Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Odds: Odds for Heads & Tails

Coin toss odds on DraftKings have heads at +100 and tails at +100. Get the latest odds for the Super Bowl 57 coin toss and recent coin toss history.

Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Odds

Heads: +100
Tails: +100

Recent History of the Coin Toss

Super BowlMatchupCoin Toss ResultToss WinnerSuper Bowl Winner
LVIBengals vs RamsHeadsBengalsRams
LVChiefs vs BuccaneersHeadsChiefsBuccaneers
LIVChiefs vs 49ersTails49ersChiefs
LIIIPatriots vs RamsHeadsRamsPatriots
Patriots vs EaglesHeadsPatriotsEagles
LIPatriots vs Falcons
LBroncos vs PanthersTailsPanthersBroncos
XLIXPatriots vs SeahawksTailsSeahawksPatriots
XLVIIIBroncos vs SeahawksTailsSeahawksSeahawks
XLVIIRavens vs 49ersHeadsRavensRavens

In the history of the Super Bowl coin toss, the coin has landed on heads 48% of the time and on tails 52% of the time. This is comparatively pretty even and the longest streak in Super Bowl history is the coin landing on heads five straight times. Though tails historically landed on more than heads, the coin has hit heads in four of the past five Super Bowls.

With the Super Bowl played in Arizona, the coin toss will be an honor for former Cardinal Pat Tillman. Pat Tillman heroically left his career with the Cardinals to serve in the U.S. army before tragically died due to friendly fire. Four scholars from Pat Tillman’s foundation will ceremoniously assist in the coin toss. Many called for Donna Kelce, the mother of Jason and Travis Kelce, to do the coin toss with both of her sons playing against each other, but rather the toss will continue to wonderfully honor the life and legacy left behind by Tillman.

The Chiefs will get to call heads or tails for the Super Bowl as the NFC is the host team for every odd numbered Super Bowl and the visiting team gets to call the coin flip. The Chiefs have six captains who will call the coin toss for the chiefs including Patrick Mahomes, Chris Jones, Travis Kelce, Tommy Townsend, Nick Bolton, and Jerick McKinnon. However, neither the Eagles of Chiefs may even want to win the coin toss. The last 8 winners of the coin toss have all ended up losing the Super Bowl. The last team to win both the coin toss and Super Bowl was the Seattle Seahawks when they destroyed the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

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How to Bet on the Coin Toss Prop

The odds and lines for the coin toss bet do vary a little between different sports books, but most sports books have the same line listed for both heads and tails. DraftKings has both heads and tails listed at (+100) while FanDuel has them set at (-104). These sports book also have the same odds for both the Chiefs and Eagles to win the coin toss. Both BetMGM and PointsBet have similar lines for both heads and tails at (-105) while Caesar’s Sports Book has it listed at (-101).

However, where the odds begin to differ is predicting if either team will win both the coin toss and the Super Bowl. DraftKings has the linear “yes” for the Chiefs to win both at (+300) and the “no” line at (-400). For the Eagles, DraftKings gives them (+250) to win the coin toss and the game compared to (-330) for them to not do both. FanDuel has odds which slightly differ as they take the Chiefs at (+310) to win both and the Eagles at (+260) to do both.
(feel free to reach out to Patrick for odds comparison info if you can’t find any online)

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