Caesars Online Casino Review

After New Jersey legalized online gaming in 2013, many of the state’s land-based casinos rushed to open online versions. One of the first to open was Caesars Casino, which is one of the oldest and most-trusted names in New Jersey gaming. Below is a review of the salient features of Caesars.

Signing Up for a Caesars Account

Sign-up at Caesars is not overly difficult and can be accomplished in a few easy steps. On the website, if players click on the “Join Now” icon, they are taken straight to the registration page. Once there, players need only provide their name, address and some more limited personal information. The sign-up menu also prompts players to enter a deposit bonus code. Once this is completed, players have an account that they can then fund.

Deposits into an Account

Deposits are easy on the Caesars site. Players have multiple options that they can use to fund their accounts. Players can use Visa, MasterCard, ACH, Online Bank Transfer or PayPal to make deposits. In addition, players can also use their Neteller account to fund their Caesar’s account. In addition, players can also make deposits at 7-11 stores through Pay Near Me. Caesar’s cautions players that deposits through credit cards may be treated as a cash advance. This means that customers would be responsible for fees that are associated with cash advances. Caesars provides extensive instructions on its website for how to use each of these payment options. In addition, Caesars allows its customers the option to fund their account through a prepaid card. This enables customers to have access to cash from their account at ATM’s and also better allows them to track their accounts. This prepaid card also acts as a credit card and can be used anywhere a Discover Card is accepted.

Lobby and Game Selection

Caesars offers a wide variety of games on its platform. Players can choose from over 400 games in the online casino, spread across a wide variety of genres. Most of these online games are online slots, but there are quite a few other games available. The platform is built for a variety of players, including low stakes bettors. There is a multitude of games that allows players to wager under a dollar. Caesars even allows bettors to play blackjack for as little as .10 per hand. In addition, there are low stakes roulette games that can be played for as little as .10 per spin.

Where Caesars sets a standard is in the number of slot machines it offers. Caesars features over 400 slots, including old-school games like Cleopatra. Many of these slots have progressive features too. Caesars’ product development is on point as well as they are continually adding new slots. This is not the end of Caesars’ diverse offerings. Caesars also features nine types of blackjack games and eight distinct types of roulette offerings. The blackjack games have different varieties and features that take the experience beyond the traditional blackjack game. In addition, Caesars offers video lotteries, video poker and betting on virtual sports events.

Payment Policies

Caesars’ withdrawal policy makes it easy to get your money out of your account. The foremost advantage of their policy is that Caesars charges no fees on any type of withdrawal which provides a definite advantage over offshore casinos. Caesars offers a variety of withdrawal methods and the casino is known for speedy processing of withdrawals and prompt payment.

Technology and Usability

Caesars has improved its technology since the casino’s inception. Users initially reported experiencing technological issues with the system, claiming that the system got “stuck” with frequency. However, users have reported these issues less frequently recently.

For the desktop version, Caesars is completely web-based and no downloads are required. The strength of the system is the user interface, which makes the platform easy to use and accessible for gamers. Caesars switched to the NYX Open Platform System two years ago. Before the switch, Caesars relied on Amaya Gaming to provide its technology. Prior to the transition, users reported some issues where the technology was unstable, but the new partnership has improved the technology. This platform supports many different types of games and is one of the reasons why Caesars is able to offer the multitude of games that it does. NYX is known to allow many gambling options that are enabled by its superior technology.

One limiting aspect of Caesars casino is that the large breadth of games is not available on the mobile app. The app closely resembles the desktop version, but does not quite go all the way to replicating the desktop experience. Caesars has recently improved the mobile experience so most of the games available on the desktop are available on the mobile.

The desktop version has a superior user interface that makes it easy for bettors to switch between games. The lobby is well-designed and provides a sound entry point for gamers to know exactly what games are available. The desktop is responsive and features low load times. In addition, online chat is offered for customers to receive technical support at all times.

Bonuses and Promotions

Caesars offers a variety of sign-up promotions that encourage customers to open an account with the casino. First, all accounts are given an initial $10 bonus on sign-up that does not require any deposits to the account. In addition, Caesars also offers a 100 percent match up to $300 on the first deposit. In order to withdraw the deposit bonus, bettors must wager three times their initial deposit plus bonus. This is lower than some of the other casinos that are in existence. However, video poker games and other table games do not fully count towards the bonus withdrawal restriction, making it more difficult for bettors to withdraw the bonus. Also, the bonus must be all withdrawn at once in order for bettors to have access to it. In addition, Caesars also offers a $2,500 Bonus Play Giveaway. This is a random drawing that gives 250 players $10 each in bonus play.

Total Rewards Program

In addition, Caesars offers a Total Rewards program meant to provide incentives to frequent customers. This program offers two different types of rewards to customer. The first type of reward is called “Tier Credits.” These rewards result in customers being assigned a tier status level. Higher status levels result in a better level of service and other perks for frequent play. Tier credits can enable users to receive free nights at certain properties and enable more favorable conversion rates on other rewards.

The second type of credits is called “Reward Credits.” These credits can lead to free plays as well as other comps. In addition, Reward Credits can be redeemed at spas, entertainment venues, retail outlets and restaurants. Reward Credits can also be used to obtain a lower hotel bill for a physical stay at Caesars Casino. In addition, there is a credit card that is co-branded with Total Rewards.

Overall Impressions

Caesars Casino is an overall solid offering that allows bettors to have an exciting and usable experience. There are few hitches to the process and the customer service is generally responsive and helpful. In addition, Caesars is always at the forefront of online gaming innovation so you can expect the latest and newest game offerings to be continuously added. What carries the day for this casino is the sheer diversity of offerings. Bettors can stay on this site for months and never play the same type of game twice. Even within the game, there are so many twists and variations that customers find betting with Caesars to be an entertaining proposition. In addition, Caesars is an appealing and user-friendly interface which allows for easy play. Accounts are easy to fund and withdrawals are painless which resolves some of the hassles that online gaming customers usually face.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Diverse game offerings, especially in slots
  • Multitude of payment and withdrawal options
  • Sound desktop user interface
  • Mobile app is not as good as desktop
  • Difficult to withdraw deposit bonus
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