Damien Williams Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Position Ranking– RB15, ADP– 2.07, Auction Value($200)- $35, Team- KC, BYE- 12

After Kareem Hunt’s untimely suspension towards the end of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs had a serious void to fill. Luckily for them, Damien Williams filled in and put together a very impressive stretch to end the season. Hunt is now on the Browns, and Williams has signed a two-year extension with the Chiefs. It’s clear they have some pretty big expectations for him, as he’s entering training camp as the undisputed starter for the team.




Damien Williams had a turbulent start to his career, buried in the depth chart for his first four years in Miami. Now though, is his chance to prove he can shoulder the burden of being the main workhorse for a team over a full season. Williams is slightly undersized at 5’11, but he’s pretty bulky and dangerous in the receiving game. In fact, he’s had more receiving touchdowns than rushing touchdowns in his career. It will certainly help that he’ll get to play on the highest scoring offense in the league and the reigning MVP in Patrick Mahomes.


Williams showed out in the playoffs, scoring 4 touchdowns in just two games. He’s a dual threat back, dangerous in the air and the ground. Andy Reid will certainly find more creative ways to utilize him with a full offseason experimenting. He fits the Chiefs scheme and with Tyreke Hill likely facing a large suspension, he’ll get even more looks than he did towards the end of last year. If all goes right, he very well could have a 1000 yard rushing season, 600 yard receiving season, and score 15 total touchdowns.


Williams has never shown he can handle the load of being a full-time starter for a full season. Yes, he was terrific at the end of the regular season and in the playoffs, but can he keep it up for all 16 games? He was also able to take a lot of people by surprise, as he was a relative unknown coming into last season. That will likely change this year, where teams will have done their homework on him and be more ready. It’s also unlikely, as talented as Mahomes is, that he will have as good of a season as last year. Even a slight drop in Mahomes production would negatively impact the entire Chiefs offense, Williams included. It’s possible he’ll end up a one hit wonder and go back to being an intriguing but limited number 2 back. If that happens, a 500 yard rushing season, with 200 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns is likely.

What to Expect

Kansas City ChiefsWilliams is currently ranked as the 15th best running back and has an auction value of $35. He’s expected to be drafted in the second round. This is a little bit too risky for Williams. There’s no denying he has fantasy star potential, but given he hasn’t been a starter for a full season, you may not want to take that chance. There are more proven backs that cost far less, and though they may not have as high a ceiling as Williams, they’re much safer options. Such options include Marlon Mack, Derrick Henry, and Phillip Lindsay.

Williams will probably be your RB1 or at least your RB2 if you draft him. It’s by no means a terrible idea, just a risky one. Betting on him is in a way like betting on his team. Will they be able to sustain this? Or will it end up being another one hit wonder that lacks permanence. Things will be harder now that they won’t be able to have the surprise factor, but I personally believe Reid is too smart and Mahomes is too talented to let this fade. Even if they aren’t able to hit the incredible highs of last season, I believe the Chiefs continue being a juggernaut. And I think Damien Williams plays major role in that. I believe Williams will go off for a 1000 yard rushing season with 600 receiving yards and 12 total touchdowns.

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