5 Underrated Esports Games

In our society today, eSport games are very crucial to certain aspects of our culture. From Fortnite to League of Legends, people rush to gather and engage in the thrilling virtual adventures. However, naturally, as time progresses, some eSport games will receive more recognition than others. So, this article will be highlighting the variety of underrated eSport games that are worth playing, or the ones that have decreased in popularity over the course of many years.

1. NBA Street

N B A Street

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The first example is a game titled, NBA Street, which was created by NuFX and EA Canada. Its release occurred in 2001 for PlayStation 2 and came out in 2002 for GameCube. The virtual sport consists of well-known teams and notable athletes demonstrating their talents by performing elite skills. There are twenty-one NBA teams, and in every round, there are five players picked for each side.

Aside from playing the traditional game of basketball, the goal is to collect points by blocking defenders, dunking, and snatching the ball. The game differs from NBA 2K, and NBA live due to its less realistic feel, and it includes multiple sequels such as NBA Street Vol. 2, NBA street V3, and NBA Street Homecourt.

Although NBA Street gained a significant amount of praise and was deemed relatively profitable, the game has seemed to have fallen under the cracks over the past fifteen years. The interactive sport paved the way for “street sport” gaming, and should continuously receive respect, along with remembrance.

2. Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi's Mansion Three

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Second, another game that has lost touch with society is Luigi’s Mansion. Now, we can all acknowledge that the characters in Mario have had a profound impact on the past two generations. Many people adored the television show and the many video games available on all consols. The storyline and characters developed into a prominent symbol of leisure and pure fun.

However, one aspect to focus on in the creation of this game is the protagonist, Mario. Yes, he is often paired with Luigi, since they are best friend’s overcoming the many apparent obstacles in their adventures together. But viewers tend to focus their emphasis on either Mario’s story or the combination of all the characters together. The explanation of this analysis is incredibly evident in the ratings of Luigi’s Mansion.

The game was launched for the Nintendo Gamecube, and it was the first plot that featured Luigi as the protagonist. His mission is to find Mario in a haunted mansion while encountering and capturing a series of ghosts. Although in terms of profit and criticism, the game did relatively well, it did not live up to the same standards as other games in the Mario series.

The results prove that customers are more obligated to play the games centred on Mario, or all the Mario characters, rather than a story with the emphasis placed on Luigi. Objectively speaking, Luigi’s Mansion deserves more recognition because of its detailed graphics, gameplay, and design. Hopefully, the game will be rediscovered and redeems the attention it has lost.

3. Sega Superstar Tennis

Sega Super Stars Tennis

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Third, Sega Superstar Tennis is an underrated game in our generation. It is a tennis video game that was released on March 18, 2008, published by Sega, and created by Sumo Digital. It is available on multiple platforms including, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox360, Mac OS X, and Nintendo DS.

Sega Superstar Tennis consists of sixteen characters to choose from and ten courts from Sega franchises. The game is regarded for its complexity and its emphasis on strategy. It’s considered an enjoyable, yet competitive party game that is inclusive for all ages.

Sega Superstar Tennis has a variety of fun modes. One is known as Exhibition mode, where you must challenge your opponent to compete at one of the courts (an example would be the court at Sonic’s home titled Green Hill Zone). Or, there is Tournament mode that permits players to play matches against a variety of opponents that are chosen at random.
One can also play minigames in Sega Superstar Tennis, in which the player can indulge in a Sega game. For instance, in the Space Invaders minigame, moving zombies represent a target, and you are required to strike them using tennis skills.

All of the characters are specialized in specific power attacks, which allows the player to have a better chance of defeating their opponent. For example, the character, Gilius, throws a bottle in the air and covers the other side of the court thunderbolts, exposing the opponent to the risk of getting shocked for a period of time. Or, when Sonic does his Super Sonic attack which makes it harder for the opponent to locate the ball.

The game, unfortunately, ranks at 68% in terms of sales, which means it has not profited very well. But, one can find the game for a relatively cheap price, so you can enjoy playing with family and friends!

4. Plant V. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Plants vs Zombies Garden War Fare

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The fourth game that deserves more attention is Plant V. Zombies: Garden Warfare. I am sure many people of this generation can recall trying to pass time by playing Plants V Zombies on their mobile devices. It is a poignant memory of the early 2000s, and it did very well in terms of recognition.

It is a tower defense and strategy video game that was created and published by PopCap Games in May 2009. It is available to play on Windows, OS X, Xbox360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS and mobile devices. The game has the player represent a homeowner who is experiencing a zombie apocalypse.

To defend homeowner’s facilities from zombies, the player must use these plants that have special abilities as weapons. The player can also receive “suns” throughout the game, in order to purchase these weaponized plants. If the zombies end up eating through the plants and getting to the homeowner’s house, the game automatically ends, and the player has to start over. Plant V. Zombies did extremely well, and it was even nominated for Interactive Achievement Awards (which is now known as a D.I.C.E. Award, an award show in the video game industry).

As a result of the success, an underrated sequel was created titled, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The storyline of that game involves plants defending human beings from a zombie invasion. However, in this version, the player can take on the role of a plant, or a zombie, in multiplayer modes. When completing various matches, the player can earn coins to obtain stickers that release customization items and characters variants.

The cool feature should’ve resulted in an influx of dedicated gamers, but unfortunately, the game did not make it to the top of the charts.

5. Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battle Front

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Lastly, Star Wars: Battlefront is viewed as underrated by multiple sources. Now, the Star Wars series has done incredibly well in the complex world of popular culture. It is the first science fiction series to be told on a vast scale. Ever since the first Star Wars movie, Lucasfilm has licensed around $25 billion on products ranging from books to video games.

One game that has been created on such terms is Star Wars: Battlefront. It is a series that is based on the Star Wars plot, created by Pandemic Studios for LucasArts, and the first released was on September 21, 2004. In the game, players take on the identity of a soldier in either of the opposing armies during different periods of the Star Wars universe.

The games in the series circulate between the two armies: The Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, or the First Order and the Resistance. Everyone fights each other on a series of maps and the battle zones vary in size and theme. In each battle point, there are a series of command posts, which are viewed as spawn points, that are controlled by the player or the computer.

The objective of the game is to eliminate the opponents’ tickets or to capture command points in order to rid of their tickets. Reinforcement tickets are used when a unit is killed, or when your opposing player controls the command posts on the map. When all command posts are taken, the team that does not have any has twenty seconds to seize or neutralize an enemy command post.

Apparently, certain features of the game are not appealing to a large number of gamers, resulting in mixed reviews from the fanbase. But, the game did very well, a lot of copies ended up being sold. Also, according to a few sources, the game should’ve been appreciated for its complex designs and entertaining plot.

Even though these games have fallen off the radar as of recently, they are still worthy of some sort of attention. Maybe next time when recommending a game to your friends and family, one should suggest playing an underrated game rather than a new one that’s trending. Because a true gamer can find an underlying appreciation for wholesome, intriguing games that have fallen off the charts.

I am currently a sophomore at Vassar College. I intend to major in Media Studies with a correlate in Mandarin Chinese. I run and jump for their Track and Field team, while serving as a SAAC representative. I am very passionate about writing and researching for media.

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