Super Bowl LVII Lookahead Odds: Which Potential Matchups Should You Bet This Week?

There will only be one Super Bowl in February, but odds have been released for all four hypothetical matchups. As you might expect, all four paint the picture of a close game, but the lines could certainly change based on what happens this weekend. Get updated Super Bowl LVII lookahead lines.

Latest Super Bowl lookahead odds via DraftKings Sportsbook 

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Philadelphia Eagles

  • Bengals Moneyline: -105
  • Eagles Moneyline: -115
  • Bengals Spread: +1.5
  • Eagles Spread: -1.5
  • Total: 49

The hypothetical Bengals-Eagles Super Bowl matchup actually has the largest spread of any of the four. First of all, that’s great news for football. That the game is expected to be such a tossup regardless of who plays means we’re in for two full weeks of debate. On the other hand, I’m surprised by this line.

I have a hard time believing a win in Kansas City, one week after the dominant win in Buffalo, wouldn’t be enough to make the Bengals at least a very slight favorite over the Eagles. The Eagles have an outstanding roster, but one more win would make the Bengals look like a team of destiny out for revenge after last year’s Super Bowl defeat

The 49ers are +320 to win the Super Bowl because Brock Purdy doesn’t have as many believers as the other quarterbacks. If the Eagles win a close one over the 49ers at home, it’s not hard to see people painting the Eagles as a team that didn’t have to face any tough quarterbacks on their path to the Super Bowl – whether that’s true or not.

With Joe Burrow going through Allen and Mahomes if he indeed gets to Arizona, that should be enough to tighten this line a bit.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers’ defensive low point this season came against the Chiefs. Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes found a way to carve up one of the most talented defenses in the game, and while the unit is healthier now, the Chiefs should still be favored in this hypothetical matchup.

If a strong Kansas City offensive line is able to withstand the Bengals’ defensive front, that will bode well for its chances against the Nick Bosa-led 49ers front seven.

A win over Cincinnati would also be a great sign for Mahomes’ health in the Super Bowl. No one expects Mahomes to be close to full health for the AFC Title Game, but if he has enough in the tank to pull out a win as an underdog, he should certainly have enough to handle the 49ers’ defense with two extra weeks of recovery.

We’ve seen this play out before. The Chiefs went into Super Bowl LIV with arguably the inferior roster outside of the quarterback position, but they beat the 49ers because Jimmy Garoppolo couldn’t deliver when it mattered.

We simply don’t know if Brock Purdy can match Mahomes on this stage. If Chiefs-49ers is what we get, the moneyline should lose a little bit of value for Kansas City.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Francisco 49ers

If this is the matchup we get, I similarly have a hard time believing the 49ers would be favored. Another AFC title for the Bengals means Joe Burrow would have had to get through both Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. The 49ers have a loaded roster, but I’m not sure most will anticipate that Burrow gets denied a championship again at the hands of a seventh-round rookie quarterback.

The odds this week (49ers are +2.5 against the Eagles and +320 to win the Super Bowl) reflect a lack of belief in Purdy. A win in Philadelphia would build some more belief in the rookie, but to the point that San Francisco is favored against a hungry Bengals team in the Super Bowl?

Bengals +1 is probably the best value you can get in this hypothetical matchup, especially with as many as two key starters on Cincinnati’s offensive line potentially getting healthy in time for the big game.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles

  • Chiefs Moneyline: -1
  • Eagles Moneyline: +1
  • Chiefs Spread: -110
  • Eagles Spread: -110
  • Total: 49.5

Rounding out this list is a matchup of the two one seeds. The Chiefs maintain a slight edge heading into Conference Championship weekend as a one point favorite. Of all the possible matchups, this one has the highest total at 49.5. Some of this can possibly be owed to the prowess of each team’s offensive line.

The books have taken a strong position on Mahomes and his health status heading into this weekend, as reflected by the fact that the Chiefs are favored in each of the potential Super Bowl matchups against NFC teams.

The value in this matchup would likely be on the Eagles, especially given the fact that this line could rocket if Purdy lays an egg and they blow out the 49ers.

Dan is a lifelong sports fan and graduate of Boston University. He’s covered several sports on Instagram since he was 12 and now writes about everything from betting trends to breaking news for Lineups.

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