Chris Godwin Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2021

Chris Godwin was a key component in Tampa Bay’s run to the Super Bowl last season. As the clear #2 wide receiver behind Mike Evans, Godwin played at the level of a #1 receiver when he needed to. Godwin was shifty and fluid in the slot and the perfect check-down option for a Tom Brady offense. Godwin missed some time in 2020 due to a hamstring injury against the Broncos, and he also needed surgery on his finger after a game while catching a touchdown against the Raiders. These injuries only caused him to miss 4 games, however, and with a full off-season to get more comfortable with Tom Brady, we can see a breakout year for Godwin.

2020 Recap


Despite missing 4 games with injuries, Godwin still produced a fantasy solid year. While not a true #1 receiver for any fantasy team, Godwin’s 15.9 fantasy points per game average is nothing to scoff at. Godwin was a fairly consistent player with a lot of upside last season. For example, he scored 27.8 points against the Falcons and scored 10+ points in 9 of the 12 games he played last season. He also had some stinkers, though, as he scored 3.5 points against the Vikings, and he failed to score more than 8 points in 3 of 12 games last season. He’ll look to build off his good year as the Bucs will look to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

2021 Projections


I think this will be a really good year for Chris Godwin. Having become one of the best receivers in the NFL in 2019, Godwin took a step back in 2020. But that wasn’t really his fault, as he had to learn the Tom Brady offense without an offseason, so the entire offense didn’t look sharp in the first half of the season. Then the offense started to click, and everyone prospered as a result. Now playing under the franchise tag and an actual offseason to work with Tom Brady, Godwin has a lot to prove to the Buccaneers front office if he wants a long-term deal. Expect a great year for Godwin in 2021.

ADP & Auction Value

ADP: 44, Rounds 3-4, WR16
Auction Value: $16
While not a top 10 receiver by any fantasy metric, Godwin certainly has the talent and quarterback that launches him into WR2 territory and potentially even WR1 status. Right now, he’s lumped in with guys like Adam Theilen, CeeDee Lamb, and Amari Cooper, and that’s a pretty good company to be with. Godwin is great to have as a WR2 because of the consistent targets he receives. Last season, Godwin averaged 7 targets a game, with his only real outlier being his 3 target game against the Vikings. Godwin is as sure-handed as they come and is a desirable trade target if your team needs production from your WR2 or FLEX positions.


The floor for Godwin is that he will produce at a low WR2 or high WR3 level. Injuries could slow him down as a hamstring injury could re-aggravate with even the slightest of movement. He also won’t get more targets than Mike Evans in any game he plays in. That’s not a knock on Godwin but more of a reality check to the higher skill and greater athletic talent Evans is. Evans is a top 10 receiver in the game, so to be second fiddle to that guy is no disrespect. Tom Brady also is infamous for spreading the ball to multiple receivers, which could also limit Godwin’s touches.


I can envision a huge year for Chris Godwin as I am typing this. Godwin is not the primary receiving option on his team, which might be a good thing as that means more attention will be spent on stopping Mike Evans instead of him. Godwin would then get the weaker cornerback and cook him from the slot. Godwin is strong, fast, runs great routes, and has reliable hands, and he might be the best secondary receiver in the NFL. He has all of the intangibles and the attitude necessary to succeed in the NFL and could have another breakout year this upcoming season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offense

This team scored 31 points in the Super Bowl, so I think they are pretty good on offense. Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe Buccaneers truly have a wealth of weapons on offense, and the band is getting back together for the 2021 season. They have the greatest quarterback to ever play, Tom Brady, on their team, as well as the protection and receiving threats necessary for him to do what Tom Brady does and win a lot of games. The Bucs got Brady’s friends in Gronk and Antonio Brown from free agency as well as dynamic and shifty receivers like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Scottie Miller. The Buccaneers also have a top 5 offensive line in the league and solid running backs in Ronald Jones Jr. and Leonard Fournette. All of this accumulated into the Bucs having the 7th most yards and the 3rd most points in the NFL last season. And now this same team gets a real offseason to practice together. Oh boy, the NFL better look out for the scoring storm that is going to take place when defenses play the Tampa Bay offense.

Strength of Schedule

You would think that a Super Bowl champion team would play a difficult schedule the next season? That’s what I thought before writing this article, but after looking into it, I was surprised when I found that the Buccaneers actually have one of the easiest schedules next season. Next year, the Buccaneers have the 29th hardest strength of schedule, which is preposterous for a Super Bowl-winning team. Their easy schedule is due to them playing the AFC East, the NFC East, and the Colts, Rams, and Bears. This is not a stacked schedule as the NFC East was comically bad last season, and the AFC East isn’t the greatest division in football either. Their hardest games are against the Rams, Bills, Dolphins, Colts, Bears, and Patriots. Their most interesting game is also their Sunday Night primetime game against the Patriots, as it will be the first game that Bill Belichick will play against Tom Brady. Knowing the 20-year history between these two, this will be the game of the season. Other than that, the Bucs should sleepwalk to another first-place finish in the NFC South. The Saints are not what they used to be without Drew Brees, the Falcons are cursed, the Panthers are not ready yet, the NFC East is bad, and the Jets are the Jets. Expect another deep playoff run from Tampa Bay in 2021.

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