Deandre Hopkins Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Ranking– WR1, ADP– 1.07, Auction Value($200)– $12, Team– Hou, BYE– 10

According to Adam Schein, Deandre Hopkins is the most indispensable offensive player in the league. While there’s certainly room for debate, Hopkin’s case is indeed very strong. Long one of the most underrated receivers in the league, there’s no one overlooking or underrating him anymore.



For years, Hopkins toiled under dismal offenses with below average quarterbacks, but his fortunes began to change when the Houston Texans drafted Deshaun Watson. Finally, with stability at the quarterback position, Hopkins established himself as maybe the best receiver in the league. Second only to Julio Jones in receiving yards last season with 1572 along with 11 touchdowns, Hopkins had his most productive season to date. The Texans as a whole were about league average in terms of yardage, but Hopkins was of no fault, as he absolutely torched secondaries across the league.


Hopkins is the clear WR1 for the Texans, and on the right side of 30, shows no sides of slowing down. He’s shown he can still produce elite numbers with below average quarterbacks, but it’s when he’s coupled with Deshaun Watson that he’s at his most lethal. He’s proven to be remarkably healthy, only missing one game in his entire career. It’s possible that Hopkins could end up eclipsing 1600 yards and 15 touchdowns.


Deshaun Watson has had a suspect injury history, and the Texans atrocious offensive line does nothing to alleviate that. If Watson’s body can’t hold up, the Texans are in trouble as they don’t really have any reliable back up options. Hopkins has shown he can produce with any quarterback, but his numbers would still take a small hit. If Watson goes down, expect more of a 1200 yard season with 10 touchdowns.

What to Expect

Houston TexansHopkins is currently ranked as THE 1st wide receiver and holds an auction value of $33. He’s currently projected to be the first receiver taken off the board. Hopkins is incredibly versatile, and there are very few receivers that can match his talent and durability.

Although most people draft running backs in the first round, Hopkins is one of the few non running backs that have a strong case to also be drafted in the first round. If you’re unsure about the remaining running back options in the first round, there’s no shame in picking Hopkins. His auction value is quite expensive, but while there are some other receivers you can make the case provide more bang for the buck, none of them have been as stable as Hopkins has.

Hopkins is clearly a WR1, and at just 27, may still be improving. He’s had a sterling track record in terms of health and production, and I see no reason why that should change. If you have to draft a receiver first, Hopkins is your guy. With the Texans looking to improve on their playoff season, expect Hopkins to be leading the team with a 1500 receiving yard season along with 12 touchdowns.

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