Unibet Arizona: Promo Code “BETBONUS” For $600 Free & Sportsbook Review (September)

Unibet Arizona is Live!

Unibet Arizona is here, and you can use the bets Unibet Arizona promo code “BETBONUS” to get a $600 risk-free bet as a new user. You can now register and wager using Unibet Arizona as long as you are 21 years of age or older and are physically in Arizona.

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UniBet Arizona Update (September Update)

This year was monumental for sports betting in Arizona. Lawmakers passed the sports betting bill in April, which was shortly followed by Governor Ducey signing the bill. Key sports betting rules were finalized in July. Then came September 9, 2021, the date Arizona sports betting launched, including Unibet Arizona! Arizona sports bettors can now wager anywhere in the state, and they can even sign-up online. You do not have to go anywhere to register and wager on sports in Arizona.

UniBet Arizona Bonus Code

Unibet has excellent new user promotions that you should take advantage of as a new user. Simply use the promo code “BETBONUS” and you will receive a $600 risk-free bet upon creating an account and making an initial deposit of at least $10. To be eligible, you will have to be of legal betting age in the state of Arizona and have obtained a valid account through Unibet. You must use the promo code “BETBONUS” when creating your account to cash in on the bonus.

Unibet Arizona Promo Code

UniBet Arizona Promo Details

Unibet Arizona Promo Code"BETBONUS"
Unibet Arizona Bonus OfferRisk-Free bet up to $600
RequirementsMust be a new user, physically in Arizona, 21+ years of age, and your first bet must be a minimum of $10
VerifiedSeptember 19, 2021
Unibet Arizona Launch DateSeptember 9th, 2021

Unibet Arizona promo code Betbonus $600 Free

Unibet Mobile App Guide

Unibet’s mobile app is not the most spectacular on the market, but it gets the job done as far as sports betting is concerned. At the top right of the mobile app, you can find a register and log-in button that will allow you to either create or access your account. The main page displays some upcoming games that you can bet on and the different types of sports that it offers. Across the top, there is a banner-style header that lists out promotions, live and in-game betting, and a few different sports that will be starting soon. There is also a search bar on top of the banner list to search all of the various sports, leagues, and teams UniBet offers.

UniBet Mobile Preview

Top 3 Reasons to Play with UniBet

Every smart bettor is always looking for an edge, and when it comes to sportsbooks, they want the very best. Unibet offers several solid reasons to play with it. Some of the main reasons to play with UniBet include its competitive odds pricing, a wide array of support options, and many sports available to bet. Below I will go over in more detail why these three reasons make playing with Unibet an intelligent choice for every bettor ranging from beginner to expert.


Odds Pricing

Although Unibet does not excel in its mobile app’s sleekness, it makes up for it with its odds pricing. There are not many sportsbooks on the market that offer more competitive prices. Since it is so well-known worldwide, it is not necessarily obligated to have as competitive odds as other sportsbooks, but it does anyway.

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Support Options

Every great sportsbook has several customer service options, and Unibet offers several ways for its clients to get ahold of customer service representatives. These representatives can be accessed by phone, with its international toll-free number, as well as a 24-7 live chat option and an email option. The email option usually takes the longest, so it is best to utilize live chat or phone support if your question is urgent.

UniBet Support


Sports Available

Since Unibet is such a presence worldwide, it also offers an extensive list of sports for bettors to place bets on. Unibet offers all of the major American sports and plenty of sports located in other countries. Additionally, there are several different betting options on these sports. Therefore, UniBet has one of the most extensive books in the betting world.

UniBet Sports

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Arizona Legal History

Arizona 1
Arizona sports betting hopefuls can rejoice knowing that their state’s lawmakers have stuck to their word with the expected launch date of September. Arizona lawmakers were able to iron out some crucial details early on in the year to allow for the launch prior to the 2021 NFL Season.

With the September launch came Unibet Arizona.


April 2021: Arizona lawmakers passed the sports betting bill, which allowed it to move on to the Governor’s desk.
April 2021: Governor Ducey wasted no time signing the sports betting bill in the same month that lawmakers passed it.
July 2021: Sportsbooks can now apply for a license in Arizona.
September 2021: Arizona is fully operational and launches sports betting.

UNIBET bonus code $600 banner

Unibet Arizona FAQ

Is Unibet Legal in Arizona?

Unibet is now legal in Arizona. You can make an account with Unibet Arizona right this second and begin wagering on sports! The only requirement is that you are 21 years of age or older and that you are physically in Arizona when betting.

Does Unibet have an FAQ?

Unibet has an FAQ page; however, it is quite difficult to get to and can be slightly confusing for computer and technology novices. Utilize Unibet’s customer support options if you have a question, as it is a more straightforward way.

How is Unibet’s Customer Support?

Unibet’s customer support is relatively solid. It has many different options for you to choose from, so if one method of communicating with them does not work out as well, you can go with one of the others, such as email, live chat, and phone support.

Is Unibet safe to use?

Unibet is highly safe and very reliable. You do not have to worry about anything sketchy with Unibet, as it is a legitimate sportsbook. As always, keep your log-in username and password secure and do not give them out under any circumstance.

Does Unibet have a mobile app?

Unibet does have a mobile app for all users. It is a free app to download and offers a simple, navigable way to create an account. While the mobile app is free, you will have to deposit funds through one of UniBet’s banking options to place bets.

What customer support options does Unibet have?

Unibet has several reliable support options that can help all types of bettors who require assistance. These options include a 24/7 live chat, phone support for those interested in talking over the phone, and email support for less urgent questions.

What do you need to create a Unibet account?

To create a Unibet account, you will just need to provide basic information to verify your identity. The list of information that you will need to input is your name, date of birth, email, phone number, address, and social security number.

Is it easy to create a UniBet account?

It is super simple to create a Unibet account, whether it is through its site or mobile app. You can set up an account in roughly fifteen or twenty minutes. You can be ready to deposit and bet very shortly after that.

What are the advantages of UniBet?

Unibet offers several advantages in its odds pricing, availability, banking options, and speedy payouts. Unibet has competitive odds that rival many other prominent sportsbooks. Additionally, it has a worldwide presence, so bettors across the world have more access to it.

Is UniBet reputable?

Unibet is highly reputable and is one of the most worldwide sportsbooks in terms of the number of countries where it is operational. Unibet operates in over 100 countries around the world and has been around for several decades after a modest beginning.

Unibet Arizona promo code Betbonus $600 Free

Unibet Arizona Review
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Name: Unibet Arizona

Description: In 1997, Anders Strom founded Unibet in London, England. Unibet began as a betting company that took bets over the phone and expanded to an online presence over the years. It is now one of the biggest sportsbooks in the world, with an established presence in over 100 countries. While Unibet’s brand recognition is still somewhat unknown in the U.S., it should continue to build as more and more states legalize sports betting. Unibet has historically established itself as a legitimate and well-known sportsbook worldwide, and this outcome should be no different in America.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Andrew Norton

  • Odds Pricing
  • Support
  • Promos
  • UI


Unibet is a solid choice for a sportsbook with its plethora of customer service options, quick payout speed, and exceptional odds pricing. For sports bettors that would rather sacrifice a bit of user interface sleekness for better odds, Unibet is undoubtedly a viable option. Additionally, Unibet has a very fast payout speed for bettors looking to get paid on a winning bet and withdraw their funds. Unibet has a few areas of improvement to reach its maximum potential, including enhancing its day-to-day promos and boosts and increasing the sleekness of its mobile app.

Well Done

  • Banking options
  • Payout speed
  • Customer Service options
  • Odds Pricing

Needs Help

  • Day-to-day promos
  • User Interface not up to par
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