Brandin Cooks Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Ranking- WR19, ADP- 4.04, Auction Value($200)- $25, Team- LAR, BYE- 9

Despite being traded multiple times throughout his career, Brandin Cooks has been one of the most underrated receivers in the league for a couple years now. Cooks is relatively small for his position, but his incredible speed and hands more than make up for it. Cooks, now with the Los Angeles Rams, is part of an absolutely stacked offense that ranked second in scoring last year. Cooks is an important part of the offense, as he had over 1000 receiving yards last season, for the 4th season in a row. This made him the only player in history to have over 1000 receiving yards for 3 different teams, and at just 25, he’ll have a lot more opportunities to come.




Getting to play in 3 elite offensive systems in his career has definitely helped Cooks, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t worked hard to get to where he is. As part of an elite receiving trio with Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, Cooks and Co. wreaked havoc on secondaries last season. Being part of this trio is quite helpful for Cooks as it lessens the attention he gets defensively, allowing him to usually get one on one coverages. Cooks had a career best season in terms of yardage, although he didn’t find the end zone as often as usual. If Goff takes another leap, Cooks may end up having a career best season, surpassing 1300 yards and possibly finding the end zone 10 times.


While being part of such a stacked trio has many advantages, it also can hamper Cooks individual production. All of them usually get around the same number of looks a game, so none of the three can truly cement themselves as the WR1 on the team. Couple that with Cooks concussion history, Cooks could take a small step back. It’s unlikely he’ll fall below 1000 receiving yards after surpassing it for 4 straight years, but if Cooks is unlucky he could only just get over 1000 yards with 5 touchdowns.

What to Expect

Los Angeles RamsCooks is currently rated as the 19th wide receiver and holds an auction value of $25. He’s expected to be drafted in the 4th round. Although Cooks is a great receiver, his price tag is pretty hefty. It gets hard to make a case for his price when looking at his competition. Guys like Julian Edelman, Tyler Lockett, and even his teammate Robert Woods are much better options price wise. Cooks simply isn’t worth the price when looking at other options.

If you must get him, he can fill in for stretches as a number one receiver but he’s more effective if you make him a number two. The Rams also utilize the jet sweep often, so Cooks will probably wind up with more rushing yards than expected, which should be a nice bonus. Cooks has been as consistent as they come, and that’s unlikely to change next year, especially with Sean Mcvay once again overseeing the offense. Expect another 1200 yard season with around 7 touchdowns.

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