Adam Thielen Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Adam Thielen and Stefan Diggs take turns being considered the Vikings‘ WR1. Either way, both are starters and get great production. Thielen had the better year last year with 1,373 receiving yards and 9 TDs. He was ninth in the NFL in receiving yards and tied for fourth in receptions at 113. The interesting thing about Thielen is he’s developed seemingly out of nowhere, as he was originally an undrafted WR and has put himself in discussion to be in the top 10 WRs in the league. At Lineups we currently have him slotted at WR9 and projected for 1,311.1 receiving yards on 100 receptions. Last year he had a 73.9% completion rate through 153 targets.

In the above interview tweeted out by KFAN Plus, Thielen is talking about learning the new offense the Vikings have in place this year during OTAs. With Kevin Stefanski stepping in to take over as offensive coordinator, there’s a lot of room for the Vikings’ O to grow compared to last season where they struggled. One could argue that they had all the pieces they needed but simply weren’t able to execute last year.


This new offense has Thielen’s ceiling being incredibly high. If he still produced very well in a struggling scheme last year, then his production seems almost limitless this year if Stefanski’s new offense pans out. With that, though, is the potential for his floor to be lower than it has been in previous years. We simply don’t know how Thielen will fair in this new offense one way or another, so there is of course the potential for him to get less touches and less big plays than we’re used to seeing from him.

Minnesota VikingsWe currently have Thielen’s average draft position at 2.11. I think this is a perfect value for the 6th year wide receiver. He’s not going to be taken at the top with guys like DeAndre Hopkins or Julio Jones, but you’ll get a great value out of him as your WR1 if that’s where your draft has you picking. He has an auction value of $27 out of $200 which is, if anything, a steal. For reference, Mike Evans is another guy with that same auction value. When all is said and done, Thielen will make a great addition to any fantasy roster whether it be a classic league or daily, and I personally think he will do very well in Stefanski’s new offense. The way I see it, the Vikings’ offense really couldn’t get much worse from how it was last year. We will likely see Thielen utilized in new ways and his potential production will be utilized in a way more fitting with his true capabilities.

What I like about Thielen is his mindset going into 2019. In the above interview, he’s heard saying something along the lines of “No one wants to go 8-8. We want to make a playoff run.” This mentality is infectious as well as very convincing, as the Vikings have made deep playoff runs with this exact roster not that long ago.

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