Publisher Gannett Inks Sports Betting Deal With Tipico

TipicoSome big news has been announced today as we are learning that Gannett, a massive newspaper publisher, has come to an agreement on a five-year sports betting deal with Tipico USA Technology. Gannett is the publisher of USA Today and tons of local newspapers throughout the United States.

Although Tipico is a German sports betting provider, this deal was done with Tipico’s American branch, and Tipico is being offered in the United States as it just started providing sports betting to New Jersey and Colorado this year. A big reason for this deal is not only the exposure it will provide Tipico in USA Today and local papers, but the over 200 sporting websites that Gannett is linked to.

This deal means that Tipico will become the main provider of sports betting odds for the publisher. Tipico will also have an affiliate link on Gannett’s sports content. According to Reuters, Tipico is also spending $90 million on advertisements with Gannett. This will include videos, blogs, columns, and more.

Similar Deals

fanduel sportsbookWhile this deal is unique, we are starting to see a trend of content providers and sportsbooks teaming up. Earlier this year, Associated Press and FanDeul came to an agreement where FanDuel became the sole provider of betting odds for all AP content. This was massive news as AP is arguably one of the biggest news organizations in the entire world.

These kinds of deals are simply another way of advertising for the sportsbook. Not only will you be getting an influx of users who constantly see your odds plastered all over the pages, but you also receive quite a bit of legitimacy working with such well-respected organizations. This is why the figures are so high when it comes to monetary compensation by the sportsbooks.

Sports Betting and Tipico

Sports betting is clearly one of the next big things in America. Every single year since the Supreme Court decision that allowed sports betting in 2018, several states have legalized it. The industry is projected to exponentially expand over these next ten or so years, so getting deals done early makes a lot of sense.

Tipico is a relatively small sportsbook in the United States. It has only launched in the two most competitive states, New Jersey and Colorado. However, those states are also the easiest to become licensed in. Tipico is most likely shooting to get licensed in many more states, including some upcoming competitive ones like Arizona, Maryland, and Louisiana, all projected to launch sports betting this Fall.

This deal really only makes sense for Tipico if it continues to expand the number of states it’s available in, as the majority of readers for Gannett are not going to be coming from New Jersey and Colorado. Tipico will want to take full advantage of this deal and make sure it is cashing in on the exposure from all over the United States.

It will be interesting to see if these kinds of deals continue in the sports betting and news industry. Keep an eye out for sports betting, as it will only get bigger from here on out.

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