Washington Announces they will Change Name From Redskins; What Are the Odds on the Next Team Name?

On Monday, the Washington Redskins made an announcement stating they are changing the team name. For over 80 seasons, the Redskins have been the team name for the franchise in Washington D.C. Now, after sponsors and activists pressured Dan Snyder, they are moving away from the Redskins name.

Despite Washington changing their name during political and racial tensions, some sportsbooks have turned the name change into having fun by creating odds on what the new name will be. Bovada released lines on potential new names for Washington’s football team.

Now that Washington is moving away from the Redskins, this could put pressure on teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Cleveland Indians in the MLB.

Odds on New Name

Red Tails or Red Clouds+275
Hogs (or any Hog variant)+850

Bovada released lines on potential new names for Washington. Coming in as the favorite is the Washington Red Tails or Red Clouds at +275. The Red Tails would be a completely different direction for Washington owner Dan Snyder. The Red Tails would be a tribute to the Tuskegee Airman. They were an all-black fighter pilot platoon who painted the tails on their planes during World War II.

The Warriors at +300 are another potential name for Washington. Snyder once owned rights to Washington Warriors even as the team name was Redskins. There is a chance that Snyder goes back to the Warriors as he uses it as the new team name.

A slight longshot could be the Hogs (or any hog variant) at +800. Back in the 70s and 80s, Washington fans would wear hog noses to the games. This was also during a time when the Redskins were known to be a winning franchise. They won three of the four Super Bowls they went to from 1982-1991. Washington also won five division titles during this time.

The new Washington name is entirely up in the air. Oddsmakers might want to make people believe that they will change their name to some relevant to the word red or make it similar to D.C. history. They could also go in a completely different direction and change the name to something not listed. There is no telling which way Snyder is leading to change the team name.

What Does this Mean for Other Teams?

washington redskins

Now that Washington is changing their name away from the Redskins, this puts other franchises on the spot to have criticism made towards their team names. The Kansas City Chiefs could be the next target, along with playing at Arrowhead Stadium and performing the Tomahawk Chop at games.

Baseball also has some team names that could come under pressure as well. The Cleveland Indians have had recent pressure to change their name. Cleveland did change their logo a few years back from the Indian head hey had. The Atlanta Braves could also be put on the spot to change their name. Atlanta also performed the Tomahawk Chop at their games as well.

In the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks released a statement about their team name and logo. They stated, “We celebrate Black Hawk’s legacy by offering ongoing event examples of Native American culture, traditions, and contributions, and providing a platform for genuine dialogue with local and national Native American groups.” Chicago has said they will not be changing their name and logo.

Activists could even look to the college level with teams like Illinois Fighting Illini or the Florida State Seminoles. In 2007, Illinois had to retire their mascot, Chief Illiniwek, after activists deemed it racist to Native American culture.

Washington moving away from the Redskins name could be the tip of the iceberg for Native American names in sports. However, the Redskins name also comes from a slur to Native Americans. Overall, now that Washington is moving on from their name, it would not be surprising if other Native American names fall after.

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