William Hill Launches Mobile Sports Betting in Washington D.C.

On Tuesday, GameBet DC received some competition with online sports betting. William Hill launched its mobile betting app, which already has a sportsbook operating a Capital One Arena in the District of Columbia.

William Hill makes it the second mobile betting app in the District and could help expand the area’s mobile betting industry. The U.K. betting operator is also waiting on its retail sportsbook and restaurant to finish construction at the Capital One Arena and open in the spring of 2021.

William Hill is the exclusive sports betting partner of the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, and Washington Mystics, who all play at the Capital One Arena.

One issue William Hill faces is that it is limited to only a two-block radius around Capital One Arena, and it also excludes government buildings. However, this should provide the District with more competition as William Hill will have friendly odds and give fans a better betting experience.

Registering and making your first deposit with the U.K. betting operator will be easy to do and only take minutes. Both Andriod and Apple customers will be able to download the William Hill mobile betting app to play.

William Hill vs GameBet


William Hill is already dominating the District of Columbia. In November, William Hill brought in $13.7 million in bets compared to GameBet, who saw $3.9 million. What makes this more impressive is that William Hill only had retail betting for November compared to GameBet.

In a majority of states, mobile betting is dominating the sports betting industry. In states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, mobile betting makes up roughly 90% of the betting handle. This also has to do with the coronavirus keeping people out of sportsbooks.

It is easier for people to place bets on their couch instead of in-person. So, if more bettors are willing to place bets at William Hill’s pop-up sportsbook, it shows the potential it has even more now that the U.K. betting operator has a mobile betting app work with.

Another reason for this is GameBet’s betting lines to offers to the public. Standard juice is -110, but GameBet has lines set at -118, making bets much more expensive. With William Hill entering the online betting market in D.C., this could change the landscape.

Mobile Betting in D.C.

GameBet might have to change its strategy with the prices it offers its customers, as people could flock to William Hill just because it is offering standard juice.

Washington, D.C. also has higher holds and taxes than most states in the U.S. This is a big reason why GameBet is offering higher juice on bets compared to its competitors.

The D.C. Lottery also runs GameBet, so it is a local sports betting operator. A lot of the funds GameBet brings in goes back into the community, so GameBet is not necessarily looking to profit off the mobile betting app, compared to what William Hill and other competitors want.

Seeing how mobile betting plays out in the District will be interesting. Some bettors will head to William Hill for better prices, but others could stay with GameBet knowing the money is going back into the community.

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