U.S. Integrity Inks Operator Deal Ahead of Ohio Launch

Less than a month before the launch of sports betting in Ohio, U.S. Integrity announced a comprehensive partnership with Gold Rush Gaming.

Gold Rush, which recently attained a Type C sports betting license in Ohio, has plans to launch its kiosk sports betting operation in the Buckeye State in February. It is currently the third largest licensed gaming operator of this kind in the state of Illinois, where it’s based and its expansion into Ohio will be the first state outside of Illinois that it will operate in. It will now do so alongside an industry leader in sports wagering monitoring.

“We are extremely excited to be working with U.S. Integrity as we prepare to launch in Ohio in February,” said Ron Bolger, Director of Operations for Gold Rush Gaming. “The partnership with U.S. Integrity gives us the ability to identify possible betting abnormalities in real time and enable potentially suspicious wagering activity to be identified immediately, creating a safe, fun betting environment for our patrons.”

U.S. Integrity regularly analyzes tons of data to identify irregularities and protect against betting-related fraud and corruption.

“U.S. Integrity is proud to partner with Gold Rush Gaming ahead of the launch of sports betting in Ohio,” says Matthew Holt, U.S. Integrity’s CEO & co-founder. “U.S. Integrity’s mission is to provide conflict-free, best-in-class insights and compliance solutions to our clients. We are looking forward to working with the exceptional team at Gold Rush Gaming. Their commitment to instilling the highest integrity standards align with U.S. Integrity’s initiative to ensure that sports wagering remains fair and safe.”

U.S. Integrity Spreading Its Influence

Earlier in November, U.S. Integrity inked an almost identical deal with BetSkybox, another kiosk betting operation which has also received a Type C sports betting license in Ohio. It plans to launch in January.

The collaboration with Gold Rush came just a week after U.S. Integrity renewed its partnership with the Pac-12 Conference to ensure betting integrity and monitor for the aforementioned suspicious patterns, but within Pac-12 sports betting.

Ohio Sports Betting Information

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed HB 29 into law on Dec. 8, 2021. This legalized both online and retail sports betting as well as betting on college sports.

There are three types of licenses available to operators to apply for. Entities looking to launch standard online sports betting would apply for a Type A license in partnership with one of the state’s casinos or professional sports teams. Type B licenses are reserved for operators who are looking to open retail sportsbooks in the state. And Type C licenses are for kiosk betting operators such as Gold Rush or BetSkybox. These kiosks will be placed in various retail establishments in the state such as grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) is in charge of awarding these licenses.

Because sports betting legislation in the state allows for betting on college sports, Ohioans should be pulling even more for their Ohio State Buckeyes in the College Football Playoffs. The Buckeyes will face the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football Playoffs on Dec. 31, one day shy of legal betting in the state. However, a win for Ohio State would place them in the National Championship game on Jan. 9, and Ohioans would be able to bet on their Buckeyes then.

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