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After an incredibly solid 2018 campaign, Ezekiel Elliott looks to bring that same momentum into the 2019 season. He finished first in rushing yards in the NFL last season with 1,434. His 6 TDs had him tied for 19th in the NFL. He averaged 4.7 yards per carry through 304 attempts. There really isn’t a reason to expect things to be entirely different for Elliott this season, and he remains one of the league’s top RBs.



In an article tweeted out by SportsDay Cowboys, they reference a take national NFL writer Kevin Seifert had that put Ezekiel Elliott at the best player in the NFL under the age of 25, besides Patrick Mahomes. While this is certainly up for discussion, there’s no denying that Elliott at least should be involved in any discourse about best young talents in the league. The article also references the fact that NFL.com’s Adam Schein ranked Elliott as one of the most indespensible non-QBs in the league.

At Lineups, we currently have Elliott slotted at RB4 and projected for 1,368.6 rushing yards on 305 rushing attempts. Of all our top RBs, that is by far the highest predicted rushing attempts. In three seasons with the Cowboys, Elliott has proved to be the central focus of the offense. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that will stop in the 2019 campaign. While there was some speculation that Zeke would face a suspension for an altercation at Las Vegas‘ Electric Daisy Carnival, nothing ultimately came of it and he will be good to go opening day for the ‘Boys.


One thing I like about Elliott going into this year is the fact that while his ceiling isn’t much higher than the stats we saw him put up in his first three seasons with the Cowboys, his floor also isn’t too low. With Elliott, what you see is what you will likely get, and he’s a solid pick in that respect.

Dallas CowboysElliott’s average draft position currently resides at 1.03. He shares that 1.03 with New Orleans’ Alvin Kamara. It’s a toss up when it comes to choosing between those two, in my opinion, and you’re just as likely to make the more effective choice by flipping a coin. That is, in a traditional fantasy league, because Zeke is currently valued at an auction value of $55 out of $200 and Kamara is at just $49 out of $200. Both are steep, yes, but saving $6 on an RB who may have a more productive year is something I’d be foolish to not recommend.

What I like about Elliott is the zest and passion he seems to have playing for the Cowboys. Dallas is a fun team with a lot of character, and while Zeke occasionally finds himself in trouble off the field, it doesn’t seem to affect his on-field performance. RB4 is a good spot for Elliott, and I’d expect him to stay there or potentially crawl up to RB3 as the season progresses.

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