South Philadelphia Turf Club Casino Review

The South Philadelphia Turf Club is Primed to Be a Leader in Pennsylvania Sports Betting

As the enthusiasm for sports betting begins to sweep across the United States, Pennsylvania has stepped to the forefront. There are no less than three major casino entities that have paid the state’s $10 million registration fee to legally offer sports gambling.

One of the biggest players is Parx Casino and Racing. One of Parx’s primary areas of focus is the South Philadelphia Turf Club Casino. Here’s an overview of this high priority location, a place that may prove a crown jewel in the Pennsylvania Online Sportsbook picture.

Pennsylvania Casino and Sportsbook History

It helps to get a better idea of how important this venue might be, by first looking quickly at how the whole process is transpiring. Pennsylvania launched one of the first state lotteries in 1971. Around two decades later, the state began to see the financial benefits of legal, albeit it limited, gambling.

In what seemed to be a leap towards a number of legal venues to gamble, a casino resort opened in the Poconos in the early 1990s. However, the impetus for more brick and mortar casinos, including a campaign for riverboat gambling, ran into strong resistance fueled by public discontent.

Gambling still suffered from an association with the criminal element. While the South Philadelphia Turf Club, originally opened as the Keystone Racetrack in 1974, allowed bets on horse racing, casino type games did not materialize until 2006.

It was actually a Kentucky Derby winning horse, Smarty Jones, which triggered the signing of the Slots Bill by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell in July 2004. By 2009, a separate casino operation was fully operational.

The wildly acclaimed success has been a driving force behind Pennsylvania’s welcoming of the idea to open a sportsbook at casino locations. The South Philadelphia Turf Club has changed names over the decades, but it is perfectly located to be potentially the most lucrative sportsbook location in the entire state.

South Philadelphia Turf Club – First Impressions

Since December 1990, the South Philadelphia Turf Club has been controlled by Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment. They are located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, one of the original names of the Turf Club.

The most glaring immediate impression of the South Philadelphia Turf Club is the location. Casino operations are with the downtown sports complex in Philadelphia. Within literally steps in any direction, sports fans can follow all of Philadelphia’s four major sports teams.

This proximity to the avid Philadelphia sports fan base may be the Turf Club’s strongest attribute. Not only does it have a quarter-century worth of exposure, it sits in the middle of one half of Pennsylvania’s professional scene.

Being in the middle of professional sports stadiums is just one of the club’s alluring features. There are an assortment of outstanding restaurants and side attractions that offer visitors more than just a bet and a ballgame.

The Club is classy, but not too fancy. While location is its most appealing advantage, the opportunity for other types of leisure and recreational boost first impressions. There is over 27,000 square feet of space inside the main facility, with dozens of high definition screens.

It sits between Citizen’s Bank Field and Lincoln Financial Field. The primary dining area is enclosed in glass. There is a panoramic view of the stadium, accented in the background by the modern Philadelphia skyline.

Games and Promotions at The South Philadelphia Turf Club

Of course, betting on horse racing is always going to be a feature at the Turf Club. Inside the physical casino are all the customary games people love to play. Inside the Parx Casino you can enjoy recreational casino gambling for money.

The facility has earned the TripAdvisor™ certificate of excellence for the past four straight years. One of the reasons is the variety of games and the steady stream of new promotions. There are hundreds of slot machines and dozens of gaming tables.

Poker players will certainly find the live game report board to be of interest. However, the most anticipated thing that is about to unfold at the Turf Club will be the sportsbook. Parx has already submitted the $10 million licensing fee to operate a sportsbook in Pennsylvania.

Inside the South Philadelphia Turf Club, sports bettors will be able to wager on any of the hundreds of daily bets. Soon, Parx will launch their online sportsbook, opening the door for even greater access. Bets will include all the standard game lines, plus prop bets and live in-game bets.

New accounts will earn a double deposit bonus, so you can in essence use a junk of house money to bet on games. Since there is live entertainment frequently held at the South Philadelphia Turf Club, expect promotions for many of these events to be bundled with the sports betting operations.

Sports Betting at The Turf Club

All the other games, entertainment and fun will continue. However, the current focus is on how much of an impact the sportsbook will have. Conservative estimates even post that number at a lot, an awful lot.

Sports betting at the South Philadelphia Turf Club will offer all the daily lines. You will be able to bet on games using the point spread, or wager on the moneyline. All the standard game odds will post in real-time.

There will be parlays and exciting in-game betting opportunities. You’ll have the chance to wager on a number of interesting prop bets, bets that focus on individual game events or player performance.

If you frequently visit the South Philadelphia Turf Club, be certain to entertain the option of joining the XClub. The XClub has three card levels, players, premium and elite. There are various perks to each level. At the player’s club level you’ll have access to all promotions, including entries into sweepstakes.

XClub cardholders who become part of the sportsbook will be excited to know they earn 2.5% back at various places inside the South Philadelphia Turf Club. As the final legislation makes its way across governor’s desk, look for all of these sports betting opportunities to be available as part of the online sportsbook.

The Final Verdict

As sports betting begins to explode across the state of Pennsylvania, look for the South Philadelphia Turf Club to gravitate to the top. We’ll finish with a few quick acknowledgements for the good points and couple areas that might be improved.

• Location – You can’t get much better than surrounded by four professional sports teams.
• History – Parx has a solid history with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.
• On Board Early – Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment was one of the first to post the $10 million licensing fee.
• More Diversity – Current games and promotions are directed primarily towards casino players. There will certainly be expansions to accommodate the sports bettor.
• Expanded Hours – While local laws come into play here, the Turf Club closes at midnight on the weekends and 11:00pm throughout the week. These hours will need to be expanded.
This is the final verdict on the South Philadelphia Turf Club. It’s a long-standing choice for horse racing fans and also has over a decade of exposure to casino lovers. Now, the Turf Club is ready to welcome sports betting fans to one of Philly’s biggest attractions.

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