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The competitive field for Valorant has started to take shape in the early months after release. There are still questions as to how the competitive scene will work. As we saw with League of Legends, Riot likes to keep the competitive scene in-house by hosting their own professional league. Regardless of the format, there have been plenty of privately run tournaments that allow us to get a feel for the top ten teams.

This list will include NA and Europe, who obviously during the pandemic have not really had a chance to face off. However, this list is more about the talent and “power” of each team. Riot will be changing and tweaking their newly released game, and roster changes will have a profound impact early in the game’s life cycle. With that in mind, this list will take into account how well each team could adapt to meta changes as part of how I rank them.

#10 Envy

Gamers: aKis, c4Lypso, FNS, mummAy, kaboose

EnvyProbably the most inconsistent team so far, Envy at times looks to be towards the top of NA Valorant and at other times looks like a tier 2 squad. The team seems to be struggling to find exactly what agent composition works best for them. They often seem to be fluctuating what agents they select without it leading to results. The only map they seem to have absolutely down is Split, and this is when Envy looks like they could challenge to be the top NA squad. However, in other maps, they have not seen consistent play, regardless of the skill level of their competitors.

Kaboose, in my opinion, has been a star player so far in the short time since the game’s release. While I thought kaboose would be skilled, he makes a lot of great reads and has been insanely good at clicking on peoples’ heads. I would argue that he has been a great example of how to play duelists in this game when not using the OP.

#9 T1

Gamers: AZK, brax, Skadoodle, food, crashies

t1logoT1 is an insanely talented team headlined by the ex-iBuyPower trio of AZK, brax, and Skadoodle. In their prime, these three could arguably be the most talented NA players in counter-strike history. They have now made the transition over to Valorant and look rather solid. As for food and crashies they were always fringe tier 1 CSGO players; however, they seemed to have improved in their switch over to Valorant.

This team has all the gun talent and FPS knowledge there is. However, they are struggling when it comes to strategies or dealing with the OP dominated meta. I would have placed T1 as a top 3 team before release but they have really let their fans down up until this point. With better coaching and some switches to keep up with the meta, I foresee T1 moving up in these rankings and consistently getting better finishes in tournaments.

#8 FunPlus PhoeniX

Gamers: Zyppaan, ANGE1, Shao, Meddo, ShadoW

FPXA trend you will see through all top teams is the amount of great CSGO talent that made the transition to Valorant, and we see that again with ANGE1. PhoeniX, a mixture of Swedish, Ukrainian, and Russian talent, has been a surprise team so far, headlined by some amazing plays out of Zyppaan, their dedicated Raze player.

So far the only team to consistently take down PhoeniX has been G2, an extremely solid side that will be talked about later on in this list. ANGE1, again an extremely solid CSGO player, needs to take a bit of a step up in his play before they make the jump to a top 5 team in this game. His Omen play has been decent, but I would expect a bit more in terms of firepower from such a versatile main.

#7 Immortals

Gamers: jcStani, KOLER, Gangsta, Asuna, diceyx

ImmortalsImmortals are a hard team to figure out. Oftentimes they look great against the likes of Gen.G or c9, but then will have runs where they can barely scratch a round off of TSM or Envy. This has been a trend in NA Valorant so far, being inconsistent. However, Immortals may take it to the extreme.

Similarly to T1 I would argue that Immortals’ biggest issue at the moment is countering the OP meta. They often can begin to get steamrolled by the sniper and basically have no way of digging themselves out. It is a hard question for every team to answer but for Immortals it seems to be the biggest question mark.

#6 Team Liquid

Gamers: ScreaM, Kyrptix, L1NK, ec1s, soulcas

teamliquidThe number two team in Europe right now has had the same issues as the last EU team talked about, they cannot get past G2. Team Liquid has been wiping the other teams in Europe off the map, having only a couple hiccups to PhoeniX. Their playstyle is a bit more aggressive and dependent on aim than others, but it brings variety to the game and has seen success.

The team is headlined by one of the only Reyna mains, ScreaM, who brings quite a refreshing playstyle to the Valorant meta. This style allows for one player to be the star and frag out instead of boxing in their talented aimers to play more team-focused roles, and ScreaM is definitely a star. At some points maybe the most talented rifler in CSGO, ScreaM brings insane aim and an in your face playstyle that you do not see often in Valorant. If TL can better play off of him, then they have a chance of knocking G2 off their pedestal.

#5 Cloud9

Gamers: TenZ, Relyks, mitch, shinobi, vice

cloud9One of the most famous pro players in the game right now is TenZ. He has always been an insanely skilled FPS player but oftentimes fell short in professional play. That has yet to happen in Valorant. As the main Jett player, his OP skills have been absolutely key to C9s success so far in post-launch.

C9 has faced tough problems playing against the other squads with dominant OP players; however, TenZ is one of the few NA players right now that can change the game and beat out the opponents’ top fraggers. It will be interesting to see if Riot chooses to change the meta, nerfing the sniper a bit, if TenZ, and more importantly C9 as a whole, stay this high up in the rankings.

#4 Gen.G

Gamers: PLAYER1, huynh, MkaeL, gMd, effys

gengThe All-Canadian team comes in at #4 in our rankings. While struggling a bit with staying consistent in the extremely talented NA field, Gen.G are one of the few teams that can handle TSM at the moment. Ironically enough, what makes Gen.G able to thrive and get some wins off of TSM and Sentinels does not really help them against teams like Envy and T1. They can slow down the OP play of other teams but get easily out-riffled at times by dominating aimers such as the player on T1’s squad.

Gen.G is in this weird middle ground at the moment. Not dominant enough with their rifle play to consistently beat out lower ranked NA squads, but they are not dominant enough with their OP play to beat out the top two NA teams. I think that with a meta shift away from the OP we could see a complete turn of events for most teams, but Gen.G would probably stay around the middle here in the rankings.

#3 Sentinels

Gamers: Sintraa, ShaZam, SicK, zombs, dapr

sentinelsSentinels have looked amazing, especially in the last event they played in the FaZe Clan Invitational. They took the top seeded NA team, TSM, to five maps and ultimately lost. However, every other team they came up against made it seem like Sentinels had simply been practicing and playing more than them. It is like they had been playing Valorant for a year instead of a couple of months.

ShahZaM has looked incredible with the OP, but this is a team where the talent is very much spread throughout. I do not think that any other team has as even of a roster as Sentinels. This allows them to be able to rearrange roles game in and game out. Meaning that they have many more options when it comes to strategies and metas that they want to play, which can only help in an evolving game like Valorant. Keeping ahead of the curve as they did in the FaZe Clan Invitational will be key.

#2 TSM

Gamers: Wardell, hazed, Drone, Subroza, reltuC

tsmThe best current NA team and in dominating fashion. TSM has really been on a run as of late, destroying the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational series and winning the Faze Clan Invitational. The team has yet to run into a side that can get their number in a long 3-5 game series. Then, when teams do beat them, TSM typically comes back the next time they play with counters to their game and come away with the win.

The only scary thing about TSM’s success is its reliance on the OP and Wardell. Many tag him currently as the top or one of the top 3 Valorant players at the moment, as they should. However, a lot of this success has to do with how overpowered the sniper currently is in this game. It will eventually be tweaked, or there will be agents that really can counter how effective the OP is and when that happens I could easily see TSM tumbling down the rankings as Wardell is not a great rifler. Only time will tell.

#1 G2

Gamers: Mixwell, Patitek, pyth, ardiis, davidp

g2The best EU team, and in my book the best team in the world. Right now it is not close. G2 is by far the best European squad. No team has come close to being able to touch their reign of terror overseas. I can see this very easily translating to the NA scene as the metas are not very different. The skill increase is not to the level that G2 should be blindsided and not be able to continue playing their game and winning.

However, similarly to TSM, G2 can often rely heavily on Mixwell due to his insane sniping game. I will say that I am not worried about a nerf affecting Mixwell as much, due to the fact he was an amazing AWP player in CSGO. Other players like Wardell, for example, struggled to ever make a name for themselves and it seems like Mixwell could still dominate even with a heavy OP nerf. We also know that Mixwell can be the star with a rifle. G2 seems not only the most talented in the current meta, but the readiest to adapt to any changes riot throws at them.

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