Devante Parker Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Ranking-WR40, ADP-14.03, Auction Value($200)-$3, Team-MIA, BYE-5

Devante Parker has shown flashes throughout his career, most notably his 2016 season, but has never been able to show it consistently. He’s struggled through a multitude of injuries and mediocre quarterbacks and hasn’t yet become the player the Miami Dolphins believed they were getting when they drafted him 14th overall. It’s clear the talent is there, and he’s shown it in training camp, but the situation may not be the most ideal one for him.



The Dolphins spent years in mediocrity but that appears to be changing. It seems like they’re expecting to bottom out this year, as they’ve lost multiple veterans such as quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and replaced them with younger talents, like quarterback Josh Rosen. The Dolphins hired Patriots defensive play caller Brian Flores to be their new head coach, but his impact on the offense remains to be seen. Parker will get the touches if he stays healthy, but with a pretty subpar supporting cast, how productive he can be is questionable.


Parker is still as talented as he was when he got drafted and has had very solid stretches in his career. The first step to consistency for him will be to actually stay on the field. Injuries have been a big problem for him so that needs to be fixed before anything. Josh Rosen is expected to be the long-term starter for the Dolphins but Ryan Fitzpatrick will probably be the week one starter. Fitzpatrick is anything but consistent, but he has had some truly phenomenal stretches in his career. Counting on him to do it for a full season is unrealistic, but it’s not hard to imagine him having big games here and there that help Parker. The Dolphins likely aren’t coming close to the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean Parker has to have a bad season. If Parker can take advantage of a few good Fitzpatrick games and Rosen proves to be better than expected, he could have a 800 yard, 4 touchdown season.


Parker started in less than half the games last season and has an extensive history of injuries. All the coaching changes may just end up doing more harm than help anyway. For as many good games that Fitzpatrick has, he’ll likely follow it up with multiple multi-interception games. Rosen didn’t look great at all with the Cardinals, and even if the circumstances there were poor, they’re not much better in Miami. It’s pretty easy to imagine a scenario where Parker ends up getting hurt for half the season and Rosen and Fitzpatrick busts. A worst-case scenario for Parker could end up being similar to last season, where he only hit 300 yards and scored one touchdown.

What to Expect

Miami DolphinsParker is currently ranked as the 40th best receiver and has an auction value of $3. He’s expected to be drafted in the 14th round. Parker is extremely cheap and this might actually make him a quality streamer option. Ryan Fitzpatrick can go off for an out of nowhere monster game at any time, and Parker is a guy who could benefit from that. He’s too risky to consider as a full time receiver but picking him up for certain matchups or when your receiver depth is lacking isn’t a bad idea. At such a low price, there really isn’t any risk in getting him.

The Dolphins are widely expected to be one of the worst teams in the league next year. Parker is one of the few mainstays from the team that made the playoffs two years ago. Suddenly a veteran in the league, Parker will likely be the first or second receiver on the Dolphins depth chart. Considering how murky the quarterback situation is, that probably doesn’t mean much. Hopefully he stays healthy, but even if he does, it’s hard to see him living up to his potential. Expect a couple missed games, culminating in a 600 yard, 3 touchdown season.

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