Dede Westbrook Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Position Ranking– WR36, ADP– 10.02, Auction Value ($200)– $6, Team- JAC, Bye– 10

With Nick Foles now in town, Dede Westbrook could stand to benefit the most if he play a large amount of snaps in the slot. SI Fantasy thinks so as his volume of targets and potential for protection “That would make him one of the best values on draft day.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars team fell short of expectations after a deep playoff run in 2017. Even with the 8th best team overall and 4th best defense, the offense was simply atrocious. The passing yards ranked 26th, the passing TDs ranked 30th, and the entire offense was 31st as a unit. Running a 3 receiver set, the Jaguars relied on Dede Westbrook and Donte Moncrief in the receiving game. With Moncrief now in Pittsburgh, Westbrook has the potential to rise into the W1 slot for Jacksonville and a late sleeper in fantasy drafts.



The leading receiver for the Jaguars last year, Westbrook put together a 717 receiving yard season with 5 TDs. Fellow receiver Donte Moncrief was equally productive with 668 receiving yards and 3 TDs. However, Moncrief is gone and Jacksonville made a change of guard, swapping incumbent QB Blake Bortes for Philly Hero Nick Foles. If Westbrook and Foles can connect early and often, big things may be in store for Westbrook. I could easily see him compiling a 900 yard season with 8 TDs.


With Moncrief gone, the Jaguars will turn to Maqrise Lee in his 5th professional season. Like Westbrook, Lee also has the potential to grow into a great receiver and we could see him being the #1 receiver in Jacksonville as well. If that happens, Westbrook may no longer be the receiver to own as he would become Foles’ 2nd option. Nevertheless, Westbrook is an enticing option that could present an intriguing sleeper pick. If that doesn’t pan out, he’ll still be in line for a respectable 600 yard, 5 TD season.

What to Expect

Jacksonville JaguarsWestbrook is currently ranked as the 36th wide receiver off the board and holds an auction value of $6. He’s currently projected to have 10th round draft value. Round 10 is right in the middle of the wild card rounds. By that, I mean that most fantasy owners are looking to either fill out a position they forgot about, reach for players they like, and draft from the kicker and defense positions. Virtually anything can happen during these rounds. With that being said, Westbrook would be perfect for this as he’s an intriguing wideout with great upside for round 10.

Round 10 proves to be very intriguing as you could honestly go with a lot of different receivers here. However with the upside that Westbrook has, he definitely warrants a Round 9-12 pick. Furthermore, his auction value of $6 is reasonable for a player of his caliber. At the same of lesser value, I’d rather take a shot at Golden Tate or Robert Foster though that’s mainly personal preference.

Westbrook presents potential WR3 potential with a chance at WR2 status. At the moment, he looks to be drafted at the WR4 or FLEX position simply due to his lack of past success. Being in the league only 2 years, there’s not much of a track record for Westbrook but gives him the potential to grow in year 3. He’s a potential bargain and sleeper option if you can get him with one of your later picks in the draft that could slowly work his way into your starting lineup.

Each year, Westbrook has improved as a pro. His receiving yards, TDs, and catch percentage have all gone up. Expect even better results this season as he finally gets a chance to become Foles’ favorite option in Jacksonville. Look for a 800 receiving yard season that could see him go for 6 TDs.

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