Sports Betting Week in Review (12/28-1/2)

The final week of 2020 brought a lot to talk about in the sports betting industry. States are looking to launch wagering in 2021, along with William Hill go live with a mobile betting app in 2021. Nevada released its November betting report, and Iowa went live with online sports betting registration. Here are the biggest stories in the last week of 2020.

Monday: South Carolina Could Get Closer to Sports Betting in 2021

South Carolina has been slow to get the ball rolling on sports betting, but there is a chance things can start moving forward in 2021. Lawmakers filed House Joint Resolution 3395 to get the momentum going for sports betting in the Palmetto State. Although the bill that has been filed is vague with details, it does force an effort to discuss legalizing wagering in the state. South Carolina will need bipartisanship in hopes of passing the new industry. Democrats proposed the bill, and Republicans heavily run the state. Both parties will need to come together if they want a chance in 2021.

Tuesday: William Hill Launches a Mobile Betting App in Washington D.C.


William Hill already has a retail sportsbook in Washington D.C. This week, it launches its mobile betting app in the District, which will compete with GameBet DC. William Hill is the second mobile betting app in the area and should see a lot of success early on. With GameBet having juiced lines than the industry standard, more people will want to use the U.K. betting operator. William Hill is already dominating the D.C. market and should continue to do so with its mobile app now available. As soon as its new sportsbook is finished, which is expected to happen in the spring of 2021, William Hill will runaway as the District leader.

Wednesday: Nevada Releases It’s November Betting Handle

Nevada hit a setback in November after it saw $609 million in bets for the month. The Silver State has nothing to be ashamed of, but it is down from October’s $659.2 million betting handle. However, Nevada did help the U.S. hit the $3 billion betting mark for November, and now the country has a shot at $3.5 billion. Nevada’s big issue was the change in schedule with no NBA or NHL action, which is normal for the month. The state also has not adopted mobile betting, similar to how other states have done.

Thursday: Which States Will Launch Sports Betting in 2021

2020 saw the U.S. have over 25 states to pass a sports betting bill, and 18 states, including Washington D.C., have betting operations running. The U.S. will most likely see more states legalize sports betting in 2021. Some of the states with legit chances are Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Ohio. Some states have better potential than others, but there is a good chance for them to move forward with wagering in their respective states.

Saturday: Iowa Launches Online Sports Betting Registration


Iowa launched mobile sports betting registration on January 1, which will significantly increase the betting market for the state. This allows bettors in the Hawkeye State to create sports betting accounts with any of the eight Iowa operators. People that live in rural areas that do not live near a sportsbook will now have the opportunity to start betting online. Iowa is already close to hitting a $100 million betting handle for the month, and mobile betting registration should help it hit that mark in 2021.

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