ZenSports Latest to Join Colorado Sports Betting Market

The Colorado sports betting market has become a top gambling economy in the United States. Sportsbooks are continuing to make partnerships with landlocked casinos to launch in the state.

Steve Boulter, the owner of Boulter Developments LLC, is bringing ZenSports to the Colorado market through his new Central City Casino. When Boulter’s next casino opens, ZenSports will be the property’s official online betting provider.

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The Partnership Between Boulter and ZenSports

Boulter Developments LLC signed a 15-year deal with ZenSports. This was a mega-deal in the Colorado sports betting market because ZenSports will be the casino’s exclusive sports betting provider.

The new casino will be the second property for Boulter Developments LLC in Central City. The company’s first property, Dostal Alley Casino, opened in 1991.

Dostal Alley Casino is not partnered with ZenSports. Dostal Alley signed a 10-year exclusive online betting partnership deal with Betsson.

ZenSports is not a widely known sportsbook in the United States, but Steve Boulter could not be more excited about the partnership.

In a press release following the deal, Boulter stated that ZenSports CEO Mark Thomas “has built the future of sports betting via the ZenSports mobile app, has shown a scrappy mentality for growing its business over the last two years and is making real inroads here in the U.S. market.”

With the strength of the Colorado market, ZenSports has a chance to make a big impression because of the partnership with Boulter Developments LLC.

The Details of ZenSports

ZenSports’ initial venture into the United States betting market occurred in two casinos in Nevada. This took place through a deal with Strategic Gaming Management. ZenSports has also applied for licenses in Tennessee and Virginia.

ZenSports is famous for its peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace overseas. This form of gambling is illegal in the United States because of the Federal Wire Act of 1961.

However, ZenSports is still an up-and-coming app that should gain traction in the Colorado sports betting market.

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Boulter and the Colorado Betting Market

Boulter has been a steady figure in the Colorado gaming industry for years. ZenSports still has to apply for licensure in the state of Colorado. This should not be an issue because of the partnership with Boulter Developments LLC.

Boulter was a primary reason that Colorado casino gaming became legalized in the late 1980s. He opened Black Hawk’s first casino in 1991 and has been working with the Colorado Division of Gaming for three decades.

ZenSports is still finishing the licensing process in Nevada. The company will have its non-restricted gaming license in Nevada within the next six months. Following this acceptance, ZenSports will then begin the licensing process in Colorado.

When ZenSports becomes licensed, the sportsbook is going to have to figure out a way to distinguish itself from the rest of the Colorado market. Since Colorado sports betting launched on May 1, 2020, sportsbooks have generated a collective handle of $1.2 billion.

In December of 2020, Colorado had its highest sports betting handle, generating $284.6 million.

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