David Njoku Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Position Ranking- TE9, ADP- 8.02, Auction Value($200)- $11, Team- CLE, BYE- 7

David Njoku probably wasn’t too happy having to start his career in Cleveland playing for Hue Jackson. But, just like the rest of the Cleveland Browns offense, his production received a boost when Hue was fired midseason last year and Freddie Kitchens took over as the offensive coordinator. Njoku was pretty raw coming into the league but he’s shown consistent improvement since then. Now that Freddie Kitchens has officially taken over as the Browns head coach, there might finally be some stability on the team, which should be a breath of fresh air for Njoku. One thing he isn’t lacking in is self-confidence, as he has some pretty lofty goals for this season.



The Browns are entering this season with something they haven’t had in forever: expectations. They have one of the best receiving trios with Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, and Antonio Callaway. They’ll be hoping that Njoku can break out and provide another dimension to their offense for Baker Mayfield to utilize. Njoku has flashed star potential in his first two years, and with the Browns revamped offense, he has the opportunity to reach it.


In just over a year, the Browns have changed drastically. From even just the 2017 season, the Browns offensive core is completely different, with a new quarterback and receiving core. Even though Njoku is only entering his third year, it almost feels like he’s a veteran on this team. The upgraded supporting cast, however, should benefit Njoku. With Landry and Beckham Jr. likely being the focus of opposing defenses, Njoku could be the overlooked cog in the Brown’s passing game. His ceiling is an 800 yard, 8 touchdown season.


As dynamic as Mayfield and Kitchens were together, they still only played 8 games, an extremely small sample size. We have no idea how either of them will hold up against the enormous levels of hype they’re currently facing. Mayfield had an amazing rookie season, but defenders be a lot more ready for him with a whole offseason to prepare. Any regression he could face negatively impacts Njoku. The Browns have a lot of young talent but they’re lacking in experience, as very few of their players have been on a consistently functional and stable team. They could end up being victims of their own hype and come crashing down this season. If that happens Njoku could disappoint, having a discouraging 500 yard 3 touchdown season.

What to Expect

Cleveland BrownsNjoku is currently ranked as the 9th best tight end and has an auction value of $11. He’s expected to be drafted in the 8th round. Nabbing him in the 8th round would actually be pretty solid, as players of his caliber are anticipated to be drafted a couple rounds earlier. Paying $11 for him is a tad too expensive however, as there are more cost-effective options out there like Eric Ebron and Jimmy Graham. All in all, this is a pretty accurate valuation of him, as he isn’t overvalued or undervalued here.

Njoku is expected to give TE2 production, with a decent chance he breaks out and becomes a TE1. With George Kittle’s breakout, Njoku has in a way become forgotten. It’s important to remember he’s still one of the best young tight ends in the league. The Browns feel like a very boom or bust team, as although they’re overflowing with talent, they lack experience and have a lot of explosive personalities on their team. Njoku is similar, as he seems like he has boom or bust potential as well. How confident you are in him should depend on how confident you are in his team. I’m not too high or cold on Njoku, so I foresee a 700 yard, 5 touchdown season.

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