William Hill Continues to Up Impressive Revenue Numbers in Washington D.C.

William Hill and GameBet DC are the two sports betting operators competing in Washington D.C. William Hill is the only retail sportsbook in the District. GameBet is the only mobile sportsbook.

In the coronavirus pandemic, mobile betting has dominated in-person betting in almost every state with sports wagering.

However, in D.C., William Hill is attracting more of the betting handle each month. In November, William Hill saw its betting handle hit $13,704,407, compared to GameBet who had a $3,896,127 handle. William Hill is also operating in a temporary sportsbook at Capital One Arena.

The U.K. betting operator is waiting for its sportsbook to finish construction, which is expected to open in the spring. William Hill will be replacing Greene Turtle bar at Capital One Arena.

There are a few reasons why D.C. bettors are choosing Will Hill over its mobile betting competitor, and a lot of it has to do with sports betting regulations in the District.

William Hill’s Dominance


William Hill and GameBet have been competing since August, and the competition has not been close. The U.K. betting operator is brought in 78.6% of the betting handle in the last four months. Willaim Hill has collected $49,379,461 compared to $13,474,522 that GameBet has seen.

The retail sportsbook is also bringing in more revenue than GameBet, and anyway you look at it, William Hill has been the more popular sportsbook to use in Washington.

However, bets are closer to even than expected. William Hill received 53.4% of the bets in November and is down from 56.1% the month prior.

Bigger bets are coming in at the sportsbook, and small recreational bettors are continuing to use the mobile betting app. Big bettors are going to want to use William Hill over GameBet, and rightfully so.

GameBet is juicing lines to -118 instead of standard -110 juice. Bettors looking for an edge are more willing to go into William Hill to place bets with standard juice compared to the juice lines of GameBet.

A lot of the reasons William Hill is the top dog of Washington D.C. is because of the juiced lines GameBet is offering. Bettors do not want to -118 for standard juice compared to -110. GameBet also has to add juiced lines due to the high taxes D.C. is making mobile sportsbooks pay.

This gives William Hill a huge competitive edge in the market, and the U.K. betting operator does not look like they will be giving it up anytime soon.

Will William Hill Hold As Market Expands?

William Hill is looking great in its first four months in Washington, D.C. In 2021, we will get to see how they do with more competition entering the market.

Washington D.C. expects to see more mobile betting operators enter the area next year, and Virginia sports betting should be live in 2021.

If Virginians are entering D.C. to make bets, then that will be something William Hill will lose out on. However, there is still a strong betting presence in the D.C. area, and if GameBet, or other competitors are forced to post juiced betting lines, then William Hill will continue to be the market leader in D.C.

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