William Hill Massachusetts: Sportsbook Review & Launch Guide

William Hill Massachusetts Update

william-hill-115x115There is quite a bit of movement from Massachusetts in its journey to legalize sports betting. Most lawmakers are on board with legalized sports betting in some capacity. However, the details are still very much in the air.

One particular lawmaker in Massachusetts believes that House Bill 531, his legislation, would help create racial equity in sports betting. As it stands, state representative Orlando Ramos believes that existing legislation is a significant reason why racial inequity exists. He does not want to see this happen by haphazardly rushing a sports betting bill into law. House Bill 531 would allow minority-owned businesses a piece of the sports betting pie.
Many lawmakers are very eager to legalize sports betting, and even though there are quite a few aspects of it that need to be sorted out, this momentum should carry them to the finish line sooner versus later.

William Hill Massachusetts Promo Code (Projected)

William Hill has been known to offer the same promo across all states where it is currently legalized. Expect this to continue when Massachusetts becomes a legal sport betting state. At the moment, what it’s offering is a risk-free bet for new users of up to $500. This promo can be claimed using the LINEUPS.com link and making a qualifying deposit into your newly created account. One of the key details to remember is that if you get the free bet, it must be used within seven calendar days, or it will expire.

William Hill Massachusetts Promo Code (Expected)

Projcted Promo Code Details

Massachusetts Projected Promo CodeLINEUPSRF (Not Live Yet)
Standard Bonus AmountSing Risk-Free Bet Worth $500
EligibilityTo claim the new-user bonus you must be a new user to William Hill. To make an account you must be 21 years of age or older.
William Hill Massachusetts Launch DateTBD
Last Verified OnJuly 30, 2021

William Hill massachusetts

William Hill Desktop Review

William Hill’s desktop design is very sleek and clean. Towards the top, you can see a banner spanning from the left side of the screen to the right side. The banner displays William Hill’s “Welcome Offer” and three other boosts provided for bettor’s entertainment. Today, it has an AL Super Boost for the All-Star Game taking place tomorrow.

Additionally, it has a Gold Cup boost and a multi-sport parlay boost.
On the left side of the screen, there is a column with various tabs. There are tabs for all of the sports that William Hill offers and “InPlay” and “Boosts” tabs.

In the middle of the screen, there is a list of essential games that are either live or upcoming. You can bet on the Moneyline, spread, or total on any of those games from this page. At the top right of the screen, there is a clear area where you can get support, whether it is from the live chat feature or phone or text support. There’s also an email option there as well.

William Hill Desktop Preview

Top 3 Promotions on William Hill Massachusetts

William Hill has some fun promotions for first-time users and existing users looking to get an edge on the competition. A key to running a successful sportsbook has engaging promos, and William Hill does this exceptionally well with its “super boosts.” The “super boosts” adjust odds quite a bit in favor of the bettor to entice them to bet. These boosts make William Hill a very competitive sportsbook in an industry constantly looking for the next edge.


Super Boosts

Super boosts are a great promotion that William Hill constantly has on its sportsbook. These boosts are a way to incentivize potential bettors by giving them favorable odds. Some sportsbooks have promos similar to this, but William Hill does a great job in engaging its users daily.

William Hill Super Boost


New User Promo

As discussed earlier, William Hill has a lucrative first-time user promotion. It offers up to a $500 risk-free bet for new users, depending on how much they deposit when the account is created. If you lose that bet, then you will be issued site credit within 72 hours. That credit needs to be used within seven calendar days so that it does not expire.

William Hill LineupsRF Launching Soon Banner


“Lucky Game 7”

At times, William Hill runs a promo called “Lucky Game 7.” Basically, you just need to bet at least $50 on the point spread for either team during a Game 7. If you can win that bet, and a player on your winning team has a point total ending in a seven, then you earn a free $100 bet, on top of winning your initial bet.

Lucky 7 William Hill

Future Bet – 2021 World Series Winner: Boston Red Sox

red soxWho would have imagined that the Boston Red Sox would be first in the AL East through mid-July? The Sox have struggled a bit in their last ten games, only going 5-5. Now, their lead in the AL East is only 1.5 games. However, Chris Sale’s minor league assignment could start as early as this week. Sale could be the deciding factor between a great year and a championship year for the Red Sox. If the Red Sox get the 2018 version of Chris Sale back, then literally anything is possible. Boston has some of the best bats in the MLB, and its starting pitching is the apparent weakness. With Sale as a bonafide ace, these Red Sox instantly become a Top 3 type of contender, assuming he can return to form.

Legal History

Massachusetts has passed around the idea of legalizing sports betting for a while. There have been a lot of bills that have come and gone. At the moment, the bill with the most momentum is HB 531. Optimists are hoping for a resolution by the end of the year, but it likely won’t be that simple.


2018: Sports betting was legalized in America.
April 2021: HB 531 was introduced.
July 2021: While there is still a lot of energy to get sports betting legalized, red tape still exists.

William Hill LineupsRF Launching Soon Banner

William Hill Massachusetts FAQ

Is William Hill Sportsbook legal in Massachusetts?

William Hill is not yet legal in Massachusetts as of July 2021. Until sports betting is legalized in Massachusetts, William Hill will not make a move in that state. Expect William Hill to be legal shortly after Massachusetts legalizes sports betting.

What is a super boost?

A super boost is essentially William Hill’s way of giving you boosted odds to individual bets in order to engage its users. William Hill loves to entice bettors with new ways of increasing odds, and its super-boost feature does precisely that.

What is William Hill’s best support option?

William Hill has plenty of support options, so it is hard to say which one is the best. Between its phone, text, and live chat support, as well as its email option, William Hill will surely answer any questions you could have.

How long does it take to create a William Hill account?

You can easily create a William Hill account in 15 minutes or less. All it needs is basic information so that William Hill can identify you, make sure you are of age, and able to bet. It won’t take much time at all to complete.

Is William Hill safe?

Yes, William Hill is entirely safe as a sportsbook and a very reputable company. You do not need to worry about William Hill’s legitimacy or security as it is constantly innovating, growing, and holding itself accountable for being the best it can be.

Does William Hill have an FAQ?

Yes, William Hill has a thorough FAQ that can answer basic questions that you may have while creating an account or perusing through the site. If you have more detailed questions, William Hill has several other methods where representatives can answer your questions.

Is William Hill reliable for in-game betting?

Yes, William Hill is highly reliable for the most up-to-date odds on games currently in progress. It is a solid and reputable sportsbook, and you can count on it being at, or near, the top in the betting industry in all areas.

Is William Hill a free app?

Yes, William Hill is a free app that you can download. You can also create an account for free, but when it comes to betting, you will need to deposit funds to really use the account you create with William Hill.

Will William Hill be one of the best sportsbooks in America?

Once sports betting is legalized on a larger scale across America, William Hill will likely be at the top of the list in terms of best sportsbooks. It already has a solid worldwide reputation and continues to grow every single day.

Can I deposit cryptocurrencies into my William Hill account?

No. As of right now, cryptocurrencies are not supported on William Hill. While some states have discussed the possibility of this in the future, for right now, cryptocurrencies are not supported on William Hill and most, if not all, other sportsbooks.

William Hill massachusetts

William Hill Massachusetts Review

Name: William Hill Massachusetts

Description: William Hill was founded back in 1934 by a man with the same name. After close to 90 years, it still exists as a premier sportsbook in many different states and different countries. Currently, Caesars Entertainment is the parent company of William Hill. William Hill is massive and has 12,000 employees worldwide. Globally, sports betting is becoming bigger and bigger every single year, and by that trajectory, William Hill will attempt to capitalize on its already well-respected name.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Andrew Norton

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  • UI


William Hill has been around for a long time and will continue to be viewed as a legitimate sportsbook across the world. William Hill excels in its brand and history, its text and phone support options, and its various promos. The best way for a sportsbook to gain the attention of a prospective user is to provide daily engagement, legitimacy, and spectacular customer support options, which William Hill does. It is closing in on 90 years since it was founded and will continue to be a leader in the sports betting space.

Well Done

  • Brand
  • Text and Phone Support
  • Super Boosts

Needs Help

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  • Market Availability
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