a sportsbook.

Bet on DK Sportsbook

Editor's Promo Code Review
  • Sign Up Bonus Amount
  • Bonus Requirements
  • Registration Process
  • Deposit Methods
  • Payout Time

Overall Impressions

The sign up bonus at DraftKings is one of the highest for Sportsbooks in NJ. For that fact alone, it’s our highest rated promo code. It’s an instant bet, so no waiting and based on your first deposit. You may see various sign up promotions at times, which may include a Money Back Special, which allows you to win a free bet up to $100 even if the best loses and a unique condition is met. A third type of promotion you may see at one point is a Profit Boost, which is similar to Missions on the Daily Fantasy side of the business. You may see a Boost opportunity where you complete a task set forth in the Promotions. Once complete, you’ll see the token available in your account for use.

In terms of the app and website impressions, DraftKings is one of the only options available for people to bet from your dinner table, couch or local bar. The racetracks in NJ and Casinos in Atlantic City are currently accepting bets, but if you’re not close, DraftKings is a great option. It will be interesting to see what happens when other casinos make their app available to people in NJ. People may be too invested in DraftKings by that point to make a change, but I expect the products to evolve and become better over time. DraftKings made a well timed move in time for NFL and it’s going to pay off with new users. Right now, DraftKings is ahead of the game allowing for online sports betting via an app on your phone, so a trip to the local casino or racetrack is unnecessary. The Mobile App is well done with easy to use navigation and search. There are elements that require a horizontal scroll and that’s not great UI on mobile. We’d like to see more support for new sports bettors looking for information to help them in their research and/or understanding.

Well Done

  • Bonus Amount
  • Bonus Requirements Easily Met
  • Quality Mobile App
  • Game Selection

Needs Help

  • Bigger knowledge base for users new to sports betting
  • Lack of “No Deposit Bonus”
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User Review
  • Sign Up Bonus Amount
  • Bonus Requirements
  • Registration Process
  • Deposit Methods
  • Payout Time