Super Bowl Coin Toss History & Strategy Guide

The Super Bowl Coin toss has become one of the popular prop bets for the game. It is becoming a staple of Super Bowl prop betting, and thousands of bets flock to it each year. The coin toss for the big game is also becoming a spectacle of its own.

Any regular coin toss will have the team captains, an official, and maybe a few media members. For the Super Bowl, nearly 100 people are surrounding the coin toss for the big event. In Super Bowl LII, the coin toss was the most bet prop for that game.

Something about betting the ultimate 50/50 odds gets people wanting in on the action despite not having favorable odds. Here is everything you need to know about betting the Super Bowl coin toss.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

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Super Bowl Coin Toss History

Heads: 25 times
Tails: 28 times
Most coin toss wins: Cowboys (6)
Longest winning streak: Miami (3)

YearSuper BowlTeamsToss ResultToss WinnerChampion
2020LIVKansas City vs San FranciscoTailsSan FranciscoKansas City
2019LIIINew England vs LA RamsHeadsLA RamsNew England
2018LIINew England vs PhiladelphiaHeadsNew EnglandPhiladelphia
2017LIAtlanta vs New EnglandTailsAtlantaNew England
2016LCarolina vs DenverTailsCarolinaDenver
2015XLIXSeattle vs New EnglandTailsSeattleNew England
2014XLVIIISeattle vs DenverTailsSeattleSeattle
2013XLVIIBaltimore vs San FranciscoHeadsBaltimoreBaltimore
2012XLVINew England vs NY GiantsHeadsNew EnglandNY Giants
2011XLVGreen Bay vs PittsburghHeadsGreen BayGreen Bay
2010XLIVNew Orleans vs IndianapolisHeadsNew OrleansNew Orleans
2009XLIIIArizona vs PittsburghHeadsArizonaPittsburgh
2008XLIINY Giants vs New EnglandTailsNY GiantsNY Giants
2007XLIChicago vs IndianapolisHeadsChicagoIndianapolis
2006XLSeattle vs PittsburghTailsSeattlePittsburgh
2005XXXIXPhiladelphia vs New EnglandTailsPhiladelphiaNew England
2004XXXVIIICarolina vs New EnglandTailsCarolinaNew England
2003XXXVIITampa Bay vs OaklandTailsTampa BayTampa Bay
2002XXXVISt Louis vs New EnglandHeadsSt LouisNew England
2001XXXVNY Giants vs BaltimoreTailsNY GiantsBaltimore
2000XXXIVSt Louis vs TennesseeTailsSt LouisSt Louis
1999XXXIIIAtlanta vs DenverTailsAtlantaDenver
1998XXXIIGreen Bay vs DenverTailsGreen BayDenver
1997XXXINew England vs Green BayHeadsNew EnglandGreen Bay
1996XXXDallas vs PittsburghTailsDallasDallas
1995XXIXSan Francisco vs San DiegoHeadsSan FranciscoSan Francisco
1994XXVIIIDallas vs BuffaloTailsDallasDallas
1993XXVIIBuffalo vs DallasHeadsBuffaloDallas
1992XXVIWashington vs BuffaloHeadsWashingtonWashington
1991XXVBuffalo vs NY GiantsHeadsBuffaloNY Giants
1990XXIVDenver vs San FranciscoHeadsDenverSan Francisco
1989XXIIISan Francisco vs CincinnatiTailsSan FranciscoSan Francisco
1988XXIIWashington vs DenverHeadsWashingtonWashington
1987XXIDenver vs NY GiantsTailsDenverNY Giants
1986XXChicago vs New EnglandTailsChicagoChicago
1985XIXSan Francisco vs MiamiTailsSan FranciscoSan Francisco
1984XVIIILA Raiders vs WashingtonHeadsLA RaidersLA Raiders
1983XVIIMiami vs WashingtonTailsMiamiWashington
1982XVISan Francisco vs CincinnatiTailsSan FranciscoSan Francisco
1981XVPhiladelphia vs OaklandTailsPhiladelphiaOakland
1980XIVLA Rams vs PittsburghHeadsLA RamsPittsburgh
1979XIIIDallas vs PittsburghHeadsDallasPittsburgh
1978XIIDallas vs DenverHeadsDallasDallas
1977XIOakland vs MinnesotaTailsOaklandOakland
1976XDallas vs PittsburghHeadsDallasPittsburgh
1975IXPittsburgh vs MinnesotaTailsPittsburghPittsburgh
1974VIIIMiami vs MinnesotaHeadsMiamiMiami
1973VIIMiami vs WashingtonHeadsMiamiMiami
1972VIMiami vs DallasHeadsMiamiDallas
1971VDallas vs BaltimoreTailsDallasBaltimore
1970IVMinnesota vs Kansas CityTailsMinnesotaKansas City
1969IIINY Jets vs BaltimoreHeadsNY JetsNY Jets
1968IIGreen Bay vs OaklandTailsOaklandGreen Bay
1967IGreen Bay vs Kansas CityHeadsGreen BayGreen Bay

The coin toss has started every Super Bowl off since the beginning. In the 54-coin flips, tails have hit 29 times compared to heads’ 25. The 50/50 odds are almost identical even after 54 tries.

Interestingly, tails are on a five-game winning streak after hitting in this year’s Super Bowl. Tails now tie heads for the longest winning streak. The coin has come tails in five of the last seven Super Bowls. In the first Super Bowl, heads were the correct call.

Winning the Super Bowl coin toss does not translate to success, however. The team that has won the coin toss has gone on to win the Super Bowl 24 times, posting a .444-win percentage. Maybe losing the coin toss gives the team the extra motivation for the game. Out of the winning teams that won the coin toss, heads and tails have come up 12 times each, showing its true 50/50 odds.

The team with the most coin toss wins is the Dallas Cowboys at six. Dallas has won the coin toss, picking heads three times and tails three times, and the next team is the San Francisco 49ers coming in with five-coin toss wins. The Niners have won the coin toss with tails four times and heads once. Rounding out the top three is the Miami Dolphins. Miami has won the coin toss four times by winning on heads three times and tails once.

Value on the Coin Toss

Overall, betting the coin toss is not the most profitable strategy given the unfair odds bookmakers put on the 50/50 event. A coin has a 50 percent chance of landing on heads or tails, and in the sports betting world, an event that has a 50 percent chance of happening is listed at +100 odds.

In reality, the sports betting odds of the coin toss should sit at +100 for heads and +100 for tails. However, sportsbooks do not give bettors these odds. In Super Bowl LIV, sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings gave odds of -103 for both heads and tails at their site.

-103 odds convert to a 50.7 percent chance of happening. Therefore, a bettor wagering on a 50 percent chance of something happen with 50.7 percent odds means that they will lose .7 percent value over time. This makes betting the coin toss a losing bet.

This does not discourage bettors, however. Of course, there is the thrill of betting the coin toss as it is one of the first events to bet on during the Super Bowl next to the National Anthem. There is also something exhilarating betting something with true 50/50 odds and the event happening so quickly.

One thing sportsbooks have done, to get more action on the coin toss is different prop bets with the event. During last year’s Super Bowl, MyBookie gave out odds on the coin toss, which team will win the coin toss, will the winner of the coin toss win the Super Bowl, and will the team calling the coin toss to make the correct call?

The different bets give bettors more options to wager even than just heads or tails. Some can argue that there is more handicapping and being able to find an edge with four different types of bets that can be placed that go along with the coin toss.

People can handicap the fact that teams that win the coin toss only win the Super Bowl 44 percent of the time. Little things like this help sportsbooks get more action, and also give bettors more options on bets to make.

Finding an Edge in the Coin Toss

The coin toss has a 50 percent chance it lands on heads and a 50 percent chance it lands on tails. Sportsbooks will never give you odds in favor of betting heads or tails on a coin toss.

However, there could be a chance to bet the Super Bowl coin toss using recent history strategically. Studies have shown that if you flipped a coin 1,000 times, then there is a very good chance that the coin will land on heads 500 times and land on tails 500 times.

Overall, the coin toss will always regress to an even number of times each side the coin will land on. Since the start of the Super Bowl era, tails have come up 29 times, and heads have come up 25 times. I would personally lean towards heads to the next Super Bowl, knowing there is a regression that will come with tails.

This might be the best chance to find an “edge” on a 50/50 chance of something happening. Also, tracking historical data from the coin toss and see if a side has won multiple years in a row. The odds of it coming up in consecutive years would be more of an outlier than seeing the other side come up.

Again, the coin toss has 50/50 odds of happening every time, but it also mindful to understand that wonky trends will happen during stretches. If you can find a trend and play it the opposite way, then there is a chance at profiting as their by going with the ole “tails never fails.”

Coin Toss FAQ

How can I bet the coin toss?

There are a few ways you can bet the coin toss. Sportsbooks give the traditional will heads or tails come up in the coin toss. Now, sportsbooks will give bets on will the team who calls the coin toss call it correctly, or will the team that wins the coin toss win the game. There a few more options to coin toss betting.

Who has the best coin toss odds?

In last year’s Super Bowl, MyBookie had the best coin toss odds at -101. FanDuel and DraftKings were next at -103 odds, and other sportsbooks were -104 and beyond. With betting on a pure 50/50 chance of happening, it is best to find a sportsbook with the lowest juice possible. If someone has -100 odds to bet a coin toss then those odds would be even more ideal.

What strategy can I use to bet the coin toss?

The coin toss has 50/50 odds and independent from every other toss. However, people can use possible trends on whether or not the coin will come up heads or tails. If one side has hit more times, then choosing the opposite side find has an edge as the chances are 50/50.

Has heads or tails come up more in the Super Bowl coin toss?

Tails have come up 29 times while heads have hit 25 times. Tails have come up in five of the last seven Super Bowl coin tosses and also hit in Super Bowl LIV. It is interesting how tails have come up more times than heads. However, do not be surprised if we see more heads land over the next decade to make the coin toss closer to 50/50.

Which team has won the coin toss the most in the Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys have won the most coin tosses with six. The San Francisco 49ers are next with five wins, and the Miami Dolphins have won the coin flip four times. The Seattle Seahawks are a perfect three for three with winning the coin toss in their Super Bowl appearances, and the Chicago Bears have won both appearances they have been in.

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