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Unibet Bonus Code

The best Unibet bonus code is “BETBONUS” which earns you a $500 bonus bet in Pennsylvania. If you are in New Jersey or Arizona it is a $100 bonus bet. If you are in Indiana or Virginia, it is a $100 bonus bet. You can use this bonus code as long as you are a new user to Unibet, and are physically located in a state with a Unibet sportsbook. This bonus bet can be used on a myriad of different markets and means that your first eligible wager is completely insured by Unibet up to $500.

Unibet logo 2

Unibet Company Overview

Unibet is a massive online casino and sportsbook entity with locations in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Gibraltar, Italy, Malta, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Unibet is a part of the Kindred Group, a massive online gaming company headquartered in Malta and traded on the Nasdaq Stockholm market.

Unibet has decided to bring its operations to the United States due to its massive potential. It follows a wave of other traditionally British and international sportsbooks attempting to enter the United States market, such as William Hill and Bet365. Unibet is hoping that the experience it has earned running sports betting in so many different countries could give it an advantage over the American platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings and start to corner some set of the market.

Unibet New-User Promotion

Unibet has a very special offer for new users in tandem with Lineups.com, as it looks to increase its user base throughout the States. The bonus is a bet up to $500 depending on location with bonus code “BETBONUS”. This means that new users can place bets knowing that Unibet will credit your account with store credit up to that $500 mark if you lose. However, if you hit on that bonus bet, then you get to keep the entirety of the payout. To cash in on this offer the only thing you need to do is click the exclusive promo link and use code “BETBONUS”.

Unibet: How to Play

If you want to get betting on sports, then Unibet is one of your best bets. It makes it extraordinarily straightforward and easy to get started. Any questions that you may have will be answered below!


Download the App or Visit the Site

Unibet has a unique system where each state has its own website and mobile apps. So, the first thing that you need to do is go to the website or download the mobile app for your specific state. Also, if you are on Android, the download link can be found on Unibet’s mobile browser site; you will not find it on the Google Play Store due to Google policy.

Make sure to use Lineups.com’s links to secure the new-user bonus before heading onto the next step.

Unibet app download


Create an Account

Creating your Unibet account is not complicated whatsoever. However, here is some vital information that you should have on hand to make the process speedy.

This information includes:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Last four digits of your Social Security Number

These personal details will not only be used for account creation but identity verification as well. Unibet is responsible for making sure that you are a legal bettor in the state you are betting in.

Unibet signup


Deposit Cash

Unibet accepts several different forms of deposit. Now that your account is created, click on your account and add funds. The list of payments accepted may vary depending on the state, but here is the list that can be found for New Jersey.

  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Debit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • PayNearMe
  • Skrill

The minimum deposit is $10, and all of these methods should transfer funds for betting instantly!

deposit unitbet


Place a Bet

Once the money is in your newly made Unibet account, you can get to sports betting! To find a game or event you would like to wager on, first, you need to filter by sport on the screen’s left side and under the “sports” tab. Then, you can either choose one of the more popular bets or click on the event or game itself to bring up all wagers relating to it.

Once you find the bet you would like to go with, click on the wager. The wager will then be added to your bet slip, where you can type in the amount of money you want to put on it. Unibet will display the potential payout associated with that amount wagered on that bet. When everything looks good, you can click on “Place bet” to finalize the bet slip.



Once you have some extra cash in your wallet from bets you have won, you may want to withdraw into your account. The fastest way to do this is with PayPal, which should only take up to 48 hours to get the money to you. You can also go with a Unibet Prepaid card, ACH transfer, check, or head to a retail location and withdraw from the casino cage. There should be no fee on any of these methods.

Make sure to confirm with your state’s retail location before attempting to withdraw at the casino cage.

States With Unibet

UnitBet logoUnibet has made the bold but profitable move to try out the United States market. Already a massive success in Europe and Australia, Unibet believes that it can bring something new and exciting to the market.


Unibet Arizona launched on September 9th, 2021, just in time for the 2021 NFL Season. This was one of the first states that Unibet got in on launch day alongside the other massive sportsbooks. Now you can bet with Unibet in Arizona anywhere in the state as long as you are 21 years of age or older. When you make an account you can use the bonus code “BETBONUS” for a $100 bonus bet on any sport.


Unibet Virginia AppVirginia is the newest market to open an online Unibet Sportsbook. In Virginia, you can get a $100 bonus bet simply for signing up using the links provided. This bonus bet guarantees your bet slip up that $100 mark and can really get your bankroll going if you were to hit on that big bet.

Unibet Virginia launched in tandem with its gambling partner Pala Interactive and the sportsbook looks to try and take a large market share of the Virginia sports betting sphere. Unibet Virginia officially launched in April of 2021. Currently, there is only a sportsbook and no online casino provided by Unibet in Virginia.

New Jersey

unibetnj-100x100In 2019 Unibet entered its first market following a partnership with the Hard Rock Atlantic City location. New Jersey requires that sportsbooks and casinos partner with physical locations, and the Hard Rock was a no-brainer for Unibet. Now, it offers both its world-class online sportsbook and online casino to the residents and tourists of New Jersey.

Unibet was able to get a partnership with the New Jersey Devils, a massive step for the Swedish-owned bookmakers. Developing professional partnerships will be harder coming from Europe, but New Jersey is off to a great start. Get a $100 bonus bet by using code “BETBONUS”


unibetpa-100x100Pennsylvania was the next state to receive the Unibet sportsbook and casino. In November of 2019, Unibet finally launched in the Keystone State. Now players in Pennsylvania can experience both the online casino and sportsbook that Unibet offers at any time.

Unibet began with a soft launch to help sort out any issues and kinks with the app. After a little bit of a rough start, the app is now in a good place, and those betting in Pennsylvania have a great option with Unibet. Get a $500 bonus bet by using code “BETBONUS”


unibetindiana-100x100Indiana is the latest state to be announced for Unibet. July of 2020 is when the launch officially happened, and it went very well. Indiana only offers an online sportsbook, but you still can get the same promotions and great service with the Indiana platform as you would expect for Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Unibet partnered with Horseshoe Hammond Casino, which is owned by Caesars, in order to get its full official gaming licenses in the Hoosier State. For new users, get a $100 bonus bet by using code “BETBONUS”.

Unibet Sportsbook Overview

Unibet’s sportsbook offers just about everything you could want when it comes to sports betting. It has a very classic and straightforward interface. Promotions and sports are plentiful. Most of all, it makes sports betting the center of its design.



Unibet offers tons of sports, including college sports, where it is allowed. Note that New Jersey, Virginia, and Indiana may have special rules regarding what colleges and what kinds of bets you can place on amateur sports. However, if it is allowed, then Unibet probably offers it when it comes to sports.

Unibet LogoThe full list offered is:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Australian Rules
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Types of Bets

Unibet has it all when it comes to different forms of bets. It offers the classic Moneylines, spreads, and total points for major team sports. Unibet also has player and team futures, where you can bet on the Masters victor or the NFL Super Bowl champion.

If you are looking for a player or team prop-bets, then Unibet has you covered. It offers every sort of wager your mind can think of when it comes to soccer and football, for example. There is a bet basically for everything, allowing you full control.

Parlays, teasers, and round-robins can all be created in your bet slip with Unibet, allowing you to make massive amounts of cash on your own constructed multi-legged bet.

Betting on live games is possible with Unibet. It gives you the option to place bets as the game is going on and the odds change. The app and browser site are smooth enough to get your bets in before the next piece of action switches the odds.

Odds Table

Here is a good look at the kind of odds prices you can get on Unibet. All odds were taken from Unibet Indiana’s sportsbook.


Unibet does not just offer a massive new-user bonus. Every single day and week, you can get odds boosts and promotions for all kinds of sports for just being a loyal user. Make sure to click on the promotions tab to check it out and see what the platform is offering you in terms of extra value whenever you get on the app!


Unibet has magnificent support. One thing many sportsbooks lack is a live chat feature. Not only does Unibet have a live chat feature, but it is speedy, and it does not give you the run around to get problems fixed. Of course, there is a significantly large FAQ section to answer the most generic questions.

Unibet support

Unibet Casino

Unibet offers its casino alongside sportsbooks in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The casino provides a ton of games and really gives you that casino experience that you are itching for, but from your phone or computer—the functionality of the casino is great, and it is a wonderful option.

live dealer unibet new jersey

Account Links

The great thing about Unibet in New Jersey and Pennsylvania is that the casino and sportsbook app is all in one. There is no need to go back and forth between apps and accounts; it is all under one roof.

You can share both deposits and withdrawals between the two. This is such a smart decision and makes using the app a much better experience.

Casino Promotions

The casino has a generous $10 promotion and a deposit bonus of up to $750. The deposit match is at 100%, so you are getting a ton of value when using this promotion. Make sure to click on the Lineups.com link to get your bonus!

Similar to the sportsbook, the casino has weekly and daily promotions. You can check the same exact promo tab to see all the promotions available for that given time!

United States Legalization

United States sports betting has had a complicated past, and it was only in 2018 due to a Supreme Court Ruling that states were finally given the right to decide if they would like to legalize sports betting. The United States has quickly found out that when given the opportunity to make millions of dollars in tax revenue on sports gambling that the majority of the states would choose to legalize.

Heading into 2021, there are now 22 states with legalized sports gambling, many of them with online and mobile betting. This has opened the doors for many international sportsbooks to join in on the American market and test out their products in North America. The United States is a massive country, with a decently high GDP per capita and sports running through its veins. It has to be one of the top markets for sports wagering and is still in its infancy.

Unibet FAQ

Is the Unibet sportsbook legal in the United States?

Yes, Unibet offers its sportsbook to Arizona, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Indiana. In every single one of those states, it is a registered and licensed entity that follows all laws and regulations set by the State and Federal Government. As long as you are 21+ years of age and in one of those three states, Unibet is completely legal.

Is Unibet an offshore sportsbook?

No, while the company is Swedish, the sportsbook itself does not operate as an offshore sportsbook. Offshore sportsbooks do not follow any US laws, regulations, or guidelines. Unibet instead is licensed and legal in the states it chooses to operate in (Arizona, New Jersey, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania). Therefore, it does follow state laws and regulations so that you, the consumer, know that you are protected.

Does Unibet accept PayPal for deposits and withdrawal?

Yes, Paypal is accepted on Unibet for both deposits and withdrawal. One tip is to use the same PayPal account for deposits and withdrawal so that the processing time is cut down, and it is easier to confirm the accounts. PayPal is the quickest method of withdrawing, only needing up to 48 hours of processing time.

Where is the Android Unibet app?

Unibet’s Android app can be found on its mobile browser site. There, you can download the app for your device. The reason that the app is not on the Google Play Store has to do with Google Policy regarding gambling. The app itself is still safe and secure to use.

Can I use Unibet’s sportsbook and casino with one account?

Yes, both the casino and sportsbook are on a single app. Unibet is able to do this because it offers separate sites and apps for each state. So make sure that you are using the correct state app and then make an account there. Your casino and sportsbook will be linked.

Can I play Unibet while visiting a state?

Yes, Unibet does not need you to be an actual resident of the state. You can make an account for any of the state sites or apps even before visiting. However, to place a bet, you need to be physically in that state with geolocation turned on.

Can I make a Unibet account if it is not legal in my state?

Yes, Unibet does not prohibit making an account. However, you will not be able to place bets, and you may run into issues with your new-user bonus. You should only make an account if you are in or plan on visiting one of these states.

Can you bet on international sports with Unibet?

Yes, Unibet offers international sports in the United States. One of the best examples of this is soccer, with hundreds of games to bet on and tons of different leagues and events. You can bet both on European league soccer and international matches with Unibet.

Does Unibet allow you to bet on college sports?

Yes, but it is restricted based on each state’s guidelines. Unibet offers NCAA basketball and college football. This means that not only can you bet on Bowl season, but also March Madness! Again, if there seems to be a bet missing, check your state’s restrictions regarding college sports for information.

What is the Unibet promo code for the new-user bonus?

The best promo code is “BETBONUS”. When using this bonus code you will be gifted up to a $500 bonus bet as a new user depending on state. You must use this bonus code at registration to be eligible to receive the reward!

Unibet New Jersey App Review

Name: Unibet New Jersey App

Description: Unibet is a Swedish owned international bookmaker who has found its way into the American sports betting market. The New Jersey platform offers both a classic sportsbook and an amazing online casino all on one application. Unibet is partnered with the Hard Rock at Atlantic City in New Jersey.

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • User Interface
  • Sports Offered
  • Support
  • Promotions
  • Odds Pricing


Unibet offers a wonderful app experience for those in New Jersey. The app is well-designed and easy to use, allowing you to place bets on a myriad of sports. The promotions are terrific. Then, you also have the casino and sportsbook all bundled into one, making life much easier for those of you looking to use both!

Well Done

  • Casino and Sportsbook all being one app due to it being New Jersey specific is great.
  • Huge new-user bonus using code “BETBONUS”
  • A huge amount of sports and types of bets to go with, and the option to create parlays and teasers is nice.
  • A plentiful amount of ways to deposit and withdraw means that you will never be stuck with no money or too much money in your account.
  • One of the best support teams around, great customer service.

Needs Help

  • Having a separate app for each state can get confusing if you are a tourist.
  • A cleaner interface for the sports filtering would be appreciated.
Matthew is a UC Berkeley economic and philosophy graduate. He has played DFS, Football pools, and survival leagues for most of his adult life. Matthew brings to the table great strategies for both your GPP and Cash plays as well as a winning track record with his picks of the week.