Chris Godwin Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Chris Godwin is one of the more solid WR2s in the league. With Mike Evans filling out the WR1 spot, Godwin hasn’t gotten the full recognition he deserves. He finished last year with 842 receiving yards and 7 TDs. His 842 yards had him slotted at 30th in the NFL, and the 7 TDs had him tied for 16th. At Lineups we currently have Godwin listed as WR25 and projected for 69.4 receptions and 898 receiving yards. The third year receiver is expected to assume more responsibility on the Bucs this year and see more touches.

Pro Football Focus tweeted out the above in an attempt to advocate for the WR tandem of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin in 2019. Usually when a big name in Football analytics like Pro Football Focus takes the time to to let you know players to watch out for, it’s for good reason. Many across the web are advocating for just this — that Godwin will have a breakout year in 2019. The way the Bucs played last year leads me to believe they can only be better this year. It’s hard to imagine them being worse, and even if they stayed at the same level, Godwin still had very productive numbers for a WR2.


I see Godwin’s floor being about where he finished last year. Worst case scenario, he finishes in the top 30 in receiving yards and TDs. While the Tampa Bay offense did struggle at times last year, most of their losses could be chalked up to horrendous defense.

In terms of a ceiling for Godwin, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect. We currently have him listed at WR25, but I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the season he has climbed to WR18 or 19, at least. With a new offensive coordinator in Byron Leftwich, the possibilities seem endless. Any skill player in their third year is an exciting prospect as well because they now have more of a feel of the way the game works at the NFL level and have adequate experience behind them.

Tampa Bay BuccaneersWe currently have Godwin listed at an average draft position of 5.06 which seems incredibly fair. If anything, maybe a bit of an undervalue based upon the idea that he has a breakout season. If you can secure Godwin as your WR2, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. His auction resides at $12 out of $200 which also feels like an undervalue. As each dollar is extraordinarily valuable in an auction, it’s worth noting the low-risk/potential high benefit to taking Godwin at $12.

What I like about Godwin is his willingness to assume the role of WR2 on a team that hasn’t had much to look forward to as of late, especially when he could be a WR1 on a team with a worse WR-core. I don’t doubt that when his contract expires after the 2020 season he’ll explore options in free agency, but for now he remains a talented receiver with a good mindset.

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