Sacramento Kings NBA Championship Odds 2022-23

The current Sacramento Kings NBA championship odds are . Since their last playoff appearance was in 2006, the Kings are desperate to contend. Sacramento rashly swapped Tyrese Haliburton for Domantas Sabonis at the trade deadline; however, they still missed the play-in with a 30-52 record.

In addition to this questionable decision, the Kings selected NBA-ready prospect Keegan Murray over Jaden Ivey with the 4th overall pick. Murray will certainly provide steady production at either forward spot, but passing on Ivey’s star potential may haunt them. The Kings also fortified the bench by acquiring sharpshooters Kevin Huerter (38.9 3PT%) and Malik Monk (39.1 3PT%). Considering Sacramento ranked 25th in 3PT%, those additions will supply necessary outside shooting. 

Sacramento Kings NBA Championship Odds & Futures 2022-23

The current odds for Sacramento futures are located in the table below. It includes championship, conference, division, playoff, and win total odds for the Kings. 

Sacramento Kings NBA Championship Odds & FuturesOdds (Updated February 2023)
2023 NBA Championship Odds
Western Conference Winner Odds
Pacific Division Winner Odds
Regular Season Win Total Odds
Odds To Reach Playoffs

Although the Kings are striving to compete, their championship and conference winner odds are monstrously long. The West has nine teams that are clearly superior to Sacramento and two other teams in a similar situation. Because of the roster holes and stiff competition, these categories are undesirable and should be avoided. Sacramento doesn’t have a realistic chance to win the West or Finals even if multiple contenders suffer severe injuries.  

Meanwhile, the Pacific division contains the Suns, Warriors, Clippers, and Lakers. Phoenix likely continues to efficiently churn out regular season wins, while the Warriors and Clippers are premier championship contenders. It’s also difficult to count out a team featuring LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook no matter the chemistry issues. Despite the attractive odds, the chances of the Kings winning the division are too slim to be taken seriously. 

Sacramento’s odds to reach the playoffs represent their best value bet. It’s reasonable to assume that the Kings can snatch the 10th seed over the Spurs, Rockets, Jazz, Thunder, and Lakers. Two win-or-go-home games would be on their horizon, but anything can happen in those contests. It’s not difficult to envision Fox being a terror in transition, Sabonis dominating the post, and shooters hitting their threes for a two-game stretch. The Kings would subsequently be ousted in the first round, but a playoff berth is the sole requirement here. 

Reasons Why Sacramento Kings Can & Can’t Win NBA 2022-23 Championship 


  • Playmaking: The Kings have an abundance of playmaking, and it starts with their backcourt duo. Fox’s speed, tight handles, and court vision allow him to penetrate any area and hit cross-court spot up shooters. Mitchell, meanwhile, produced 10 APG over his last ten games as the lead guard. He’s a selfless ball handler who looks for the best shot quality. The Kings also have a frontcourt capable of distributing the ball. Sabonis operates out of the low or high post and possesses a deep understanding of angles. He routinely finds cutters and excels passing with his back to the basket, which protects the ball from defenders. Barnes and Murray are not lethal playmakers, but the pair can keep it moving and make timely throws. 
  • Transition Offense: Fox and Mitchell will push the pace through their blazing speed, and they now have pieces around them to accentuate this strength. Sabonis effectively runs the floor and thrived once he arrived in Sacramento. The sample is small since he only played 15 games, but Sabonis produced 1.39 points per possession in transition. This mark ranked him in the 91st percentile across the entire NBA. In addition to Sabonis, Keegan Murray was arguably the best transition player in the country at Iowa. With three-point shooters Huerter and Monk also trailing, the Kings have the tools to impose their will in transition. 
  • Depth: The Kings lack a reserve as talented as Tyler Herro or Malcolm Brogdon, but they are sneaky deep. Malik Monk’s improved off the dribble scoring gives them a boost, while Huerter shot 41.9% on 303 catch and shoot threes. This backcourt will space the floor and keep pace with opposing bench offenses. Trey Lyles is a 6’9” forward who can crash the glass, draw free throws, and hit three-pointers. Their backup center – Richaun Holmes – thrives in the short midrange through beautiful floaters and hooks. He’s a starting-caliber center, but Sacramento has the luxury of bringing him off the bench. 


  • Pick and Roll Defense: Fox and Sabonis will feast on offense, but the duo may be routinely shredded on defense. Fox allowed 1.05 points per possession to pick and roll ball handlers, which ranked in the 13th percentile. His speed gives him steals, but Fox struggles to stay in front of guards or navigate screens. Sabonis, on the other hand, doesn’t protect the rim effectively and wilts against lob threats. He was caught in no man’s land too many times, which leads to easy buckets for the opponent at this level. Mitchell, Murray, and Barnes can help compensate, but look for teams to drag Sabonis into the pick and roll.  
  • Rim Protection: As mentioned above, Sabonis struggles to deter opponents at the rim. This problem doesn’t stop at the pick and roll though; it’s a crack in the entire foundation of their defense. Because modern offenses have incredible spacing from deep shooters, it is vital that the center can guard the rim by himself without pulling defensive resources from the arc. If Sabonis cannot improve, the Kings will flounder against a Western Conference filled with superb centers and acrobatic guards. 
  • Lack of Stars: The Kings have a number of good and very good players, but they lack a true star who can carry them through a gritty series. Championship teams often boil down to their best player, and Sacramento’s current situation doesn’t inspire confidence. Can Fox or Sabonis be the centerpiece of the 2023 NBA Finals? Unfortunately for the Kings, it sounds irrational. 
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