Twitch Traffic Down 20% After Betting Content Ban

Twitch, one of the Internet’s biggest online streaming platforms, has just seen a major drop in viewers. This is a result of some recent policy changes that have eliminated a large amount of betting-related content from being streamed. Although these changes only occurred a few weeks ago, the numbers are back on views and the outlook is quite negative.

Considering the massive growth of the gambling industry in recent years, content related to gambling has been on a major incline. With the massive reach of Twitch threatened by these changes, it will be interesting to see how the company handles the situation going forward. Here’s everything you need to know about Twitch’s policy changes and the resulting drop in viewership.

Twitch Traffic Down 20% After Banning Gambling Content

Streaming giant Twitch has recently updated its “Prohibited Gaming Content” section. With these new rules, the platform has cracked down on gambling-related content. Part of the newly updated rules prohibit any advertising for four different websites:,,, and

The website has ultimately banned any affiliate links and codes to websites related to online slot machines, roulette games, and dice games. The company will also keep a closer eye on any streamer using a VPN, which can be used to avoid any geolocation requirements.

These moves have resulted in a major drop in viewership. According to, Twitch was by far the biggest website in terms of streaming content before the changes, with a 96% control of the entire streaming market. Second place by far was YouTube, which itself is the number one option in terms of reviews and replays. However, likely as part of the changes in content rules, Twitch now commands just 74% of online streaming.

This 22% drop occurred within just a few weeks, which speaks to the popularity of betting-related content on the platform. This also drove more viewers to YouTube, which has seen a 40% jump in overall reach since the rule change.

Other Gambling Content Options

While betting videos might be a thing of the past on Twitch, there are still plenty of other options for gambling-related content. Major networks have embraced sports gambling in recent years, as seen with shows like ESPN’s Daily Wager and FOX Bet Live on FOX.

Gambling-related podcasts are also quite popular, with Against All Odds with Cousin Sal, Bet The Board, and Gambling With an Edge being examples of shows that focus on sports wagering and casino gaming. There are also entire networks focused on sports wagering, such as the recently launched FanDuel TV and the Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN).

And of course, YouTube is an excellent place to go for betting-related content. Whether you’re a fan of casino content or sports betting, you’ll be able to find plenty of different channels that post tips, analysis, and reviews.

In terms of sports betting, you’ll also want to check out the Youtube channel, which posts plenty of NFL, college football, and NBA videos, with full betting picks videos and player prop breakdowns.

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