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Texans got their first chance at playing a lottery nearly 30 years ago. Like the slogan says, things are bigger in Texas. The state lottery is no exception. Texas ranks in the top-five nationally for total lottery revenue. In 2019, the Texas Lottery came in fourth place with over $6 billion in total lottery sales.

From its first game, the Lone Star Millions of scratch-off tickets, the Texas Lottery has been a success. Over $19 billion has been funneled into the state’s Foundation School Fund. Let’s look at some promotional games, a little history, plus a few of the popular games from the Texas Lottery.

Bonuses and Promotions from the Texas Lottery

Texas law remains very adamantly opposed to online gambling. There are some discussions about allowing lottery-only online games, but to date, no legislation has been proposed.

Even though there isn’t an online opportunity to generate welcome bonuses, the Texas Lottery still offers outstanding promotions and possible bonus winnings. The Texas Lottery has promotional games attached to the state’s professional sports teams.

The jackpots for these games include season tickets, plus all-expense-paid trips to attend games. There is also the Texas Lottery’s unique All-or-Nothing™ number game. It is similar to Keno.

However, in this pick 12 number game, players strive to either match all 12 numbers for a winning ticket or match zero for another way to win big. There are a few promotions available when you download the Texas Lottery app as well.
Texas Lottery Luck Zone

History of the Texas Lottery

Texas Lottery ExtraLegislators worked for a number of months to iron out the details for a lottery amendment to the Texas constitution. On July 11, 1991, House Bill 54 was introduced and approved for the upcoming November ballot.

Voters approved the amendment by a slim margin. The Texas Lottery Commission had a rough draft for how the state’s lottery would run already in place. Texas used a unique format to come up with a logo for the Texas Lottery.

Most states simply rely on professional graphic designers. However, Texas created a competition for who could come with a winning design. They allowed designs from professional agencies, plus submissions from the general public.

The top two logos squared off against one another. A cowboy hat hurled into the air was submitted by a woman from Carrolton, Texas, and became the official Texas Lottery Logo.

In May 1992, Governor Ann Richards purchased the first official Lone Star Millions ticket. By the end of 1992, the Texas Lottery added the Lotto Texas drawing game. Over the next few months, lawmakers decided to separate lottery operations from the state government.

The Texas Lottery Commission was created to replace the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts as the supervising agency. The Texas Lottery would break the national state lottery revenue record of Florida in 1993.

By hitting the $1 billion mark, Texas broke Florida’s 1989 record. In 2010, Texas became another member of the multi-jurisdictional Powerball™ game. There was some nervous tension surrounding the Texas Lottery in 2013.

The Texas House voted against recommissioning the Texas Lottery Commission. With no governing agency, it could have brought an end to lottery operations. However, a new vote was taken on the reconfigured bill to continue lottery sales.

During its first weeks back in 1992, the Texas Lottery established new records for total ticket sales. The Texas Lottery has continued to be extremely successful. Let’s look at a few of the favorite games of Texas Lottery players and the cash prizes for those games.

Favorite Texas Lottery Games and Prizes

Texas Lottery enthusiasts can play either of the multi-jurisdictional draw games Powerball™ or Mega Millions™. Texans frequently purchase thousands of tickets for these two games alone. However, there are other fun games with big jackpots at the Texas Lottery.

Texas is the proud home to two NFL football teams. Not surprisingly, two popular scratch-off games the Houston Texans and the Cowboys. Both use these successful pro football teams as an enticement for fans to play. However, big cash jackpots is another enticing feature.

scratch offs texas lottery

There’s another extremely popular scratch-off game from the Texas Lottery. Actually, there are four versions of the Lucky 7’s. The ticket prices gradually increase, but so does the top prize jackpot. Hot 7’s is a $1 ticket with a top prize of $777.

There are thousands of other prizes available on a Hot 7’s ticket. Lucky 7’s is a $5 ticket, Super 7’s costs $10, and then there is the $20 ticket for Mega 7’s. Mega 7’s has a possible top prize jackpot amount of up $977,000.

Another wildly popular scratch-off game from the Texas Lottery is Route 66™ Road to $1,000,000. Besides cash prize possibilities on every ticket, there will be three grand prize winners of an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles, California.

While in Los Angeles, winners will get VIP treatment at Universal Studios. Each winner and a guest will stay free in LA while they await the final night’s events. Each of the ticket holders will have one chance in the drawing for the Road to $1,000,000.

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Texas Lottery FAQ

What is the legal age to play the Lottery in Texas?

You must be 18 years old to purchase or redeem scratchers, lottery tickets, and lottery games in the State of Texas. This is different than the legal betting age, which is 21 years old. You must show ID if asked when purchasing Lottery tickets.

Does Texas have national level draws?

Yes, Texas sells many massive tickets, including the Power Ball. Texas also has the Mega Millions that is offered in tandem with Megapiller. The winners for these games can be out of state, and it is not offered only in Texas.

Can I play scratchers with the Texas Lottery?

Yes, there are tons of scratch-offs offered in Texas. All of these range in prizes, cost, and types of games. You can purchase scratchers at most locations where you can purchase Texas Lottery products. The claim process for scratch-offs is the same as draws.

Can I play the Texas Lottery from my phone?

Yes, you can play a few games online after creating your account. You must download the mobile app to play. The app allows you to create your account, select your numbers, and pay for the ticket all online. You can then check your numbers in the same app.

What kind of promotions does the Texas Lottery offer?

The Texas lottery runs all different kinds of promotions at different times. There also may be retail promotions at different physical locations. A common promotion is the Luck Zone with second-chance promotional drawings. Create an account on the app to see all the latest offerings.

Do the Texans and Cowboys have their own Texas Lottery games?

Yes! Both the Texans and Cowboys have their own branded lottery scratch-offs. The Cowboys ticket has several prizes, with the top one amounting to $100,000. There are also second chance drawings that include loads of Cowboy gifts, including season tickets.

Where can I find the Texas Lottery numbers?

Texas Lottery numbers are available online with both the desktop site and the mobile application. You can also check the Texas Lottery Numbers at your local retailer that offers Texas Lotto games. The drawings on each lottery game vary; you can check online for more information.

Can I claim my prize online?

Most prizes need you to physically go in to receive your prize. This includes Texas retailers for any amount under $600. Over that amount, you will need a claim form or to physically go to the local claim center in Texas.

Where are the major claim centers in Texas?

The major claim centers that allow claims over $2.5 million are Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and the Lottery Commission located in Austin. However, you can only go to Austin if you were to win over $5 million in a drawing for Lotto Texas, Powerball, or Mega Millions.

Can I play the Texas Lottery as a visitor to the state?

Yes, you only need to be an 18-year-old and physically in Texas to play. However, many of the claiming instructions take place in Texas. Therefore, if you plan on not being in Texas for long, you may want to take that into consideration when playing the lotto as a visitor.

Texas Lottery App Review
Texas Lottery Logo

Name: Texas Lottery App

Description: The Texas Lottery has launched its online platform, including an Android and iOS app. You can buy tickets online, check your numbers, and more, all from your mobile phone with the Texas Lottery App.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • User Interface
  • Ticket Scanner
  • Games
  • Banking Options


The Texas Lottery app is rather barebones. The app itself is not very fancy and instead really acts more like a mobile browser site. However, the ability to scan your tickets and buy tickets online is a massive plus. Buying the tickets using your debit or credit card is made extremely easy, and the whole process is simple to follow.

Well Done

  • Buy tickets online
  • Scanning ticket from your phone
  • Easy to use
  • Accepts multiple payment options

Needs Help

  • The ticket scanner does not work flawlessly
  • User Interface is outdated
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