Valley Forge Casino Resort Review

A Review of Valley Forge Resort Casino and Sports Betting

Pennsylvania has a number of exquisite casino locations. One of the most prestigious is just a few miles from the famous King of Prussia Mall. The Valley Forge Resort Casino is a fully operational gaming facility sporting two luxurious hotels.

As Pennsylvania residents welcome legal sports betting, look for The Valley to offer a physical sportsbook location, in addition to online sports betting as well. Here is an overview of the facilities as they currently exist, and what the prospects are for sports betting at the Valley Forge Resort Casino.

Pennsylvania Casino and Sportsbook History

While there isn’t a lot of history yet for the idea of a sportsbook in Pennsylvania, there is for casinos. Pennsylvania started out in the early 1970s as one of the early states to develop a lottery.

There were a number of advocates for expanding the state’s lottery system into casinos. How exactly they would be regulated was a topic of debate for a couple of decades. In the 1990s, Pennsylvania began adding casino gambling inside their handful of race track betting facilities.

When the US Supreme court overruled a federal ban on states allowing sports betting, the door was open to a whole new source of revenue. Once the new law HB 271 was inked, the line of potential suitors for the right to open a sportsbook in Pennsylvania has been steadily growing.

The Valley Forge Resort Casino is one of two major Philadelphia area casinos who have posted the state’s $10 million application fee to license as a sportsbook. Located just a short drive from King of Prussia, the Valley Forge Resort Casino is hoping to use its Philadelphia sports connection to be a viable competitor in the Pennsylvania sports betting game.

The Valley Forge Resort and Casino Here and Now

The Valley Forge Resort Casino already has a full floor of over 600 slot machines to go with 50 gaming tables. There are over 40,000 square feet of the spacious room so you won’t feel like you’ve been crammed into an over-crowded casino.

Valley Forge has done away with the requirement to have a club membership to have access to the casino floor. Anyone can have full access, free of charge. This single decision has helped inflate business dramatically.

There are daily promotions and special player rewards programs. You can join the Valley Club and earn special rewards such as free plays and free food offers. Valley Club members get $25 free slot play. You can exchange your complimentary points for AAdvantage® air travel miles.

Valley Club members who earn 1,000 base points during a calendar year are entitled to even more perks and special rewards. You’ll get special treatment with priority valet service, room upgrades, and a personal casino host.

One nice thing about the current Valley Forge Resort and Casino is that sports bettors will stand to use these same benefits. Look for the Casino Credit offer from the Valley Forge Resort Casino to be extended to their sportsbook players as well.

The Future of Sports Betting at the Valley Forge Resort Casino

A number of big-time players in the sports gaming industry have been leading the way in Pennsylvania. Many large scale operations have paid the $10 million licensing fee and are primed to open sportsbooks at various fixed casinos across the state.

However, one of the biggest events doesn’t actually pinpoint a specific license application. Boyd Gaming, a primary holder at the Valley Forge Resort Casino, has joined in a partnership with FanDuel.

Now, the connection still has to navigate a few procedural steps, but Boyd Gaming’s connection with FanDuel and MGM Resorts would seem to tie a direct link between these aspiring sportsbook operators and the Valley Forge Resort Casino.

When this partnership materializes, and by all accounts, it appears very likely, the Valley Forge Resort Casino will have a direct relationship with FanDuel. FanDuel is already in full operation in New Jersey. They will bring experience and innovation to the development of the sportsbook format at The Valley.

If this joint venture becomes reality, you can look to the FanDuel platform for a strong indication of what types of bonuses and promotions the Valley Forge Resort Casino will offer sports bettors. Look for deposit bonus offers and other player rewards similar to FanDuel’s player points programs.

You’ll be able to secure different types of betting insurance as well. Expect promotions like FanDuel’s parlay insurance to be available to sports bettors who visit the Valley Forge Resort Casino. As soon as the details are finalized, expect online sports betting to be available as well.

The Final Verdict

The Valley Forge Resort Casino has a unique opportunity because of its location. They are a resort-type atmosphere that specializes in exquisite accommodations and the fun of casino gaming. Soon there will be the ability to bet on sporting events as well. Here’s the good and the not so good for the Valley Forge Resort Casino.

The Good Points

• All-in-One Location – While there isn’t a lot of diversity inside the Valley Forge Resort Casino, having all operations in one setting will have its advantages.
• Luxurious Accommodations – Housing two 5-star resort-type hotels adjacent to the casino is very attractive.
• Extravagant Nightlife – Interestingly enough, some casino facilities that will compete for sports bettors do not offer nearly as extensive a selection of prime nightlife spots right on location.

The Not So Good

• Lack of Sporting Events – While the all-in-one location is a positive attribute, the location doesn’t offer any immediate opportunities to watch sporting events live.
• Too Many Distractions – The Valley Forge Resort Casino is truly luxurious. It offers a special array of entertainment options, but some sports bettors may find there is an overabundance of distractions.
In all likelihood, the Valley Forge Resort Casino is going to add their name to the list of locations primed to host a sportsbook. If the proposed partnership with FanDuel materializes, they will immediately have a strong ally and become a strong presence in Pennsylvania.

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