Evan Engram Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Position Ranking– TE4, ADP– 6.07, Auction Value ($200)– $16, Team– NYG, Bye– 11

In 2018, even without Odell Beckham Jr., the New York Giants shouldn’t have a problem as Eli Manning’s favorite target was Evan Engram. Analyst Matt Mayer noted that “Eli picks a target and feeds him”. Fantasy owners will certainly hope Manning remains at the helm and continues to target Engram all of this year.

Even with a shaky situation at quarterback, the New York Giants ranked as the 16th overall offense in 2018. They ranked 11th in passing yards and 21st in passing TDs. It’ll get even worse in 2019 as the Giants drafted Daniel Jones in the draft to become Eli Manning’s eventual successor. However, Evan Engram was a staple at New York’s tight end position. He’ll work alongside Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard, and Golden Tate this season.



After the top 3 options, Evan Engram sits as a very solid #4 option. He’ll once again provide great fantasy value at a shallow position and will be a great option in the Giant’s offense. On the ground, New York’s running game will be entirely left to Barkley. In the air, Manning will choose from newcomer Tate or better known options in Shephard and Engram. The question for fantasy owners is which of these three receivers Manning, or Jones, will pick. If Engram’s their guy, look for a breakout campaign good enough for 900 receiving yards and 8 TDs.


Even with Beckham Jr. gone, Engram might not become Manning’s #1 option. In 2018, Engram only received 8.2% of targets whereas Shephard got 17.4% of looks. The addition of Tate and a sophomore campaign by Barkley might take more targets away from Engram. If his target volume starts to drop, Engram might not be able to accumulate the stats required to keep him as a high end tight end. If this is the case, he might only produce 500 receiving yards and 4 TDs.

What to Expect

New York GiantsEngram is currently ranked as the 4th tight end off the board and holds an auction value of $16. He’s currently projected to have 6th round draft value. There’s a fairly sizable gap between The third and fourth tight end being taken in fantasy drafts this year. Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Zach Ertz easily sit as the clear top 3 while there isn’t necessarily a clear second tier. Engram projects to be the fourth TE off the board but comes with a bunch of question marks.

There’s concerns over whether Engram can truly be the 4th best tight end this year without a high end QB. He’s drafted with the likes of O.J. Howard, Eric Ebron, and Hunter Henry and one could easily argue who’s better than who in that range. His auction value of $16 is also higher than any other tight end outside of the top 3 and you’ll have to question whether he’s worth that price. I’d likely try acquiring Engram at less than that price as most tier 2 tight ends face similar issues.

To start the year, Engram is projected as a TE2 with borderline TE1 status. The first few games should determine which of those tiers he truly belongs to. His round 6 projection in fantasy drafts is fair given his potential but also comes with some risks. His ceiling is likely the 3rd best tight end but on the other end, he could fall out of the top 10 in positional rankings if he doesn’t get targeted more than during the 2018 season.

Engram offers an intriguing option at tight end and is among one of the industries favorites at the tight end position for a 2019 breakout. However, his auction price and draft valuation seem to reflect a tight end that’s already achieved prime status. His price seems to be a bit too steep for the time being and I’d rather wait for him to drop in my draft or be satisfied with taking another tight end of equal caliber. I’ll play it conservative and project a decent, but not great year for Engram while he gets 600 receiving yards and 5 TDs.

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