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Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino Ready to Roll With Sports Betting Approval

Pittsburgh area residents will soon be able to bet on their beloved Steel-town professional teams, or any professional team for that matter. The Rivers Casino has been given provisional approval to operate a sportsbook in Pittsburgh.

Early reports have the first bets being accepted in early December. The first bets must be made physically at the Rivers Casino location, but look for an online sportsbook to soon follow. Here’s what you’ll find at the Rivers Casino now, and what to expect from the sportsbook operations.

How We Arrived at the Doorstep of Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

As one of the first states to have a lottery, Pennsylvania has frequently been a leader in providing enjoyable games of chance to state residents. It hasn’t always been easy though. It took over four decades of unrelenting efforts from casino advocates to get the first physical location opened in the early 1990s.

Many deemed the projected revenue from casino gaming to far outweigh any unproven problems. However, a majority of Pennsylvania‘s residents made the process a long and arduous one.

Even after the first casino resort opened in the Poconos in 1993, it was another decade before the stigma against gambling would subside. Today there are a number of highly successful gaming operations across the state. Many of the bigger casinos have already paid the $10 million fee required to accept bets on sports games.

Rivers Casino is one of the early facilities to have a solid reputation giving it strong odds to be Pittsburgh first physical sportsbook. Those who appreciate the massive amount of revenue the state will generate feel it’s been a long time coming.

What’s at the Rivers Casino Now?

Pittsburgh’s finest casino is a picturesque design with over 120,000 square feet of gaming fun. There are nearly 3,000 slot machines with an assortment of payouts. If you just want to play for fun, there are dozens of penny slots. High limit machines spew out big time payouts and the pay them out often.

There are table games such as blackjack, craps, pai gow poker and a string of roulette tables. There are 30 active tables in the live poker room for the poker enthusiasts. With dozens of poker tables, so there is a game for any skill level.

You don’t even have to sit down at a poker table to get in the game. At the Rivers Casino, there are 200 video poker machines. There are small ante games for a nickel, all the way up to $5 a hand deals. There is a non-smoking video poker room, plus one for smokers next to Andrews Steak and Seafood.

You dine at any of five primary restaurants at the Rivers Casino. You can enjoy everything from a steak to seafood. For variety, there is the Grand View Buffet. Flipt and Ciao are two smaller specialty restaurants, if you just in the mood for quick and casual.

What is the Timeline for the Rivers Casino Sportsbook?

Once the Rivers Casino received their provisional approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on November 30, they are waiting for a final approval. Many feel that with the casino’s excellent reputation in the Pittsburgh area, approval is a foregone conclusion.

Once they are granted approval, the Rivers Casino hopes to have a temporary facility completed quickly. This proposed initial Rivers Casino Sportsbook is actually being built right now. Again, reports are this will only be a temporary facility until a much larger permanent location is completed.

Rush Street Gaming, the owner of the Rivers Casino and the new Rivers Casino Sportsbook, is also ready to press the switch as soon as online betting is approved. Once this formality is completed, the Rivers Casino will open an online sportsbook far in advance of opening their permanent brick and mortar location.

What Will the Rivers Casino Sportsbook Offer?

Expect the Rivers Casino to be similar to other sportsbooks. You’ll have a standard betting platform with point spread, moneyline, plus game final score projections for the over and under. Bettors will also have the ability to make prop bets and in-game live bets as the odds change.

Since the live in-game bets are becoming widely popular, expect live streaming of game action and changing odds to be part of the Rivers Casino sportsbook. The physical location will have dozens of high definition screens, so that bettors can watch every game unfold in real-time.

As the online sportsbook grows in popularity, look for a similar live in-game feature. Not only do the sportsbook operators want to attract bettor interest, they hope to make it as convenient as possible. This is one reason the idea of mobile online betting is running hand-in-hand with the actual opening of physical sportsbook locations.

There is going to be a lot of competition for the sports bettor’s business. Expect a number of new and exciting promotions from the Rivers Casino Sportsbook. There will be a number of promo codes where you can earn free money to bet however you choose.

While they will obviously use many of the standard bonus offers, don’t be surprised if Rush Street Gaming produces a few promotional offers unique to the Rivers Casino Sportsbook. To get an indication of how many Sportsbook promotions there may be, all you have to do is look at the number of casino promotions offered.

The Final Verdict

The Rivers Casino is already one of Pittsburgh’s most popular entertainment attractions. They provide entertainment, dining opportunities, along with the excitement of a thriving casino environment. As they prepare to include a sportsbook in their operations, the appeal is going to explode.

The Best of Rivers Casino

• Diversity – The Rivers Casino has thousands of slot games, video poker, plus dozens of live poker tables. In between games there will be a lot for the sports bettor to do.
• Rewards – Not only does the Rivers Casino offer weekly and monthly promotions, they appreciate their frequent players.
• Location – The Rivers Casino is located along the north shore area of Pittsburgh. It is within walking distance of both Heinz Field and PNC Park, homes to the Steelers and Pirates.

Needs Improvement

• Dining Variety – While there are five different dining options inside the Rivers Casino, the variety could be improved by adding a couple more restaurants.
• Entertainment Variety – While there are live shows and various things you can do at Rivers Casino, there could be a little more variety added to the schedule.
If you want to dine out, take in a show, or just test your gaming luck, the Rivers Casino has a variety of choices. Soon, Pittsburgh area residents will also be able to wager on sporting events, while enjoying all the eloquence they have discovered at Rivers Casino.

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