D.J. Moore Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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D.J. Moore is, by definition, a WR1. However, his performance last year didn’t necessarily elicit being in any hurry to take him off the draft board. He finished last season with 788 yards on 58 receptions and 2 TDs. Mind you, he played all 16 games. When you have a team as reliant on the run-game as the Panthers are, you get WR1s with numbers like that. His 788 yards had him at 34th overall in the NFL and his 2 TDs had him tied for 98th. Granted he was a rookie last year, but those numbers should give you an idea of how the Panthers did in the air last year.

In this video tweeted out by the Panthers’ Twitter account, NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger pulls up some game tape from last year and explains why he believes D.J. Moore will be a breakout star in 2019. Upon watching the film, I have to say I could see it being a possibility. The way Moore moves with the ball after completing the reception is what gives him an edge, and what accounted for his 14.3 yard per reception average last season. He has great speed and is powerful when in the open field, so I can definitely see him posing a threat to opposing defenses around the league.


As it stands, I see Moore’s floor as the numbers he put up last year. They weren’t great, but they certainly weren’t anything special, especially for someone doing most of the heavy lifting for a team’s passing game. If Moore can take his experience from his rookie season and learn from his mistakes, he’ll likely be a top 25WR on the year. He doesn’t lack raw athleticism, so at this point I think he just needs the continued reps.

A ceiling is hard to get a read on for Moore. He could more or less repeat his numbers from last year, or he could blow those numbers out of the water. More likely, though, is him finishing marginally better than he did in his first year. If Newton finds a way to somehow come back from his injury hot right out of the gate, then I could see the Newton/Moore combo being a lethal one in 2019.

Carolina PanthersWe currently have Moore listed as WR26 and projected for 849.5 receiving yards on 64.3 receptions. That would be, essentially, 9 more receptions from last year and an additional 61.5 yards. I think this is extremely doable for Moore, and you might do well to draft him under the guise that this will be a breakout year for him. We currently have him slotted at an average draft position of 6.05 and an auction value of $15. In terms of draft position, I see that being right on the money. However, I would be cautious throwing $15 of those $200 on someone like Moore. You might be better off taking Chris Godwin for $12. You’ll likely get better production and for a smaller price.

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