Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Outlook & Value 2019

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Ranking– QB13, ADP– 12.12, Auction Value ($200)– 19, Team– MIN, BYE– Week 12

On April 15th, Kirk Cousins tweeted out a picture of the 2019 Minnesota Vikings playbook saying, “Back to work – learning the plan for 2019”. I fully expect him to return as the player he was last year with a new and improved way to lead the team.

In his first year with the Minnesota Vikings last year, Kirk Cousins helped lead the 19th ranked offense last season. However, much of that was due to a poor running game as the Vikings actually ranked 10th in passing TD’s and 13th in passing yards. They were a very solid offensive unit led by Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs at the receiver positions. The team was very successful in the passing game as Cousins accumulated 4,298 yards in the air and the team produced two 1,000 wide receivers.



His upside isn’t that high as a veteran quarterback as most people already know what he can and probably will do. There’s potential Cousins can become a top 10 fantasy quarterback in the league based on his weapons on the wide receiver positions. He’ll look to add Dalvin Cook back to the running game which should only help expand the field for him. His ceiling is a top 10 QB with the ability to pass for over 4,200 yards and 30 TD’s.


The problem with having Cook return to the offense may be a more balanced attack for the Vikings offense. If that’s the case, there may be fewer chances for Cousins to throw and the need to be more accurate on his passes. He’ll have to be a decision maker in an offense with so many different, explosive options. On such a good team, the floor for Cousins is fairly similar to his ceiling. Unless something occurs, Cousins can’t be worse than a 3,500 yard QB with 20-25 TDs.

What to Expect

Minnesota VikingsCousins is currently rated as the 13th overall player at his position with an average draft position in the 12th round. His auction value with a $200 budget is projected to be $19. While most of the top tier QB’s have their auction values at almost $10 more, buying Cousins for $19 seems like a bargain. Though he doesn’t have the pedigree or big name associated with some of the others, Cousins presents enormous potential to score in such a talented offense.

He’s the exact QB I’d want as a backup or even starter if I’m able to pick up a bunch of talented position players with my earlier picks. I expect Cousins to have a monster year and lead the Vikings into a deep playoff run. I have Cousins as a top 10 QB on my draft board and would put closer to a $24 price tag to ensure I get him on my roster as a starter. If I were drafting him as a backup, the $19 evaluation seems fair.

Statswise, I expect Cousins to reach 4,400 passing yards, slightly more than his total and throw for 30 TD’s, the same as last year. If Minnesota hopes to advance in the playoffs, he’ll have to improve on his completion percentage and have better decision making skills. The 10 interceptions and 7 fumbles is something I expect to decrease this upcoming season.

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