Which States Could Legalize Sports Betting in 2021

Sports betting continues to grow throughout the U.S., and in 2020, over half of the states have passed a bill to legalize sports betting. 18 states have sports betting operations, and more could be added into the mix in 2021. With the number of states seeing success in sports betting, it is only a matter of time before more get into the mix.

One thing that is helping as a launching pad is the coronavirus pandemic. States are looking for ways to fix the budget deficits they face, and sports betting is a great way to help patch that hole. Multiple states are looking to pass sports betting as a revenue stream. Here are five states that have a great chance to have sports betting coming to their state.


Connecticut has been working on getting a bill through the state despite back and forth issues with tribal groups and lawmakers. However, that might not matter in 2021. Last month, DraftKings announced a partnership with Foxwoods Resort Casino, run by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. Regardless if lawmakers pass a bill to launch sports betting, DraftKings is looking at the precedent that New Mexico took with tribal groups allowing sports betting.


The Peach State looks to pass sports betting in 2021. The state struggled to get a bill passed by a committee in 2020, but there is growing support from Georgia lawmakers and pro sports teams. The wording of the bill has been the issue with a Georgia sports betting bill. If lawmakers can agree on sports betting regulations in the state, it can pass in 2021.


Massachusetts is another state that has a great chance to pass a bill and even takes bets next year. This year, Mass lawmakers tried to tie in a sports betting bill with a coronavirus relief bill. Members of state congress favor passing sports betting but wanted to create its own bill instead of tying it to a relief bill. The upcoming year should allow Massachusetts to get a sports betting bill through Congress, and depending on when it happens, and the state can take bets by the end of the year.


A few weeks ago, three Missouri lawmakers sent in three different sports betting bills in hopes of one passing in 2021. Missouri is a state that needs to figure out how to fix its budget deficit for the upcoming year, and sports betting can help. Each bill has different variations of what sports betting can look like in the state. When Missouri returns into session, this will be one of the talking points for the state.


Many factors will play into whether or not Ohio can get a sports betting bill through the floor. In the previous election, Ohio lost key lawmakers that were backing the sports betting bill. If Ohio can find more backers heading into 2020, then the state can continue to move forward with attempting to pass a bill in 2021. The state was also doing everything possible to get a bill through in 2020, so the state should talk deeply about sports betting when lawmakers return next year.

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