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In an offense highlighted by Aaron Rodgers and his ability to make things happen in the air, being a successful running back in Green Bay has been no easy task. Aaron Jones did a good job of holding things down last season, but his numbers don’t necessarily jump off the page. Jones went down with a knee injury resulting in his only playing 12 games on the year, but in those 12 games he put up 728 rushing yards on 133 attempts for an average of 5.5 yards per attempt. He was tied for 11th in the NFL with 8 TDs.



In the above article tweeted out by FFStatistics, the point that Aaron Jones was limited by coaching decisions last season is raised. With Mike McCarthy gone and a new coach in Adam LaFleur, things have a possibility of being quite different for Aaron Jones and the rest of the Packers offense as a whole. It was no secret that Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy didn’t get along very well, so this new relationship could trickle down and make everyone more productive on the offensive side of things.

At Lineups, we currently have Aaron Jones slotted at RB22 and projected for 922.2 rushing yards on 184.8 attempts. I believe this is more than doable for the third year running back, as I think LaFleur will breathe new life into the offense that struggled so much last year.


In my opinion, the ceiling for Jones is higher this year than it was last season simply because of the personnel changes made in the offseason. It sometimes felt like McCarthy and Rodgers would forget that they even had a running back, so hopefully the run game will be something that is more utilized for the Packers this year. I believe Jones will at least hit his projected stats for the year, but the only concern for him in terms of a floor comes in the form of potential injury. Having missed 4 games last season due to a knee injury, it’ll be very important for him to stay healthy throughout the year and avoid re-injuring that knee – as obvious as that sounds.

Green Bay PackersJones currently has an average draft position of 3.08. This is a perfect spot to take the young RB. His auction value out of $200 is set at $34 which I’m less likely to reccoemdnv you take. For that price, maybe consider taking someone like Damien Williams who’s only a dollar more at $35. Or, you could save money and grab someone like Kenyan Drake who is currently valued at a $12 auction price.

I like that things will be shaken up in Green Bay this year. McCarthy and his schemes were beginning to grow stale, and I think his departure was long past due. Jones has shown immense promise in his first two NFL seasons, and I think he’ll have a breakout year in 2019.

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