wsopWhether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned poker player, it’s more exciting to play with players who challenge your skills. It’s said that to get better at playing poker you need to play against others who are better than you are.

At the World Series of Poker website (, you’ll find players of all skill levels. You can play poker on the WSOP platform from anywhere you want. Here’s a review of the poker site that many of the world’s poker players call their home table online.

Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards

Poker players love rewards and bonuses, and if you’re like the majority, you do as well. WSOP’s most basic promotions would have to be the number of free options they provide. These are excellent opportunities for the beginner to intermediate player to improve their game skills.

If you’re brand new to the game of poker, WSOP also provides tutorials with tips from expert card players. As the landscape of legal gambling begins to gradually spread across the US, players in states other than Nevada and New Jersey will be able to play for real money.

Bonus Offers

Beyond free games and opportunities to play for real month, players can also earn bonuses playing on The first bonus you can earn is to double match your initial deposit. You can earn double your deposit amount up to $600.

Once players make their first deposit of at least $10, you’ll get seven tickets into $100 free rolls. These are WSOP’s way of kind of rolling out the red carpet for new players. There is one tournament every day of the week, beginning either at 7pm or 10pm.


WSOP appreciates their players, especially those who frequent the tables. To show this appreciation, you can be part of the WSOP Poker Rewards Program. Players are rewarded Action Player Points (APPs), for the number of raked hands played, not the number you win.

Each month you will have the chance to earn APPs and climb up the ranking ladder. From the base player level with zero APPs, you can work your way to bronze, silver and ultimately to elite. Elite players are those who have earned 1,500 APPs during the month.

As you accumulate monthly APPs and raise your ranking, you’ll also be building a yearly APP count. Players who navigate their way to 20,000 APPs become part of the WSOP Champions Club. Two APPs are awarded each dollar raked at the table.

Your APPs earned will be calculated by your contribution to the rake. There is no rounding up or down of the rake, you earn fractions of APPs in hundredths. Players also earn 2 APPs for each $1 paid in tournament fees.

The WSOP Rewards Program can also translate into total rewards. There is a Total Rewards Connect that allows you to use the APPs you accumulate for more than just seats at the poker table. This player reward program runs in conjunction with Caesars Entertainment’s Total Rewards® program.

Special Promotions

You should always check in for WSOP promotional offers. These can be great ways to earn free cash, or double your APPs. For instance, in November WSOP has the Happy Hour nightly double APP rounds.

These tables start at eight o’clock and run until midnight every night. There is also the $100,000 guaranteed Sunday table. This table’s first hand is dealt at 6pm. If you feel the $320 buy-in is too much, there are ways to earn a seat by playing in smaller satellite games.

For a fourth consecutive year, WSOP is also running their Player of the Year promotional program. The WOP wins a cash prize of $10,000, a player of the year ring, and a VIP seat for the World Series of Poker final table.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Are there age limits to play poker on the WSOP site?

Yes, there is an age restriction to download any of the WSOP software, or register and participate in any WSOP tournament event. You must be 21 years of age.

How does WSOP know if I am not playing in Nevada or New Jersey?

When you agree to the terms and conditions for a new account, you must agree to section 3 of the WSOP Terms and Conditions. It explicitly prohibits anyone not in either of these legal states to play in real money games. To verify your location, you agree to allow WSOP to use verification services, or device location services.

Do you have to use your real name to set up a WSOP account?

Yes, all accounts must be in the real name of the account holder. You are able to set up a table alias, but when you register for your WSOP account, you must use your official name.

What information do I need to give when registering for an account?

You must provide your real name, your actual physical address and your phone number. Again, you must consent to device location services to verify your physical location. For tournament entry, you will need to provide authentic identification.

This can be a driver’s license or state issued ID card. You can also use a US Passport or a passport card. They also accept a military ID, or a Permanent Resident Alien Card as authentication.

Where can I check out my rewards or find promotions?

WSOP has a convenient list of all the current promotions across a menu bar. To keep track of APPs or other information such as your rewards standing or account balance, simply navigate to your account page. Everything is neatly organized for easier access.

Using the WSOP Website or Mobile app

The website and mobile app are designed to work fluidly. The page layout is vivid for website users, yet perfectly organized if you choose to play on a handheld device. Using the mobile app is simple as well.

While the company is not responsible for load time issues, any minor problems are extremely rare. You also have the option of engaging other players at your table by using the chat feature. Here are the operating system requirements for both the WSOP website and mobile app.

Operating System Requirements:

PC -Windows 7 or higher
CPU – 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
RAM – 1 GHz (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
HD – 250Mb available capacity

Mac OS X 10.6.8 OS version or higher
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4GB DDR2 667 MHz of memory
HD – 250Mb available capacity
Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer 10 or above, Chrome 31.x, 41.x or above, FireFox 36.0 or above, Safari 9 or above

You will also need to have the Adobe Flash Player 10.1.16 or higher installed. For handheld devices you need iOS version 9.1 or higher and an Android™ version 2.3 and above with 256MB of RAM.


• The Best Players in the World – The biggest advantage of playing on is the level of competition. Not only is associated with one of the most prominent casinos, it continually attracts the highest ranked players from all around the world.
• Big First Time Bonus – Getting double your initial deposit gives up to $600 of house money to play with. Most players agree this is an attractive reason they choose to play at WSOP.
• Super Rewards Program – Not only can you accumulate rewards to build your rank on WSOP, these rewards can be translated over to the Total Rewards Program offered by Caesars Entertainment.
• Tournament Access – Since the WSOP is the most trusted entity for world poker, it is the site with the most tournaments and up to date poker news.
• User-Friendly Across Multiple Devices – WSOP developers understood that players would want to access online poker tables from a diverse array of devices. While there are always going to be players who prefer playing from the comfort of their desktop system, many now enjoy playing poker on the go using their handheld mobile devices. The site works well for either method.


• Limited States – Players can only play for money in New Jersey and Nevada. As the doors begin to open one state at a time across the United States, more avid poker players will be able to play for real money on Until that time, players in other states are resigned to joining into free games only.
• More Adapted for Advanced Poker Players – Obviously WSOP has considered the beginner to intermediate poker players by offering learning tips and dozens of free games. However, the main objective is to attract the more advanced poker players to higher stakes tables.
Overall Impression

Each time you log in to play a few hands, or enjoy hours at an online table, you can feel secure that you’re playing on the site the best poker players have trusted for more than four decades. offers enticing player rewards and special promotions to show their appreciation.

The developers understood how critical a user-friendly website and mobile app are. You will find everything you need, including the ability to track your rewards and make timely deposits or withdrawals. In a nutshell, has been a trusted site for poker players for over 40 years, and at first look you’ll appreciate why.

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