Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds 2022


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds 2022

The 2021 reigning Super Bowl Champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have the chance to once again fight for the throne. They humbly enter the 2021 NFL postseason as the number two seed only following the Green Bay Packers. The Buccaneers took their first NFC South division championship since 2007 and don’t plan on wasting it. It’s no surprise to hear of the Bucs’ success with Tom Brady leading the team, but they’re going to have to put up a bigger fight this year than last. The road to Super Bowl LVI is paved much more difficult with bigger opponents that the Buccaneers are not favored to beat. Currently, the Buccaneers are tied for the third best Super Bowl odds with a significant spread of +800. They share the spot with the Buffalo Bills and only trail behind the Green Bay Packers (+380) and the Kansas City Chiefs (+450). Everyone knows Tom Brady does his best under pressure, so maybe this doubt is just what the team needs to pull out another Super Bowl win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Future Odds

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NFC Wild Card Game: Philadelphia Eagles

Since the Buccaneers landed the number two seed in the NFC, they’re given the easiest route through the postseason. Their first meeting will be against the 9-8 Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have struggled to find consistency throughout their 2021 season. Their quarterback, Jalen Hurts, has been a great asset to the team with his impeccable rush ability and his passing IQ. However, the rest of the team falls behind. These two teams have already met this year, resulting in a 28-22 victory for the Bucs. The Bucs never gave up their lead throughout the whole match and they didn’t have to overextend themselves to secure their win. Hurts ran in two of the three team touchdowns in that match, so the Bucs defense will need to keep their eye on him as he scrambles. In most scenarios, the Buccaneers have the significant upper hand and this matchup should be a cake walk for the team, but it’s never beneficial to underestimate a team. As long as the Bucs can play their normal game and not make simple mistakes, they’ll be moving onto the next round.

Conference Round Round: The Green Bay Packers

Now this will be the matchup that can be arguably better than any Super Bowl scenario. The Green Bay Packers vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lambeau Field will be known as one of the best games of the year. Both teams are absolutely stacked with talent from their quarterbacks to their receivers to their defense. However, this is not the year I would want to stand in Aaron Rogers’ way. Although he started the season uninterested in playing for the Packers, Rogers has made himself a very strong argument to be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. If we are to see this matchup, the victory will lie with the team with the best defensive stops and who control the pace of the game. Both teams have the immaculate ability to work phenomenally under pressure to pull out a last second win, so the end of the game might be very fast paced to try to seal the victory. As amazing as the Buccaneers are, I don’t know if I can bank on them pulling off this win. They struggled at the beginning of their last regular season game against the Panthers which leads me to believe their weaknesses are starting to be shown. If they allow the Packers to take a significant lead in the first half, even with Tom Brady, they might not be able to catch up. If the Bucs can manage a victory over the Packers at Lambeau Field, there is absolutely no team  that will stand in their way to another Super Bowl. The AFC doesn’t have the same competition they’ll see against the Packers leaving me to believe whoever wins this matchup, will win the Super Bowl.

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