Top 10 NBA Players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Since the NBA season was put on hiatus, NBA players have taken up many different hobbies to stay entertained until basketball resumes. For many players, they have turned to the world of gaming to pass the time. Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been the game of choice for many NBA players over the past two months, and many players have grown to be great players in the game.
In this list, I will break down the best NBA players that have been competing in Call of Duty Modern Warfare since the NBA season was halted. Some players could compete in Call of Duty professionally, and I will dive in and break down their game.

10. Donavon Mitchell

Donavon Mitchell is best known for his high-flying antics as the star for the Utah Jazz. However, since he was diagnosed with Coronavirus and recovered, Mitchell has dedicated a large portion of his time to a different game, Call of Duty. Mitchell has been playing Warzone and multiplayer in multiple tournaments and is one of the best players in the competitions among athletes.

Mitchell does not lead in statistical categories when competing in Call of Duty with other athletes, but holds his own and is one of the better team players in these competitions. When competing, Mitchell’s KD ratio has been slightly negative but has lead his team in objectives and XP because he makes plays for his team consistently.

Mitchell has been active on Twitter about his love for Call of Duty, specifically Warzone, over the past few months of quarantine. He tweets a lot about Call of Duty and organizes a lot of groups to play with, including a lot of other NBA players. Mitchell does not stream his own POV but spends a lot of time playing with people that do stream, so you can see his POV if you want. For example, Mitchell has played with Devin Booker frequently, who streams constantly, and other big-name streamers such as Ninja.

9. Eric Paschall

Eric Paschall burst onto the scene this year as a rookie, coming out of the second round to be one of the most impactful rookies in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors. In the time since the season ended, Paschall has pivoted to video games, and shown his talent as one of the top Call of Duty players in the NBA.

Paschall does not have his stream but has shown his talent in the various competitions between athletes since the sports seasons were put on hold. Paschall is a great slayer in the competitions, having one of the best KD ratios in the competitions at 1.15. Paschall has said before that he has spent a lot of time in his childhood playing Call of Duty, and that shows in these competitions. Paschall has also said on Twitter that he wants the solo parts of Call of Duty to be revamped to their previous glory, which shows that he loves the game for all of its parts, not just the competitive multiplayer side.

8. Grayson Allen

Grayson Allen is the second Utah Jazz player on the list, and only barely edges out Donavon Mitchell and Eric Paschall to make it to number 8 on this list. A lot of other players have massive respect for Allen’s gaming skills, as he is always placed on a list as one of the best gamers in the NBA by his peers.

Allen has participated in many multiplayer and Warzone competitions over the past two months and has been one of the top performers in the competition. He also regularly streams all types of Call of Duty and shows off his skills to all of his viewers.
In competitions with other players, Allen has performed considerably well and has been on the winning side multiple times. Allen has not been the superstar by any means, but still posted a positive KD ratio and making key plays for his team to win. Allen has tweeted that gaming is his favorite thing to do outside of the world of basketball, and it is clear that he has taken the time to improve in gaming just like basketball.

7. Mario Hezonja

Hezonja is in his first year with the Portland Trail Blazers and experienced an up and down season along with a majority of Portland’s roster. He will have to report to Orlando in a month for the playoffs and will have to put aside the hobby of Call of Duty that he picked up during the hiatus. Hezonja started streaming regularly over the break and became an expert in Warzone.
Every night, you can join Hezonja’s stream and watch him play with other NBA players and his friends as they pursue victory on the battlefields of Verdansk.

Hezonja was a part of the NBA player competitions over the quarantine, and he was on the winning side when he competed. Hezonja was not the star on his team, but played the objective well and was around even in terms of KD ratio. He has not competed in the formal competition in over a month but has said that gaming has kept his fiery edge sharp so he is 100% ready when the NBA season resumes.

He has spent a lot of time playing with his teammate, Meyers Leonard, and they are the most lethal duo in the NBA when it comes to video games.

6. Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson is a reserve player for the Dallas Mavericks, but a superstar on the sticks. Jackson has been outspoken throughout his career about his love for video games, particularly Call of Duty, and has said he will not travel anywhere if he cannot bring his console to game. Jackson has used his platform very well over time in quarantine, putting on charity tournaments featuring other NBA players.

Jackson has defeated Jalen Brunson to claim his spot as the best gamer on the Mavericks and spends a lot of time with other gamers in the NBA. Jackson has said that Call of Duty has been his greatest love dating back to 2013 when he was still in high school. Jackson also plays frequently with players from the Dallas Call of Duty team, the Dallas Empire.

Jackson participated in the Slam tournament with the other pros, and ended up on the losing side, despite his great performance. Jackson was one of the better players in the tournament and made winning plays consistently.

5. Josh Hart

Josh Hart has been outspoken about his love for video games since he entered the league a few years ago. He has spent time on various games such as PUBG and Fortnite and has transferred his love to Modern Warfare. Hart is one of the most passionate gamers in the NBA, both good and bad. In this video below, Hart destroys his keyboard because of a loss in a Warzone tournament.

Hart is known for more than just his rage and elation in the heat of battle. He is one of the most skilled players in the entire NBA when it comes to video games in general. He is one of the few NBA players that plays on keyboard and mouse and has some of the best aim of any NBA player. In the Slam tournament, Hart was on the losing team alongside Jackson but was not the weight that brought the team down. Hart streams Warzone regularly, where he posts double-digit kill games frequently. Hart has a lot of experience playing games and will continue to dominate on the digital battlefields just as he does on the court.

4. Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons may have his struggles shooting on the basketball court, but he is a sniper on the battlefield. Simmons is one of the best snipers I have seen in Warzone, regardless if it is a Call of Duty pro or not. Simmons has amazing centering which allows him to win a lot of fights in which he has no business winning.

In the Slam tournament with other NBA players, Simmons was a superstar despite being on the losing side. He had the second-best KD in the whole tournament at 1.4 and carried his team to be competitive. He plays Warzone constantly and spends his time playing with other NBA stars such as Devin Booker and Meyers Leonard.

Simmons streams regularly at night and has a decent fanbase on Twitch. He has played with members of the pro COD team the Toronto Ultra, and one member, Classic, said that Simmons has enough talent to compete at a professional level in Call of Duty. Simmons has said that Warzone is his favorite video game of all time, and it is clear that it is the video game that he is probably best at.

3. Devin Booker

Devin Booker is a superstar in everything he does, on the court and off. Booker has begun streaming Warzone in his free time since the season was put on pause, and has shown the world that he is a force to be reckoned with on Verdansk as well. Booker streams nightly and shows the world that he is one of the most aggressive and best players in Call of Duty currently.

Booker plays a lot of games with other NBA players such as Ben Simmons and De’Aaron Fox, forming an NBA superteam on Call of Duty. He also streams frequently with large streamers such as Cloakzy and Tfue, which has increased his audience on Twitch exponentially.
In the Slam tournament, Booker was on the losing side along with Simmons and Grayson Allen and showed why he is one of the best Call of Duty players that is also an athlete.

Booker donates all of the money he makes on his Twitch stream, which makes sense when you look at his NBA contract. He spends so much time on stream that you can learn a lot about Booker in your time watching him, and you will learn the most that he is nasty at Call of Duty and loves the game.

2. De’Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox has played Call of Duty religiously since he was a young kid, and has shown his prowess at Modern Warfare and Warzone since the NBA season was halted. Fox posted at the beginning of quarantine that he has put over 14 days’ worth of time in the game since release, and he has most likely doubled that time since quarantine began.

Fox thrives playing quickly in Warzone, which resembles his game in the NBA as well. He constantly posts 20+ kill wins on his Twitter and dominates on stream when he plays with fellow NBA streamers such as Devin Booker and Ben Simmons.

In the Slam tournament, Fox was a member of the winning team both weeks, alongside Meyers Leonard and Josh Hart. Fox made winning plays for the team consistently and posted a positive KD at 1.1. Fox is one of the funniest players that are on streams, which makes me impartial to him as a player, but his skill backs it up as well.

Fox will have to take a short break from the intense gaming for the NBA playoffs next month but can show off his talent to the other players when they take each other on in video games in Orlando.

1. Meyers Leonard

At the top of the list, Meyers Leonard stands alone as the best Call of Duty player in the NBA. Leonard has had a long love for video games and puts a lot of time into perfecting his stream and gameplay. Leonard has said that he wants to make streaming a career while playing and after playing, which is completely feasible considering his amazing skill at every game he tries.

meyers leonard twitter


Leonard has a professional Twitch channel with over 25,000 followers and a gaming setup that rivals many other professional gamers.

In the Slam tournament, Leonard put his team on his back, carrying them to victory. Leonard posted a 2.67 KD in the tournament, which was twice as high as the next best player. He shoots as straight as any Call of Duty pro and knows the game that could put him on the pro level.

In Warzone, Leonard hits crazy snipes consistently and beats players in close gunfights with his secondary. To get a proper tutorial of how to play Warzone properly, watch Leonard’s streams to learn from one of the best. He is confident that he is the best NBA player in Call of Duty, and his play backs that up on a nightly basis on his Twitch channel.

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